Mass Effect- what are you looking most forward to?


Anyone here also excited for Andromeda?

I loved the trilogy ( despite the hate ME 3 gets). I’m a little skeptical as to how they will handle this and I’m really hoping they don’t overdo it with the open-world bullshit the same way they did it with Inquisition.

I really hope the story is good though, I could care less for the gameplay as long as they give me some solid writing . And also I need me some of that bioware romance because let’s be honest here, we all go back to these games just so we can romance about all 20+ of our companions
( I’m such a bioware trash)

Unpopular Opinions

I’ve only romanced Jack… I wanted super biotic kids…


Heh, I’m still in “If game has Bioware logo then I’ve already bought it, reality just has to catch up” mode :smiley:

ME3 was a masterpiece IMO - sure they dropped the ball at the end but the rest of it was an emotional rollercoaster. A certain poor decision on my part led to me replaying several hours to fix it for instance.

I’m quite looking forward to how the team handles Andromeda - hoping they learned from DAI in terms of pacing though.


If only Bioware would just get going and lay out all the cards for the romance options! So, we can get planning on the banging. :grinning:

But, it’s just about a week plus to go. Not too long now.


I’m buying Andromeda once i get the chance no idea when that’ll be :sweat:
Looking forward to what the story would be like also female Turian :grinning:


I am a Mass effect Hardcore fan read all books etc. Mass Effect 3 was a masterpiece until Big ego producer and stress from EA they were forced to release the game an entire year before their planning. That’s why the game goes off from the Cerberus Illusive Man mission. Mass effect ending and dlcs were one of worst handle guion ever. Circular logic and stupid villain ever.

But that no affect Andromeda they were out before Reapers attack on Galaxy and that has happen centuries ago.

If you loved Mass Effect one exploration of worlds. Then you will love this, each world has big exploration area missions and research, you could make outposts. And there are cities in all the garden ones. You could visit and go shopping trade.

Companions are confirmed 6. And are of all ages and options. There is a rumor that even there is a non sex interested romance, that is more about hugs and confidence. There is supposed free relationship and poliamory too. Well is Bioware, we are fans of them for something. I hope Bioware finally let us romance Salarians and Krogans. I couldn’t be the only one that would have chosen Wrex or Mordin lol.

Each companion is supposed have more lines that all companions together in Mass Effect 3 .

I am not convinced in the new version of the interruption and the wipe out all possibilities of being evil or ruthless. I don’t like the names of new personal traits moods that substitute the paragon renegade spectrum. Anger, Logical, Casual and emotional. What casual means ? No really what means ? In Spanish casual is the clothing you use every day and is not very formal or flashy. I suppose is like the ironic one… But who knows … I JUST WANTED MY IRONIC CHARISMATIC INTERRUPT BIOWARE… WTF CASUAL MEANS? I WILL TALKING ABOUT JEANS?


What I’m looking most forward to?

The Gamer Poops, of course.

“We’ll bang, OK?”


You know that

There is an achievement for romance three characters in the game.Even if let you doing through several playthroughs everyone thinks means the poliamory hinted in several mass effect official videos is confirmed


I just hope I can romance Vetra as Sarah. Fell in love with Vetra as soon as I saw her and I’m basically in love with Sarah’s voice actor (Fryda Wolff).


I just want another buddy that fills that fellow buddy cop requirement. I also want romance the heck out Cora.


Well Cora seems implied is only Male Ryan. I don’t know there are so much speculation. Vertra for instance Mike Gamble loves speculate about romances but he is the famous jokster of Bioware. He said Viv was sort of romance option in DAI . He is known for that so his tweets about Vetra takes out her visor in sex scenes could be one of his famous jokes.

What is clear is that there is more romances that members of crew. I saw several interviews that is the game with more romantic options in the Bioware history so far. Even if somw are just casual. There are even dates of npc in aliens worlds just hanging out and that… It sounds cool really.


@AAO By mentioning Gamer Poop, you just officially become my favorite person on this forum.

Ballin’, Ballin’, Jarl Ballin’, SWAG!


I haven’t seen the personality traits but I’d assume that it’d mean not formal. It’s everyday talk compared to say talking like a soldier.

Though I’m happy they did away with the old system (even if I liked my renegade scars and eyes)


We are not soldiers in this one . Is a civil stuff. Ihope casual means the charming joker one… The others are lame as fuck.


Isn’t the pathfinder some sort of soldier, archaeologists, diplomat hybrid job?


I’ve seen videos of the new system and it is really interesting. Do you want some details without spoiling anything?


You and I are so alike. I would tell you " oh the story and gsmeplay and blah blah." No. Romance. I am there for that wonderful bioware romance. Okay maybe I’m lying a bit. I’ve pretty much sold my soul to bioware so I’m really excited for basically everything the game has to offer. I’ve yet to look st any teasers or info on the game because I want it to be a surprise. Fingers crossed that it will be amazing.(GIVE ME A BROODY SPACE FENRIS :heart:️ OR SPACE DORIAN)


Yes please!

So there’s no classes or level cap? Sounds perfect!

… Shadow of War… the last Naruto Storm game I missed… and Andromeda… so many games to buy…

My poor wallet.


Saaame. I just got the FF14 Stormblood expansion and decided to calculate all I’ve spent on it. Monthly subscription, shop items, expansions. I came up with 982 dollars and I’m not even mad.(that’s for 3.5 years mind you)


That’d correct the pathfinder is a mix of soldier, scientist and Explorer/guide . If I remember the briefing correctly.