Magpie Court

Couldn’t play the whole demo,this error pops up when you try to get flirty with Elia(the friend) when you are both looking to the sea.

But I love the plot’s idea and cannot wait to uncover an intricate mystery while doing some sweet romancing :laughing:


I’m SO EXCITED about this premise!!! I am a deep sucker for arranged marriages in fiction.

I did not have any errors when I played through the demo. Elia is very nice, but I’m so anticipating meeting Lishan and learning more about Tanager.


Well this is interesting. The demo is short but fun, can’t wait to meet MC betrothed.

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@fool Hi! I have a question. Can the betrothed be the same gender as MC like other ROs?

P.S. Sorry if this question was already asked. Also, I’m just curious. If the gender of the betrothed is supposed to be opposed of MC for story purposes, then it’s okay. We have other ROs as well.


It says in the big post that their gender is opposite the MCs. So unless that’s changed, I’d say that’s the answer.

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