Mass Mother Murderer [12/13 Chapters, 166k words]



You know what? Just because I love that meme so much, I’ll go ahead and explain it.

  • In chapter 9, we see that Joy is a minor telepath, and is struggling but failing to strengthen her magical abilities to branch out to other things.
  • In chapter 10, the MC mocks Joy by telling her that she’d have to break a thumb just to get her hand out of the handcuffs. This plants the idea in her head.
  • In chapter 12, the note that she left for the MC is pinned to the ground with a needle.
  • With all of this, one could deduce that Joy broke her thumb and contorted her hand out of the handcuffs. Then, because of the life or death situation that she was in, she was able to use her magic to summon a needle from the MC’s table of torture instruments. She used that to pick the locks on her chains so she could escape.


Abella’s second date option has now been added to Chapter 8.


Out of curiosity, I did a search of a bunch of different words in all of MMM’s text documents to see how many times certain words were used. Here’s a breakdown of some of them. This includes different versions of the word, like murdering, murders, etc.

  • Torture: 126
  • Pain: 111
  • Kill: 110
  • Cruel: 46
  • Vicious: 36
  • Evil: 34
  • Murder: 34
  • Monster: 30
  • Manipulate: 20
  • Abuse: 18

I think think is a good representation of how dark MMM is.


Thank you! That saves me a headache.

Wow, I would never have figured that out. I actually thought it was Edina :sweat_smile:


The second date option isn’t in the game.

In chapter 9.

You never have a fucking husband," you interject, scowling.



This is such a twisted story. It really feels like I’m a medieval Dexter. :smiling_imp:

I love that you never allow the player to have any really sentimental choices to choose from, and that you are always reminding us that most kind acts by the main character are fake. I think a lot of people would have accidentally, or even tried to, make them sympathetic and ruin the whole idea of playing a villain.

I like how I can choose the same character as both a potential problem and a romance option.

And I really like how things are starting to spiral out of control for the main character in the latest chapter. I may like playing a villain, but I also like seeing something of a comeuppance for them, too. :innocent:


Aww, shit. I forgot to update the dashingdon file. I’ll do that later tonight.

Thanks, @expectedoperator! Yeah, I never let the reader forget about the MC’s dastardly ways, even if it’s just through some inner monologue here and there.


Me too, why else would you have a relationship bar with your sister if she’s “dead” i also kind of think it was the mom




You are two chapters from finishing! :dizzy_face::scream:
PS: your profile picture is pretty damn scary :japanese_goblin::fearful:


Yup :smiley: I’ve only got about 40k left to write.

Mission accomplished.

Okay, I updated the files on Dashingdon so now you guys can actually play the second Abella date option. :sweat_smile:


I can’t wait to play as are character after this If he makes it out of this this is so interesting it’s like I don’t actually like being a psychopath murder but it’s just so interesting to see it and because it’s not real people dying I don’t feel To bad about doing it :joy: I hope you haven’t giving yourself nightmares writing this


In chapter 8. In Abella’s date scene.

I just want to see that pretty redhead of your sup

Yours, up

Abella, unimpressed, simply grabs a spair bow and arrow


but you also have something more sinister up your sleave.



Thanks! Tbh, it used to keep me up a little when I first started writing this, but apparently I’ve become used to it now. The only time it keeps me up nowadays is when I’m really excited and can’t stop thinking about it. :face_with_monocle:



The second Devero date option is now on the demo. Chapter 8 is finally finished! Now, back to the sex scenes.


This is certainly an interesting play. There’s something to be said about playing this as someone who is decidedly not a psychopath. I really get into the romantic scenes with Garad and being a charming vice-captain, and then I get yanked right out because my character complains constantly about having to “pretend” to do these things. I actually like it. It pushes me to get involved with the scenes and then reminds me to really analyze my character.

All-in-all, this is a really well-written game. The social scenes are really well-written, and the MC’s “objective” review of people is really insightful. I’m looking forward to finishing this game.


Thanks a lot, @trevers17! Those sort of things are definitely what I aim for.

And I like that you noticed that about the MC. Despite their disdainful, cruel, and resentful views of the other characters, they are also able to see those people for who they really are more than anybody else because they can “cut through the bullshit” and leave most emotions out of their perspectives.


I found a bug in dates section

*selectable_if ((charisma > 14) and (intimidation > 14)) # (Requires 15 Charisma and 15 Intimidation)
*set abella %+5
*set intimidation +2
*set charisma +2
(+2 Intimidation, +2 Charisma, Abella Increases)
Your girlfriend giggles as you poke her ribs again, but then she squirms away and remembers to frown. “Not in the slightest,” she replies defensively. “I just don’t want everyone gawking at me.” You arch an eyebrow, looking amused. With a dramatic sigh, she gives you a playful punch on the arm and says, “Alright, alright, whatever.”

There is missing description of Choice @Samuel_H_Young

In romance there is this

#With a large smile, you grip his hand and shake it firmly. “Very inspiring speech, captain. You really lit a fire in their bellies,” you say enthusiastically.
*set garad %+10
*set resolve +2
(+2 Resolve, Garad Increases)
Garad tries to act nonchalant, but you can see his grin widen beneath his beard. “Well, I had to be a bit dramatic, didn’t I?” he replies with a chuckle. “I can only imagine the mayor trying to sell them this idea and it backfiring in his face. It was extremely important to have our guards with us on this, so I didn’t hold back.”

	"Evidently," you reply good-heartedly, motioning to your subordinates who are still fired up at his words. 
	You're sure that you could have done an even better job, but what matters is that things are going smoothly. Your [i]superior[/i] may not know it, but he's just playing right into your hands. Meanwhile, Cherihl is still grinning from ear to ear, but Abella just rolls her eyes and says dryly, "Don't encourage him. He's already going to be bragging about this for weeks as it is."

#Furrowing your brow, you say matter of factly, "Devero walked out because he couldn't bare to see what was going on, and I have to agree. Catching the kidnapper is incredibly important, but is it really worth it if we subject our own village to a witch hunt?" 
	*set diplomacy +1 
	*set devero +1
	*set intelligence +1 
	*set garad %-5 
	*set deception +1 
	(+1 Deception, +1 Diplomacy, +1 Intelligence, Devero Increases, Garad Decreases)
	Before the captain can reply, Cherihl butts in. "Uh, yes? What kind of question is that? These villagers want to not die, don't they?" she says incredulously.

Devero is not in percentages so this may be bug.


Thanks, that’s fixed now.


I just realized it’s theoretically possible for me to submit both Mass Mother Murderer and Winter of the Bovine to HG before 2019. :scream::scream::scream:


In chapter 8, dating Abella, and going to the archery contest.

In the option: “Aww, are you getting stage fright already?”

somehow looking but reluctant and excited at the same time.

Remove the bolded word.

I’m sure you heard about the archer contest


The narrow dirt path leading up to the house is well-tended, though, ad there’s


When dating Devero.

“What are we gonna do tonight in honor of this great occassion?”

I think the bolded word should be “now”, as both dates take place at different times.