Marvel roleplay


I love Marvel and I was thinking of now starting a roleplaying thing on it.
The rules are that the character must be an existing Marvel character and must act like that character. Dont post bios, just leave the names and search them up on Marvelpedia.
My character: Deadpool


NO!!! MINE!!!


I called it. So…MINE!


What character are you going to play as Zed?




Now i do.
My Character: Carnage


Fu**… Im screwed. Deadpool is still pretty badass though.




I call Nightcrawler!


Anyway, do you wanna start roleplaying now or wait for more people to show?


Can I change my character?


Of course.




I knew you were gonna pick that. Just knew it.


Lol, naw, I’m gonna be Carnage, but we should seriously think about limiting which chars you can be, Especially if Some Noob can just join in as GALACTUS or some other godlike char and just say, I Kill Everyone else.


That is true. NO GOD LIKE CHARACTERS ALLOWED! And OMFGGUY is Nightcrawler. We need Wolverine.


Ok, so char count so far is:
RRR: Deadpool
Me: Ga-err Carnage
OMFGG: Nightcrawler


Yup. Hopefully frozenvoid will join us.


Don’t normally play forum RPs but what the hell I’ll be Peter Parker/Spider-man :slight_smile:


Cool. We got 4 characters now. Its a start.