Okay guys, so I recently made a domain website with MaiaHost, it said I could find my root FTP login in my information email.
Well, it wasn’t there.
I looked on the help part of the website and it said:
Q: Where can I find my FTP information?
A: Your Account Information Email contains the root ftp username and password for your account. Note that the server host is your domian name and the port is 21 (standard).
But I got nothing on my information email, it was just my order number and content that I purchaced, I really don’t want to lose my money, so has anyone ever used MaiaHost here and can help me?


I would email them for clairification. It should be straight forward, or aleast it has been for the last three services I have used. Never have used MaiaHost currently with ipage.


Darn! You got my hopes up with the word “Maia”!


@Epicazeroth Seconded. Nobody will get the obscure reference in me posting this, but whatever.


I know quite a few people who would get our references.


@Epicazeroth Yessssssssss~


Mandos: “Thou hast used this word in vain and roused the wrath of the Valar!”
LOL, no. They would have to have the worst tempers ever to do that.