Maintaining a persistent session on mobile (preventing browser tabs refreshing)

Does anyone know how to make a beta testing session persistent on mobile. In other words, preventing browser tabs from refreshing when they’re still open, but not in use?

  • This seems to be replicated on safari, and chrome (for the mobile)
  • I’m testing on Dashingdon but I think this is browser related.
  • Googling the issue for chrome appears to suggest a solution, but following through the process you discover that the experimental chrome feature preventing tabs refreshing looks to no longer be available.
  • I’m currently not able to use @cjw’s save feature, and am discussing the bug preventing this with them, but it is stubborn and unlikely to solved within the testing window.
  • I can’t find similar discussion on the forum (so please direct me if I’ve missed it)

For obvious reasons, I would really appreciate this final round of testing to be easy for the testers so they can actually properly beta-test the end, but I’m struggling to make that a reality. Thank you.


Just wanted to chime in that I’m Redmi 5, and tabs do refresh once in awhile, unless you’re actively open it (actively return to it once in a while).

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Thanks, that’s helpful to know.

I think it’s not rly a surprise, knowing MIUI is descended from Android.

not an authority on this whatsoever but I actually think this might be a Dashingdon thing. When you say beta-testing, do you mean a WIP hosted on Dashingdon? Because when beta-ing games hosted on, progress in the story persists even if I get logged out of the beta, refresh the page, or close and reopen it. The only time I’ve seen a session persist on mobile has been on the official site, even demos hosted on writers’ personal sites have refreshed entirely if the tab has been inactive for long enough–in my experience, anyway.

ah and I don’t think this is just a mobile thing either. Desktop browsers keep tabs in their present state as long as a site doesn’t time out and the browser window stays open, but if I close it while playing a demo, it’s def going to start over when I start back up again. I don’t think there’s anything to be done about it on our ends?

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I believe CoG game persistence is not shared through the other avenues of testing (like Dashingdon) unless CJWs save is implemented.

CJW has suggested using this might work
*script window.storeName = “mygamename”
and I’m testing it now on mobile to see if it prevents that loss of progress during testing

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ooh ok! i hope that works, godspeed

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It’s no cure-all, but I’ve found my browser starts to reset tabs faster when the cache hasn’t been cleared for a while. Clearing it usually lets me keep my tabs as they are for a lot longer.

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That’s a case by case situation, where a lot of depends on the phone in question. How much memory it has, what OS, what rules it uses for B/G running tasks, battery charge. Newer and faster models on max performance mode may very well keep pages from refreshing while older ones don’t. Everything requires power and mobile phone manufacturers have been battling this problem and optimizing energy consumption for decades.

Speaking for Android, it uses LMKD driver for monitoring and killing tasks. You can change the priority your browser takes place on LMKD ‘to kill’ list or even outright disable it. But, that’s changing kernel-level system settings and it requires root access. In a nutshell, it’s a pain.

Sadly a save system or even testing on the desktop/laptop still remain the best option, compared to what you’re asking…

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Thanks. That’s a very helpful analysis of the issue.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work

I remember there being a built-in save system where player is presented with a chunk of obfuscated text that serves as text password you can input to load the game. That could work as a temporary clutch, I think.@Szaal, do you know if this system’s still around?

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Think I recall Guenevere using that at one point.