Mass Mother Murderer [12/14 Chapters, 166k words]



Well I guess my thoughts are “if I’m going for misery I might as well go full tilt”, y’know? :sweat_smile: @Samuel_H_Young


I personally want it so that either side has the opportunity to win, depending on your choices. It would be an interesting subversion of the good guys always winning as well as the MC always winning.

Hell, you could even give us the choice of letting them catch us, not out of any sense of regret or anything but out of arrogance and feeling invincible after killing the one person we’ve struggled with for so long.


I know that if there’s no confrontation, even just verbal and regardless of the issue, between the MC and the power rangers guard A-team, I’ll bemoan the missed opportunity. I mean, what’s the point of achieving what you want if you can’t gloat about it afterward? Winning doesn’t matter if you can’t rub it in the faces of everyone else, really!

(and if that attitude leads to the MC’s ultimate downfall… still totally worth it, I say!)



  • Typo fixes
  • Stealth, Long Ranged Weapons, Melee, Strength, and Speed stats are (hopefully) balanced. You’ll want to restart your game so you can see all these stat changes.


In chapter 2, in the choice:
“Raising your hand, you summon a whirling, black ball of magical energy that begins to violently drag the criminal back to you like a rag doll.”

but your vortex has already done it’s job



I don’t know if they’re are choices I’m missing to raise nature and arcana more but I can’t get them to 20% to pick any of those later options.

I did an elemental mage playthrough and picked every use magic or arcana option that I could see.


I had some time before work, so I went ahead and increased a lot of the Arcana and Nature stat boosts. You’ll have to restart your game to see these, but let me know if that helps.


Why do we have so many skills that are synonymous with each other, Charisma Diplomacy, Deception, Intimidation.


The short answer: nuance. There are differences between the two, and they’re clearly used in different ways in the story.

Charisma can be used to mock or tease people in smooth or funny ways; diplomacy can’t. Also, someone who is charming and outgoing isn’t automatically great at looking at two sides of an issue and nudging people to meet in the middle.

In the context of MMM, Charisma is mostly used to be outgoing, sexy, funny, etc, whereas Diplomacy is mostly used to be sensitive, tactful, and agreeable.

It’s the same thing with Resolve and Intimidation. Strong-willed and abrasive, vs inspiring fear in others. They can be similar in some instances, but much different in others.

Deception and Intimidation are so far from synonymous that I won’t even address that.

I don’t see any other skills that are “synonymous”. Would you prefer that I stuck to only the traditional stats, Strength, Charisma, Intelligence, and Magic?


To me it makes the dependable stat in a choice unsure, and I can’t tell if that’s intentional.
But it may just be me, I’m just a random idiot.


Am I wrong or does it look like the MC has some sort of god complex?


Basically. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think @Samuel_H_Young has found his true writing niche with this genre - it comes natural (is this good or bad? :wink: ) whereas other genres seem to take a lot more effort to achieve the goals set forward…

Maybe one day we will see his show on ID Discovery about mass murders or sum such :two_hearts:

Feedback incoming sometime soon*

soon is defined as when it is possible


Thanks, Eiwynn. Yes, MMM has been the easiest and smoothest one to write for me, and also the one that relieves the most stress. :thinking:

It’s kinda like I have a headache when I get off work and then I go home and write MMM, and it goes away.


I can’t read this game as it triggers bad memories. But what I read it was amazingly well written. Also you will achieve the fact i will buy a game I will not play. But my support goes with you. Still i hope the app stores behave in their scores lol And don’t become paranoid or something.


Thanks, Mara. I’m expecting this to be much more successful than TMB, based of the likes and comments here. There will undoubtedly be some bad reviews because of the shockingly violent and dark content.

But I also think it’s bringing something new and fresh to the table, and something many people have been wanting for a long time: to play as an evil villain. Even if the reader chooses as many outwardly non-violent and “nice” choices as possible, the MC is still by far the most evil character in CoG’s library, which sounds just ridiculous, but people also seem to find it intriguing.

When I first posted the teaser for MMM, I honestly thought it was gonna be a flop. I thought it was going to get ignored and the few people who would read it would be disgusted and offended because it’s so outlandish and macabre. To my surprise, it has been by far my most successful WIP.


is reallyinteresting sadly I can’t skipped the trigger scenes lol if some day you including a mode that skip the not consensual theme and all the sexual part in the torture i will read it but ast time i tried I almost puke in shock. what’s a testimonial of your writing skils


Thanks! Though I actually made a point not to include sexual abuse, and the MC even states that they’re disgusted by the idea.


I know is nor sexual abuse i mean the acts of the mc itself while doing the torture… and their way of seeing it. :face_vomiting: Is as shocking as it should be . I am weird I know I have no problem with gore itself is when feelings of the assassin and show or show sexual arousal that makes me emphatically connect with the victim. I am too empathetic to playing a game like this. Also it hits home for several reasons.


I’ll do some thorough stat balancing as soon as I get the chance. Previously I just used “find and replace” to boost those stats, but I still haven’t had time to test them myself.