Making a purchase page after saving the game

If there’s a better topic for this, please move, search did not wield satisfying results.

Is it possible to have a ‘purchase this bonus’ AFTER the ‘save your game’ page.
As some may know my game will definitely have a sequel, so there’ll be a save-your-game bit in the end.
By now it’s shaping up to have an additional chapter chapter is an understatement, the thing is shaping up to be the size of a full-fledged game. whoops set years before the events of the game.
I’d like to have the bit be purchasable after the player finished the game the first time (I know THAT I can handle via achievement check) but after the save page.

So, is there a way, or would I fare better having the achievement unlock a purchase interaction once the game is restarted then?

This will most likely be something you work out in detail with your assigned editor/project manager, once you submit your game. I know there are a lot of details covered once you advance that far in the process.

Perhaps a more veteran writer than myself here will further enlighten you.

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