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Howdy y’all how y’all I thought I would start a new topic it being Supherheros. Which movie is your favorite and what would I like to see in a movie?

Avengers: Infinity War - Predictions
Black Panther (spoilers)

Released so far: The Avengers, simply because it’s the freaking Avengers. However, that has a good chance to be de-throned by Guardians of the Galaxy, which has the super-hero team thing going on, but is also looking hilarious which is more my preference when it comes to these kinds of things.

What would I like to see? Lady heroes. That’s it. Lady heroes are all it takes to get me to go see a movie. Lady villains to a lesser extent, but yeah. Also: a reduction in the amount of angst shown in these kinds of things, but that looks like it’s happening already.


I have to agree that I do want to see the odd solo female hero film which isn’t a train wreck like Elektra or Catwoman. I think Marvel Studios have strongly suggested that a Black Widow or Captain Marvel film is a possibility. Also looking forwards to Ant Man, he’s one of my favourite heroes in comics.

Guardians should be great, they’ve certainly taken the best incarnation from the comics. I tend to prefer Marvel to DC because their universe is more fun.


I enjoyed Kick Ass and its sequel (apparently I’m one of the few, based on its low box office earnings).

Daredevil has always been my favorite hero but I hated the movie. I just hope the Netflix series turns out to be a huge improvement. If I had unlimited resources I would bankroll a Daredevil movie based on the Yellow 6 part series complete with a pseudo 1950s setting.


@HornHeadFan The first Kick Ass is one of my favorite movies. The second one was just okay - definitely not as bad as most critics and viewers say, but not exactly great either.


I actually don’t have a favorite superhero movie.

Lady heroes would be nice, like She-hulk. She has to be my favorite (and probably funniest) female hero.

It’d also be nice if they made a new Ghostrider movie. I loved the comics of him.


@HornHeadFan I think the non DC and Marvel films are prone to having more niche audiences - Dredd is supposed to be a great film with a cult following yet it preformed very poorly at the box office. Same with Watchmen, despite being based on a very successful graphic novel by Alan Moore.

Looking forwards to the Netflix shows! I really hope that they give Terry Crews the chance to play Luke Cage, it’s pretty clear he loves the character. And I really hope we get the Agent Carter series with Hatley Atwell as I love her take on that role.

@bearyboo I would love to see She Hulk on film or on TV! I know that Angie Hammon of LA Law and Riozzi and Isles fame has long wanted to play her judging by interviews.


I really liked Watchmen! Kickass was awesome, Kickass 2 was okay. Of course I loved Avengers. I’m looking forward to seeing a Hulk movie with Ruffalo, despite 2 other origin restarts.

I’m a sucker for superhero movies, I even liked Elektra. :slight_smile: Absolutely loved Scott Pilgrim.

Although, this is supposed to be Marvel, so yes, Guardians of the Galaxy looks awesome.


I liked avengers also what I would like is for superhero movies to not force a serious tone on the movie but I would like to see Guardians of the galaxy


I’m really hoping with all the terrible casting and behind the scenes squabbles that the Fantastic Four rights will be returning to Marvel instead of Fox, who have till next year to release a film or lose the rights.


i would say iron man, just simply because he isn’t too op and is partially realistic. Other than jabing a white orb into your chest. I don’t recall why he did that in the first place (it has been so long since i saw that movie).

As for movies avengers, spiderman, or iron man all the way. I would love to see spiderman in the avengers. Just because i don’t think he has ever been in a co-op or whatever you would call it movie


@prototype I don’t think that gonna happen anytime soon saw trailer were the people for amazing Spider-Man 2 put Norman Osborn head in cryogenic like how there those rumor of Disney putting their creator head in cryogenic


Fox seems to be upping the ante against Marvel, Sony and DC with its X-Men and Fantastic Four movies - they’ve now confirmed that next year’s FF movie should be having a sequel in 2017, together with another Wolverine film. Also strong suggestions that alongside X-Men Apocalypse (which will be a sequel to First Class and Days of Future Past and focus on the younger Charles, Erik and Raven crew taking on the legendary X-Men villain in the 80’s) in 2016 we might get the rumoured X-Force movie (likely to have Cable in a dominant role) that year as well. They’ve also said that they intend to do a special ‘mystery project’ for 2018, suggestions of which that they are intending to do a Fantastic Four/X-Men crossover movie for that year.

Meanwhile Sony is doing at least two Amazing Spider-Man sequels for 2016 and 2018 respectively, together with spin offs for Venom and the Sinister Six during that time. DC looks likely to be having the Batman/Superman and Justice League movies back to back in 2016 and 2017 respectively, with Gal Godot having confirmed that she’s also signed up for a solo Wonder Woman movie after both of those. No doubt there might be some stuff planned for Afleck’s Batman and Carvill’s Superman and any other Justice Leaguers as well.

Coupled with the MCU’s upcoming movie roster with planned sequels for Cap and Thor and the Guardians alongside new additions like Doctor Strange, Ant Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and more, and the chance that Marvel Studios might extend to having 3 films a year, you can see how hella busy comic films are going to get in the next few years! And I didn’t even mention TV stuff like Arrow, Flash, Constainne, I-Zombie, Gotham, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Agent Carter, Agents of SHIELD and the like!


I just want marvel to get it’s act together again. Don’t let different companies take off in different directions with your products.


Well it’s not like Marvel has any choice, they sold the movie rights in the 90’s in an effort to save their company because, amazing as it sounds back then, they had gone bankrupt at one point. And over the years they have reclaimed the large majority of them - Blade, the Punisher, Daredevil, Ghost Rider and Hulk among some others. As of now, the only licences which don’t belong to Marvel studios are Spider-Man, controlled by Sony, the Fantastic Four and X-Men, controlled by Fox, and in a bit of an oddity Universal still have the rights to Namor the Submariner for a projected film which is unlikely to ever happen. Some characters are under multiple licences, hence why Quicksilver can be both in X-Men and Avenger films, abeit played by different actors.

Truthfully I think the way things are now are fine, though I don’t entirely feel that Fox knows how to handle Fantastic Four. But this way we get a series of Spider-Man films and X-Men films almost yearly, and Marvel Studios have the time to focus on less known properties. We wouldn’t get films for Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant Man, Black Panther or Doctor Strange if Marvel was able to do Spidey, FF or X-Men films because they could spend their time on them instead.


I guess that’s true… I don’t think fox is good with anything really, their whole newscast is certifiable.


So what do y’all think of the new marvel movies that have come out recently?




Kick Ass for sure. 2 is ok


Kick Ass is … Not marvel