Mass Mother Murderer [12/14 Chapters, 166k words]



Dear lord, you don’t know how much I appreciate that. I learned about that vile experiment back in a highschool psych class and it degraded my faith in humanity so much. But that’s basically what this story is to the reader…and it only gets worse in the next four chapters, and then gets literally 2x as bad in the sequel.


I shudder to think what you have in store for us. I can’t wait.


You know it’s interesting, I never feel bad doing evil things in videogames. I have trouble empathising at the best of times. Yet I do envy the visceral emotional reactions that people describe when they play villain protagonist games such as this. I look forward to seeing how dark it can get.


Little bit of an odd thing to notice, but has anyone else noticed that almost all the female ROs in MMM and Magician’s Burden have “Small perky breasts”?


Haha. That’s true, mainly because they’re all fit but from small, poor villages where it’s rare for people to be a bit curvier. Though in the sequel to MMM and in The Magician’s Enigma, there will be ROs who are THICC.


So, I know I’ve said all along that I would have zero sexual abuse in MMM. But, now that I’m writing the sex scenes in Chapter 10, I’ve realized that isn’t true.

The MC has a really fucked up fetish (that the reader will decide) which originated because of their childhood trauma. One of them is that they need to have their head held under water by their hair while they’re stimulated. They want to be held under for ten seconds, then pulled up for air for two seconds, and then plunged back under. They want this to be repeated until they climax.

The other fetish is bondage. They want to be handcuffed, gagged, blindfolded, and have their ears stuffed with wax.

The MC first gives their partner (for this example, we’ll say it’s Devero,) an amazing climax in order to then guilt trip him into doing what they want next. Devero is really reluctant and anxious about what the MC wants, but does it anyways because the MC pressures them into it using manipulation and guilt tripping tactics.

So this is basically a moderate form of sexual coercion. I’ll be putting a warning for this in the story.


That sounds terrible in all honesty.


These sound thematically appropriate, but will there be any…dominant fetishes for the MC to have? It seems like some of them would be into holding their partner down, having power over them, verbally abusing them, and the like. But you know the characters best, and the decision is up to you.


Those don’t really sound half as bad as some of the other stuff the MC gets to do in the story, really. Are those two the only fetishes you’re planning to put in, or will there be more?


I thought about that, since that would fit well with our aggressive, callous MC. However, I decided to connect their fetishes to the subconscious weaknesses they feel.

The drowning fetish is connected to how they let Efastia drown.

The bondage fetish is connected to subconsciously wanting to relive the hoplessness and powerlessness they felt when locked inside that closet for multiple days.

Yeah, those are the only two I’m planning on using. And yes, murdering and torturing people is far worse than this sort of moderate sexual abuse, but the tricky thing is that this is another kind of abuse and one that is unfortunately triviliazed by millions, if not billions, of people.

So, I have to be tactful (as much as you can be when writing about sexual abuse.) I want to clarify that I didn’t make this decision in an effort to glorify the abuse or to be edgy.

I’m including this because those fetishes add more nuance to the MC and are in line with who they’ve been all throughout the game. And it’s only realistic that all the MCs wouldn’t be fully on board with the fetishes, so the MC “needs” to coerce them.


Fair enough, but what about dunking their partner’s head in water and having them drown? Some MCs watched their sister drown with a sort of detached curiosity, and they may want to view it again.


Should probably clarify, the idea of the fetish I’m not against. Not being able to opt out of it is what I have a bit of an issue with.


My thing with that is that would be blatant physical abuse against an unwilling partner (rape.) In the story, the RO will decide for themselves to do the sexual acts and won’t be physically forced to do it. They’d just be tricked and manipulated into it by emotional abuse from the MC.

So they’re totally different things with very different narrative objectives and consequencss. And I think I’m already pushing it with even mild sexual abuse.

(Please don’t shut down my thread, mods.)

For sure. And that’s what makes it fucked up, but this is intentional. It’s also a bit of a turning point when that RO begins to realize the MC’s cruel nature.


On another note–not sure if this was brought up during the discussion of the MC’s psychopathy, but apparently psychopaths can choose to feel empathy. Something to chew on?


I hate to push this point because I don’t want to get this thread closed, but how is emotionally manipulating and convincing them to do it to you that much different than emotionally manipulating and convincing them to let you do it to them?
I’m sure the story will still be good either way


Interesting. I’ll have to read that.


It’s mostly just how I play my character, as a personal gripe, it fucks up the way I’ve been playing my character. A wolf in sheep’s clothing with hi social skills and stealth. They act all innocent and kind to get people to underestimate her. Having this wierd kink and an implied sexual past kind of breaks that.


I can understand that. I will say, though, that the MC is intentionally a very defined character compared to most CoG MC’s. And it is weird, but everything about the MC is fucked up and weird.

All that said, the reader definitely doesn’t have to go into the sex scenes. (There’s another option where they spend the night alone and choose between several things to do.)

That’s a fascinating article. I’ve never seen anyone put psychopathy like that. Granted, the study was done on a very small number of participants, and they could have very well been sociopaths, who are capable of empathy but just have a very blunted and particular version of that emotion.

In that case, this would just be a newer and more nuanced take on what we already know about some serial killers, the sociopaths. Though the scientists didn’t seem to recognize the difference between biological and environmental anti-social personality disorders.

They are similar, but also a lot different. The MC “needs” to be abused like that to enjoy sex but the ROs don’t. It’s like how it’s a lot easier to convince someone to choke you during sex if you like it than it is to convince someone to let you choke them even though they would hate it.


Honestly, all that shit makes me a little too uncomfortable, so I’m just gonna stay far away from that. My MC will be a very chaste evil.


Oof ok. Its official, I detest the mc. Finally! Right?

But that makes them all the more interesting to play.
I can’t deny the allure of playing a salacious and manipulative mc. They’re like a walking cocktail of disaster and misery brewed since the womb? Christ.

Rip to that poor little village.

Edit: Funny how for some, sexual abuse is considered as too far. And that murder/homicide becomes the more acceptable or palatable alternative somehow. Huh.