Mass Mother Murderer [12/14 Chapters, 166k words]



Why exactly is the MC disgusted by sexual abuse? This is apparently a person without empathy, compassion, and humanity so I’m curious as to why they would draw any lines.


As a psychopath, they aren’t disgusted by really any sort of violence in general, but rather they just find the idea of them abusing their mother (and the surrogates) in that way to be gross because it’s incest. But they also just aren’t attracted to rape or necrophilia like many serial killers are.

But obviously the most important thing is that I myself don’t want to write about sexual abuse, and having that present in the story would also turn away half of my potential fanbase, and rightly so in my opinion.


I don’t think pyschopath are inherently repulsed by incest though and the MC’s education was such a mess that it’s unlikely he would learn that principle, an association of the act with his own weakness relating to his mother would work better as a justification IMO than just ‘well, it’s incest’, that justification only work while talking about normals people raised with western value

eh, when it come to fanbases, you’d honestly be surprised and guessing what people will like or not will only lead to self censure and a lose of originality, i mean it obviously doesn’t apply in that case since you don’t want to write that anyway but i’m talking more generaly here, don’t limit your writing because of what you think the fanbase would like or not, fanbases have knack to surprise you when it come to that, just write what you want and your fanbase will find you anyway if it’s well done


That’s actually totally true My wip for instance has been better receive anything I had written before and theme and fact have erotica content has surprised me like a lot. Still is hard to tell until i make demo public you never know


That’s a thing i noticed with a lot of authors i’v talked to (i’v worked as an assistant for a few too), a lot of them would hesitate to include something or even refused to include it only to be surprised when it end up being very well received or the fans start giving feedback on how they had hoped for something similar to what they hadn’t dared to include


I think because we put passions in something that we want of struggle with. “My moment was Fuck it i will write about that and i give a damn about universe opinion” Curiously universe think is okay lol but know return topic. @Samuel_H_Young is someone that inspired me


Oh, trust me, I didn’t hold back with MMM. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hence the torture, murder, and delving into topics like sociopathy, psychopathy, kleptomania, and pyromania. And the sex scenes in this next chapter will be anything but normal.

I think I stopped holding back as an author when I wrote The Magician’s Burden, as I started including erotica and lots of profanity.


I think in erotica part i will win you in weirdness lol but you beat me in the rest lol. But i go more for the kinki part


So for the MC, its less of a moral objection and more of just them finding it to be gross.


Precisely. It just comes down to their personal preference.


Honestly i hope your game start a trend of darker game because i just dream of a ‘choose your own adventure’ where we’re playing as a member of a family like the sawyers in texas chainsaw and one where we’re playing a Jason like slasher villain


At the very least, MMM will have two sequels, and I have also have two more dark thrillers that I’m working on, The Enchanter’s Misery and The Twisted Village. :innocent:


I swear if you kill my pet again i will start a chainsaw massacre even if i am more of follow a charismatic sneaky path lol


@Samuel_H_Young You don’t know how glad I am that you’re back. This is Alucard_of_Mordhaven.

I had that account deleted. After your battle with demons on here, I fell into a downward spiral myself and also began to struggle with depressive thoughts once again. Man, it appears I missed a lot. 9/13 Chapters now? Damn…

I hope you didn’t miss my mini fanfics and feedback too much, haha. Of course I’m happy that my favorite WiP is still kicking like one of my favorite authors, but I’m also saddened to see I wasn’t here for a considerable advancement. I do apologize for that.

Alas, I shall quit complaining and see what has occurred in my absence.

Thank you for staying with us. You are worth it, and your works are, too.


Well fuck, man, I missed ya! Glad you’re back. I’m doing better now and I hope you are too.

You’re in for a bumpy ride. :smiling_imp:


My creative writing instructor would love to read that. Her biggest thing she’s told us this semester is that great writing takes risks. I happen to concur. I have always been a passionate advocate against censorship, self imposed or otherwise.


In chapter 7, in the choice: “A blind opponent is a helpless one. Raising your hands and waving them in an arcane motion, you cast your dark spell upon him.”

That accomplishes nothing, as he promptly trips over a stray stone and sprawls headirst


A blind opponent is a helpless one. Raising your hands and waving them in an arcane motion, you cast your dark spell upon him.



I think I’ll try to make a Sweeney Todd next playthrough. Maybe He’ll have a Ms.Lovett in the next game?:grin::thinking:


Don’t shoot me, but I’ve never watched Sweeney Todd. :grimacing:


So Hey, I’ve been around since this game was a little Baby WIP with only the starting chapter, and I’ve played my way to this most recent update and I can safely say, I hate how much I love this game. I mean, I consider myself pretty strongwilled when it comes onto gore, or gritty stuff. I love movies like that. But everytime I play a new chapter, I feel worse and worse. Like, my heart broke when I saw how Joy was struggling to perfect her magic, knowing what we as the MC were going to probably do to her. Yet, I continued on, because…I just had to see what happened. It’s like that famous Shock Room Experiment (or atleast famous for any psych student) where people are convinced that persons inside a room recieve a shock everytime they press a button, and they signed up to be participants. So persons press the button and the participants get “shocked” and the intensity increases with ever “shock.” To the point where the participants are begging them to stop, screaming that they have families, heart conditions, but these regular people are being told to continue by scientist because “it’s for science.” And over 60% continue with the shock, until the participant falls to the ground seemingly dead, and even then 25% still continued with the shocks to what they believed were corpses, because they are being told to do so, “for science.” Thats how I feel playing this game. I hate what the MC is doing, it’s hard to select these choices, especially with how immersive the story is, yet I find myself selecting the most disturbing ones I can…for science. To see how the scene plays out. It’s disturbing, yet me, a regular person who could never torture anyone, cannot wait for the next chapter. So thanks for that Sammy. Just my very long two cents that I had to get off my chest.