Making an 'easy mode' option to show consequences of choices?

I’m trying to figure out an easy way to make something show up on a choice if the player wishes it, if they don’t want to have to go through 10 different options to find what they want.

The idea is something like this-

#They enjoy the dark. Vampire

I want vampire only to show up if they choose easy mode rather than just normal. Is there a way to go about doing this rather than doubling all the choices with one just saying the consequence?

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 #@{ezmode "They enjoy the dark. [b]Vampire[/b]" | "They enjoy the dark."}

The variable “ezmode” (you can name this whatever you want) controls what text they see.

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Multireplace should be the answer.
Start by making a variable

*create cas false

Then start the game with the question if the player wants to play on regular or casual, explaining what that means and:

   #Play on regular
   #Play on casual
      *set cas true

And the have the choices like this:

   #They like the @{cas dark (Vampire)| dark}

Hope that helps.


Hang on a sec’.

   #"They enjoy the dark. @{ezmode [b]Vampire[/b]|}

There you go.


That did it! Thanks!