Maker Help Us All (Dragon Age Discussion)


This comes over from a discussion being had on the Way Walker University thread and to keep it on track for WWU use I decided to create this. To all those involved in the discussion, you know who you are :smiley:
Plus I thought it’d be neat to be able to discuss random things without derailing an official thread. And the title idk it just seemed to fit k? ;D

NPCs you wish you could romance, but can't
Guenevere (WIP)

Big as skyrim? I will be happy, but think of finding item quests…l pray for plentiful quest hints.


Do,o arigato gozaimasu


Apparently the map will extend from the western edge of Orlais to the Eastern tip of Fereldan and its pretty easy to see that Anders and his magic nuke were to blame for the Kirkwall circle getting more or less annulled


The map is supposed to be as big as Skyrim is and if that’s true I will be forever happy


I can’t eat for it to come out so we know for sure.


Yes, but if it was morrigan, you’d think the hole would be the Eluvian itself… Anders used a magical nuke where the veil was already thin and there were already demons about.


Hmm lots to think about now…


Try looking up Plague Inc walkthrough. If I get stuck looking at the walkthrough usually helps me


I imagined you with Duncan voice now @Scrivener lol


@MaraJade if I could be compared to Duncan as you did now, my life be complete. Duncan in he short time we knew him was my favorite Grey Warden.


he had a sexy voice but i don’t know if is my favorite the ogren warden its so awesome also the worst is Carver


No matter what I did to be nice to Carver he still didn’t like me so I was like screw it ill just be an ass to him. My favorite had to be Morrigan from the non wardens and Anders for the Wardens next to Alistair. And Morrigan didn’t take nothin from anybody


he take some hot stuff from my male wardens i like awakening anders but hate the whiny da2 one its that’s stupid justice he is a great guy i always follow mages and spare his life


I actually liked Carver (then again I do have a whole mess of younger brothers, so that might have been a factor)


You like Carver??? 0-0 he even make himself templar to kill mageslike yourself if he ends alone


I can never go to helping the Templars no matter how much I want to be Viscountess. Justice annoys me a bit in DA2 I liked him better in Awakening.


templars are rapist killers faction even the cullen writer says in a interview that if the fem mage and him only could be a violently deadly intercourse before latest retcon in the epilogue of DA:o Cullen become mad and start rogue killing supposed apostates. Make someone tranquil


Carver is an ass


It’s a shame because I loved the mage in da2 but hated having to put up with caver’s shit