Mask of the Plague Doctor - WIP [Chapter Nine is now playable]

The Dweller plotline is getting more and more intriguing! The Dweller/mysticism bits of narrative are some of my favorites – they’re wonderfully visceral and descriptive, especially mystically investigating the rats/lichen in Chapter 8.

I’m definitely more comfortable with the way the first Ioco scene plays out now, and I’m looking forward to seeing if/how it changes in the future.


Ch 9 – Subject-verb disagreement for nonbinary protagonist:

“I believe they is telling you the truth,” they say. “The doctor here is quite devoted to their work.”

Ch 9 – Missing "s:

“Especially as the first infected person we encountered turned out to have been one of our underground travelers,” you add. "Eustace may have been a tanner, but I’m convinced he caught the plague elsewhere.

Ioco scratches his bearded chin beneath his mask. “Granted, that’s something resembling a pattern,” he says.

“Your bravery could save this town,” you tell the animals, without words. "And if it does, I’ll be sure to share your tale.

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I’ve re-uploaded Chapter Nine with all the noted typos fixed (changes have been made to typos found in other chapters too, they’ll show next time I re-upload the whole lot). Thanks again to everybody spotting those!


Played the demo today, and I’m liking what I see so far. You can count on my purchase!

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Would it be possible to make a choice to keep on your mask at the mayors dinner party… it was kind of weird not having a choice to leave it on.

Edit: Like maybe the mayor bribes you to take it off? Or you get kicked out of the room?

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The demo just freezes the page at some point and starts indefinitely loading, other than that It’s pretty good

The current demo ends with “The Waiting is Torment” button.