Making a day system, having some issues

Yeah, ran into that. I was hoping to be able to set it so if it went above a certain number it reset to 1 but I can’t seem to make it happen. I had thought this might work, but it won’t-

*if daysn > 7
    *set daysn 1

But nope, it won’t have it.

I don’t really understand what you want to do here.
What would the choices read like, for example? Would ‘choice B’ read ‘tuesday’ or as something else?

Pretty much I just want to be able to reset the variable- if it goes over 7, then the variable goes back to 1 (considering it won’t really ever +2) So as soon as it goes over 7, I want to be able to reset that same variable.

Edit: Never mind I think i figured it out (it seemed to be having it out with me trying to push it a bit further than I should have because I can’t math well.

Currently, I have it down like this-

Ignore this it was wrong

Seems to catch what I need it to.

Okay, still at least one more issue with it- if I get to 8 or 9, it doesn’t turn over until the next one (So, if it was sunday, and I daysn + 1 on it, it stays Sunday but if I +1 again it goes to Tuesday)

Edit: Got it!

*label time
*if daysn = 1
	*set days "Monday"
*if daysn = 2
	*set days "Tuesday"
*if daysn = 3
	*set days "Wednesday"
*if daysn = 4
	*set days "Thursday"
*if daysn = 5
	*set days "Friday"
*if daysn = 6
	*set days "Saturday"
*if daysn = 7
	*set days "Sunday"
*if daysn >= 7
	*set daysn 0

*if timen = 1
	*set time "Morning"
*if timen = 2
	*set time "Mid-Morning"
*if timen = 3
	*set time "Noon"
*if timen = 4
	*set time "Afternoon"
*if timen = 5
	*set time "Mid-Day"
*if timen = 6
	*set time "Evening"
*if timen = 7
	*set time "Night"
*if timen >= 7
	*set timen 0
	*set daysn + 1

So this is set that every +1 to timen changes time of day (morning/afternoon) and once it reaches 7 it’s “Night” but as soon as it’s +1 over that, it goes to morning and also goes up the next day.

uh. Neat. But why in your code it doesn’t work?

I did something like this and it worked well.

I think partly it was skipping over because Monday was set to 1 (so, setting it to 1, then +1, would make it go up two days instead).

Aside from that I’m not sure. For whatever reason instead of going up, it would instead stay (so it’s sunday, I +1, it remains sunday though. Doing another +1 changes it to Tuesday).

It would seem like it should work, I have no where near enough knowledge on coding that could say why not though.

Maybe the choicescript interpreter inplements the rules of increment in a way like …

Variable ++ only after some event. (or ++ Variable?)

I really couldn’t say. Just glad I got it working

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Try this maybe:

      *if (days !=7)
         *set days +1
         *goto next
         *set days 1
         *goto next
*gosub day_increase


*label day_increase
*if (day < 7)
  *set day +1
  *set day 1

Can’t see a reason this wouldn’t work fine.

Gave it a try to familiarise myself with *gosub and the multi-replace.
Here you go:

*temp dayN 1
*temp timeN 1
*temp dayS ""
*temp timeS ""
*comment These variables should of course be global in your project (*create, not *temp).

*gosub updateDayAndTimeStrings

*label start

It's ${dayS} ${timeS}!

	#advance day
		*gosub newDay
		*goto done
	#advance time
		*gosub newTime
		*goto done

*label done

*goto start

*finish Unreachable

*label newDay
*set timeN 1
*set dayn "@{(dayN < 7) ${dayN + 1} | 1}"
*gosub updateDayAndTimeStrings

*label newTime
*set timeN +1
*if timeN > 7
	*gosub newDay
*gosub updateDayAndTimeStrings

*label updateDayAndTimeStrings
*set dayS "@{dayN Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thrusday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday}"
*set timeS "@{timeN morning |mid-morning | noon | afternoon | mid-day | evening | night}"