Mass Effect- what are you looking most forward to?


I’m perfectly polite though? If you disagree, please tell me what I did wrong.


You guys don’t have to answer this. But out of curiosity, how much money did you pay for this game? And was the game worth your hard earn coins (in your opinion)?


I think it was $60. I bought it off the PS4 digital store because I was too impatient to wait for a physical copy.

It was worth it in my opinion. I’m a huge Mass Effect fan, I used to lug my Xbox around to other people’s houses to show them Mass Effect 1 when it came out. I loved the landscapes, the lore, everything. So when I started playing this game and getting ME1 vibes, I was so happy. I can drive my little dune buggy over alien planets again!

It isn’t perfect obviously - we discussed above that there is very little romantic content for gay men, and what’s there is poor. I think it’s still an enjoyable game otherwise, but it’s really an individual call.


Asking repeatedly for proofs and then again more proofs. Without experience the game by yourself is the definition of sealion. I don’t have to proof you anything.

I never saying animations are great they are Bioware level. You didn’t discuss anything just posted videos edited with cheap music and effects and edited on purpose to make game looking bad The worse on animation is the eyes that are really bad. But the rest is ok Bioware level nobody play Bioware for the animations. Combat is fluid and fun even for me voice acting is great and history is epic.

I paid eight euros and is worth any penny.(I sold older games and use promotion points for game shop)


You made claims, therefore I asked you to prove your words. I’m sorry if that makes you mad. I still have no idea what a sealion is? Other than an animal. I thought ad hominem and calling someone names was not permitted.


It’s a video game, not a legal argument. What’s to prove? If we don’t want to spend our free time recording the game just for you, so what?

You don’t like the animations based on some Youtube videos you saw. We get it. We have different opinions based on our time playing the game.

Sealion is a reference to this thread.


Her words. I said I didn’t like the game and she said I was basing my opinion on doctored yt footage. This discussion is now being derailed so I think it’s best we end it here.
Also I read that post about sealioning and the term itself is utter wank. Targeting me with it will only make me smile.


Want bad animations, just feast your eyes on this male ryder “romance” scene. For comparison even in the bi fling we get they put most of their work into the female version and did a much better job with it:

Again they put all their work even with the bi fling on making it decent for female ryder only, even though it is just crappy, fully armoured “dancing”. :rage:

Oh and another update on my whole it gets worse saga, apparently EA marketing found the budget to advertise Andromeda on our main commercial broadcaster during the late evening talk shows today (the second most expensive timeslot they have) but they couldn’t spare a teeny tiny bit of that to give us at least one decent m/m romance on par with what every other orientation is getting?
Seriously pissed at Bioware Montreal and EA right now and glad I didn’t pre-order it this time around.


Yeah, they half-assed the m/m content. It’s disappointing considering they finally got their act together in ME3 in this regard.

Hopefully people are tweeting or whatever it is they pay attention to now that their forums are closed. I know there are other fans mad about the unfair lack of content.

Out of curiosity, would you want a new character added or is it just an insult at this point? Assuming it was free dlc.


Very much so, with Kaidan I thought they finally arrived at something decent, even if we had to share the really hot one (Kaidan) with the straight women. Cortez could have been decent if only they had cared enough to give him a custom model. :disappointed:
Not only did they seemingly base their whole treatment of m/m “romances” here on the worst aspects of Cortez they then managed to take a step backwards even from there, WTF!!!

Didn’t think they read those forums anyway and I wouldn’t know about bleeting or tweeting or woofing, or whatever cool and hip thing you need to do on social media these day, but whatever it is I doubt it will really impact EA’s considerations, unless it truly does go viral. :disappointed:

Assuming it was free and they at least try to integrate him into the base game and use a nice face model (if human) or a sexy alien species, preferably the local, Andromedan space elves then I would accept the apology.
Oh and if we do have to share him with the straight girls, please him make mc-sexual, particularly if he’s an alien and not a bi guy who prefers women. If I hear one peep about a previous girlfriend out of such a character on the gay m/m path, after the shit they’ve just pulled already they can shove him, as far as I’m concerned even if he were super-sexy and part of a free DLC. That he then also won’t mention any ex-boyfriends to fem ryder would be fine with me, since she wouldn’t be the protagonist and his romance interest in my games anyway, so that would have zero impact on me, assuming the likely event that we’d have to share him.
Although in that case I suggest the start with his scenes with Scott first and if the budget runs tight then make fem ryder the afterthought for once, though ideally of course they would do both equally well, but it would be a huge insult if they only optimized such a character’s scenes for fem Ryder, again. :fearful:

If it is, as I fear, and we will now get at best a temporary story DLC companion who will be very poorly, if at all, integrated into the base game then I’d also consider him as the barrage of insults continuing since in that case not only would we have to pay extra for him but he still wouldn’t be a true companion, no matter how well-done or fun and sexy he may be or how steamy and well-animated his (romance) scenes with male ryder may be. :unamused:

Basically it will be very hard for them to bounce this game back to something that will please me on the romance front at this point. My firmest hopes and wishes now are that the Dragon Age team at least will continue their good work and improve on Inquisition (and make a better PC port next time, like Andromeda also apparently didn’t do, again. :worried:).

On the other hand if they optimize the PC port a bit and hopefully add in a pause during combat for the slow kids like me, I’ll likely eventually get it and play it and totally ignore all romance content in a throwback to the bad old days. That ought to bring back some childhood memories. Though preferably they’d make some dialogue where my Scott can acknowledge and communicate to the world that he’s gay, but simply never meets anybody he’s even remotely interested in during the course of the game. That would be a modest improvement on the bad old days I could actually live with, assuming they tackle some PC optimization issues and add a pause during combat function.

Yes, YMMV, for me this game represents a slap in the face, after they have shown in Mass Effect 3 that they can do so much better and, technically at least, they did do much better but only on some of the female romances.
I therefore consider myself fortunate that I did not pre-order this time around and in its current state, half-assed, slap-in-the-face m/m “romance” content combined with a PC port that, while better than Inquisition’s at launch is by all accounts still not optimized for PC and very mediocre at best (also the lack of pause during combat is worrisome for a “slow kid” like me) means that in its current state I will not be getting the game and cannot recommend it to my fellow PC or gay gamers, since both the non-optimized PC port and what passes for m/m romance content are decidedly underwhelming at this time.
Which is a huge disappointment for me, since I’ve basically been a Bioware fan for most of my life and been with the Mass Effect franchise from day 1 basically, but as they say “all good things must come to an end”, eh?
Not at all how I had hoped things would turn out but this is where we are and this is where I stand, for the moment at least.


They had weapons. They could’ve already killed the guy they had surrounded. They could’ve opened fire as soon as they saw more of his kind. When you’re negotiating on behalf of 20,000+ people, no one being dead yet is a GOOD thing. That’s not something to screw up because you get emotional over one human getting kicked.

You don’t get a second chance at first contact… unless the crew practices really hard saying “We were nowhere near that planet. It must’ve been other humans - the bad kind - yep, our species all looks alike.” We’ll never know whether shooting each other in the face is really the best we could’ve done at communication. Thanks, Liam.

…Also, could you have maybe given me a heads up to get to cover before starting a firefight? I was in the middle of a clearing with my hands over my head when bullets started flying. Not cool, man.

I am former Renegade Shepard, and I approve this message.


As long as they can keep a consistent universe (Translation: Don’t retcon or at least clean up after the retcon) a game can slap in whatever they like and I won’t mind.

I’m kind of considering the new guy (Jaal was it?) but I don’t think 2 or 3 romances (the ones that catch my eye. Not the total) is enough for $60. … How many endings does this game have?


Heh, that is the sort of action that would make me wish the game had an option to have Mr. Liam have an accident with an airlock…


I was the same way on my soldier (I used maybe 1 ability) and infiltrator (Just needed my cloak and sniper rifle) but on biotic I used the whole bar and that’s the issue I have with the 3 abilities now. I set a vanguard profile and adapt profile up (which is a cool feature and gives me flexibility) but it’s something that impacts my effectiveness in combat. I hope that I will just get used to hitting the F keys to toggle but right now it’s a little clumsy.

@poison_mara I can’t stop thinking of Jaal as lobster kitty now thanks to you lol

One of the things I’m really liking about this game right now is how playfully sarcastic my character is

And every time I see a relationship start in a series I also see the countdown clock to death starting :disappointed:

Me and PeeBee? Yeah I can see that :wink:

Well to be fair, I care about theirs so I’m not going to get on them for doing the same, if a female lobster kitty was into human girls I would probably go for it, they have really pretty eyes :heart_eyes: but I won’t touch Jaal with a 10 meter cattle prod.

I’m going with the cute sarcastic sweetheart, a lot of what I can say makes me giggle

I wish that every single time he speaks, there is literally nothing about that guy that I like :unamused:

@idonotlikeusernames reading through your posts my heart goes out to you and anyone else out there that is looking for the m/m romances, I understand the “why do they get x and I only get y?!” I’m thankful that this game didn’t do that for me, honestly when I got to talking to the f/f romance options I thought to myself “Wow, I have options…good options, this must be how straight people feel!” I honestly hope that EA pulls their head out of their ass and give you some exclusive content to make up for how they obviously fell short in the release.


I am beginning to wonder whether those who keep complaining about the facial animations think that Bioware is going to be patching that thing. Not that I’m worried yet since I’m a tad too busy playing DA:I and I know there’ll be an ‘Ultimate Edition’ with all the inevitable DLC down the line.


For me it was about 50$ when I pre-ordered the game.
I admit that I was a bit skeptical and disappointed at first because of all the bad reviews about the animation and character creation as well as the fact that the M/M romances are not as good as the other romances (and no space kitty boyfriend for Scott! I am still salty about that! :weary:)
But when I finally finished download the game and started it, I fell in love with it all over again. The game is great, I love the lore, the scenery, the Codex, the feeling … it truly feel like a Mass Effect game to me.
The bad reviews were not lying though. Some of the animations are kind of bad, especially when my Sara was talking to the Human Lady on Nexus who is in charge of colonial effort. They were dead-starring each other to death :frowning: and from what I have been reading on Twitter, reddit, game forums … there are still many issues needed to be fixed but overall, I believe my money was well-spent.


I paid £64.99 for the digital deluxe version for my ps4. I’m only a few hours in and I’m enjoying it. Yes I see bad animations now and then but mostly they aren’t game breaking. My worse glitch so far was on EOS when Ryder said something but there was no audio but SAM replied and you hear the reply.

I think it was money well spent.

Also regarding profiles you also have favourites and can have duplicate ones so atm my Ryder has two adept set ups one with throw, warp and singularity and another with charge, nova and another I can’t remember the name of. Not got to test it out in combat yet though.


That’s how I’m beginning to think about this game too, except I will now probably wait until said edition is on sale to boot, as it currently stands that is what this game would be worth to me.

We get one half-assed “romance” heavily involving a female “friend” and babies with an NPC crewmember. The Reyes fling is hugely disappointing as not only do both Sara and Scott get only some crappy kissing in front of your other party members and a “culmination” of fully armoured dancing, in the case of Scott the whole thing is poorly animated too. The worst part of that is, they didn’t even cute and paste the fem-ryder version in bi fling with Reyes, showing they did think to animate and implement them separately, except they then just made the m/m version a poorly executed half-assed rush-job.

It depends on what that “exclusive” content is going to be and how that is implemented, I already said a story DLC only npc who is not at all integrated into the base game won’t satisfy me, no matter how cute and sexy he’s going to be and no matter how well they animate his m/m scenes at this point, since they would remain a minor story DLC only NPC, whose “integration” and “interaction” with the base game will at best be a series of in-game emails and maybe a brief return during the epilogue. :unamused:
Sadly it seems that on bleeting tweeter the #makejaalbiagain is “trending”, which imho sends the totally wrong message, plus Jaal is not at all attractive to me and we’d have to share him with the straight women too and you just know that is going to be either a repeat of the Reyes fling, where they half-ass the m/m version or a simple cut and paste job, probably with the dialogue as well where he treats us almost exactly the same as fem-ryder and they probably just use a cut and paste job for all the scenes.
Truly at this point the only thing that would satisfy me is if they restore the cut male companion they apparently cut out of the base game and make him gay-exclusive and not someone we need to share with the straight women and who would then likely only be optimized for female Ryder. In fact if they do restore the cut male companion but make him into one of their “bi” guys who prefer women and who have to mention that fact relentlessly on their m/m path they can shove him, even if he was sexy and well-integrated into the base game.:rage:

Ugh, again at this point that one is trending on tweeter, but I think it sends the wrong message and you just know he’d be one of their women preferring “bi” guys and they’ll make the “romance” a simple cut and paste job of fem-ryder’s, so enjoy being treated like little girls, guys. :unamused:
At this point I want a well-done, unique, gay-exclusive companion squadmate integrated into the base-game, not a lame story DLC only one.
Not here “take this cut and paste job of Jaal where you can enjoy him treating you like a woman and now shut up!!”, as that wouldn’t address the problem that they chose to half-ass (and possibly cut the gay male squad mate, if Mara is right) at all.


you just know he’d be one of their women preferring “bi” guys and they’ll make the “romance” a simple cut and paste job of fem-ryder’s

To be honest, I have no problems with that. It’s true that if they patch him, he will be “bi” and he “may” prefer women over men but being able to romance him as Scott is good enough for me.


Well, I’m glad that will satisfy you, but aside from the fact that I don’t find Jaal attractive at all, after this fuck up I want more then a simple cut and paste job and yet another bi guy who prefers women and has to make that eminently known on his gay path. Honestly that the moment he mentions an ex-girlfriend on the supposed “gay” romance path I want the option to shout “screw you!!!” punch him, or throw my drink in his face and simply walk away. :rage:

Sorry, but I don’t want to be anyone’s second-best and that is exactly what Scott seems to be in both his supposed m/m “romances” right now. Reyes clearly prefers women and the one very underwhelming gay “exclusive” prefers making babies, being a father and heavily involving said baby’s mother into the “relationship” over us, well sod off and go play happy family with your girlfriend then!!! :angry: