Mass Mother Murderer [12/14 Chapters, 166k words]



I like your nuanced take on this!

I know that MMM is an extremely contentious and controversial story, but let’s please not debate on this new development too much. You all know how the mods are, and I would hate for this thread to get shut down (again.)

Just know that my decision on the sexual coercion is already made, I just wanted to warn you all beforehand so you wouldn’t be blindsided, considering I said several times before that this story would contain nothing of that nature.

All that said, I’m doing this to add more depth and an even wider range of disturbing elements, not just to be edgy or to trivialize this sort of abuse. As someone who has been sexually abused before, I can assure you that I will try to be as tactful as possible.

No one will be forced to read these scenes, and there will be warnings before the choices. But, similar to how the MC will always torture, murder, and abuse people regardless of the readers’ choices, the MC will always sexually abuse their partner if the reader goes down that path.


Mods being difficult, that’s unheard of XD. (Just some light fun)


That sound fun, for once a MC who doesn’t have taste in bed so bland it would make the vanila tag jealous

Would be funny if just after that whole thing, we had the option to fake outrage over an ankle, i can just imagine the face of the ROs, ranging from a death glare to a laught, poor Devero would be so confused XD


So, like with Chapter 8, Chapter 10 is split into several different mini-scenes. It will likely be the largest chapter yet, but with a relatively short playthrough length. The 5 mini scenes consist of a sex scene with each RO and one where the MC spends the night alone.

I think I’ll be posting the chapter in the next day or two and just updating it as each mini scene is completed.

All that said, many of you have probably noticed that I haven’t written the second date option for the Devero and Abella date scenes. I’ve been having a bit of writer’s block with those, which is why I moved on to the next two chapters. If anyone has any suggestions for a date with Abella and a date with Dev, I’m all ears.


True, but 1st and 2nd base are much different than 3rd and 4th. :stuck_out_tongue:


How about an archery contest, followed by Abella teaching us some tricks and the nitty-gritty of it, and then maybe even showing us how to quickly craft makeshift bows and arrows (she should know, being the best archer in the village and assuming she’d be up for it)?


It’s embarrassing that I didn’t think of that. :grimacing: Thanks!



Chapter 10 is up. It currently consists of 6k words, because only 1/5 of the mini scenes are available, but I’ll hopefully be finishing the sex scenes within the next couple weeks. The total word count is now 142k, and we inch ever closer to the thrilling climax.


For some reason it seems to always break wheneverI get to this part. And I’m not even sure if it’s my phone or whatnot because this only happens with this section only.


The game passed quicktest and I’ve been able to pass that spot in the story. Would you be able to post a screenshot of the error it’s giving you?


It happened to me as well a while back too, I just forgot to bring it up. It doesn’t bring you to a screen, it just freezes up and you have to back out or refresh the page.


Everything just stop working there.


Thanks for bringing that to my attention, guys. It should be fixed now.


Yay, new update! Glad to be able to increase MC’s stats a bit.



Something I noticed: during the kidnapping of Joy, fighting the guards with the staff somehow gives a Stealth bonus. Am I right to assume it should have been speed?





Yeah, it’s supposed to be speed. I’ll change that tonight.


In chapter 8, when skinny dipping with Cherihil.

Your girlfriend gives you a deadpoon look before saying dryly, "Very fucking funny."


but what you do know is that vague, uncontrolled telepathy are the extent of her powers.


"He’s being very unproffessional,



Deadpoon…Jesus, Sam. :mask:


Now that’s going to be on my mind all day.