Mass Mother Murderer [12/14 Chapters, 166k words]



This is what happens when I write my material in a notebook at work and then go home and type all of it into my computer. XD


In chapter 10.

Have we taken steps to ensuring that the villagers won’t find out too soon,


In chapter 9, when Garad tells us he wants us to take over as captain, can you add a option like:
“Took you long enough.” you say.


That’s funny because I do the same thing with my WIP lol I’ll keep it in mind to have fresh eyes before I type it in


chapter 1


so loud and so vicously


In chapter 10.

It’s chilly out this evening, but you don’t bother tochange into anything heavier.

To change

He charges you, stabbing his sowrd through


Breathing hard, you sheethe your blade.



Nuf said.


Yeah…kill them all you good for nothing crazy person…lol
I would like to see MC face off against one or more potential RO while trying to do their dirty job. I wonder what will MC do in a situation like this?


If it gets to that, I’m pretty sure the MC wouldn’t even flinch to kill them in a heartbeat. It’s not like he really gives a shit about the RO anyway.


All I’m gonna say is that the MC will face all 5 of their worst enemies in the climax. :face_with_monocle:


So kind of like with Kel the arsonist, Kat the cat burglar is actually shaping up to have a much bigger role in the series than I initially planned. I’ve added a Kat relationship bar to the stats screen.


Kat is basicaly that one character who is way in over their head in the first movie but just special / badass enough to survive and become a real threat in the sequels


this is my first time playing the demo in a few months but I’m running into a bug that’s making the game totally unplayable (which sucks because I’m obsessed and have opinions to share). Does anyone else get this error during Kat’s interrogation?

EDIT: I just realized that it might be worth mentioning that while you do two interactions during the other interrogations before it automatically goes to the next one, Kat’s scene takes me back to the choices until
I’ve done them all, then I get the error and the entire page becomes unusable.


When interrogating Kat, the reason all the choices can be selected is that the code checks for:

*if kat = 2 

To end the questions. Whereas the choices set cat +1.


Ummm… so i’ve been following this wip for a while now and if I might suggest? How bout adding a chapter navigator type of stuff at the start? (Although I think people aren’t rly bothered going through the good stuff again, I think this could be more convenient for ppl like me who wanna get some action down asap and read the newly added chapter)
Ps. English is not my first language btw sry for the bad phrasing hehehe


Thanks for pointing that out. Those bugs should be fixed now.

There’s a save function that allows you to save up to three games.


Doesn’t updates nullify the saves? I’ve tried it on the previous chapters but when I load mine an error pops up tho :(:slightly_frowning_face:


Can I see a screenshot of the error? The saves have always worked for me. (I was able to load my save of Chapter 8 after I uploaded 9, for example.)

The problem with just letting you jump from Chapter 1 to Chapter 10 is that you would have no stat development, your magic type wouldn’t be decided, etc.


I’ve tried to do it multiple times but the error msg decided not to show up anymore… nonetheless, mine still won’t load up saves (been watching that lil bar for a little over 10 mins and nothing happened)
Ps: I’ll just replay the game all over again, sorry for the bother :sweat_smile:


Sorry, I’m not actually sure how the save system works, exactly; it’s just a function on Dashingdon.


Not 100% sure if it’s the cause of the infinite load screen in this case, but it might be because *sm_init mygame is used to to add the save system (with mygame being the important part).

Reason being that all games that call it “mygame” practically share the save system. Meaning than saves from one game show up in the slots of another game. Loading saves from another game naturally doesn’t work, causing infinite load times.

This is fixed by simply calling it something unique to the game instead of “mygame”. All previous saves will be lost though (afaik).