Manually testing a game

Hello. So I hope this isn’t a stupid question. I have the scripting and formatting and syntax down, and I’m ready to start my first, basic game. But I want to know if there is a way to run my game in Firefox? In the same way the startup game does, in the /web folder. The “index” Firefox icon opens up the game and simply runs it, and I was wondering how I would generate a link to play through my game like that. Like I said, I hope this is possible and not a stupid question. Thankyou.

You can use Notepad ++, free program, click run and choose Firefox. Most use dropbox to host their WIP and then share a link.

I’m sorry, didn’t entirely get the question. So, the way I see it, do you want a link which will enable everyone to play through the game? (Assuming what you said about index).

I just recently started to make game too and luckily CSIDE came out. At start I was doing everything in notepad++ (as I’m used to do programming in work) but then tried out that IDE and its sooo great. Makes easier to managing things.


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