Mage Hunter Developer Diary (Demo v1.1 Updated 5/2/22)

The demo was fun! I’m interested in learning more about the characters, and I like the idea that mages are the oppressors here. To me it makes more sense than the other way around.

I was hoping to spend time with your future squad/explore the world a bit before the initiation, to get immersed in the setting. And it would make the part where you learn that the other initiates didn’t make it have more of an impact. But then again, the way it’s set up now (the initiates watching each other’s trials) works for me too, and I’m sure we’ll get opportunities for exploration in later chapters.

Oh and what culture(s) is Jubai based on? The characters seem to have a mix of Asian and European names.

Also, I found what might be a typo/inconsistency, because I’ve only seen Huntmaster used once in the demo here: (sorry, I’m a bit of a stickler for these things lmao)

At your words, Inquisitor Delgado and Hunt Master Li step ceremoniously away from Matriarch Leto’s sides. You see a glimpse of Huntmaster Li’s mouth, and his normally jovial smile is missing.

Thanks for your feedback! The world and characters definitely get explored in further chapters. Maybe there will be an opportunity for a flashback to the initiate days later though, I’ll keep that in mind.

The name for Jubai is actually adapted from a city nearby where I live haha. I wanted to bring less traditional names and cultural elements in to get away from the traditional British medieval setting that dominates fantasy. So, the names and settings have a lot of influence from the regions where I’ve lived, like China/Taiwan, India, Central America, etc. There are actually some historical influences in the world too. The royalty of Jubai once had Chinese influence, the people of the city often have Spanish and Indian influence, and the mages have Nordic influence. But, these aren’t analogous to real world cultures and politics, I have just drawn on them to create the flavor and culture of the kingdom so please don’t read too much into them haha.

And thank you for catching that typo! If you see mistakes I definitely appreciate if you point it out.


God damn it you make me right character is based off of historian or legends that’s from material Hassan is the person I came up with the name the old man of the mountain Pretty much made The 1st assassins in history But I gotta say how you came for the story made me very interested and how I want to make my character based off

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That sounds interesting! I look forward to reading more about those influences in the game. I think writing fictional societies that are a fusion of real-world cultures is fine, as long as it’s done respectfully and not in a one-dimensional way if that makes sense. But this is just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt.

I asked the question because I saw Dewi was one of the choices for the PC’s name, and I immediately recognised it as Indonesian xD

No worries!

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That’s great! It’s cool that someone caught that. Dewi is the unofficial main character that I usually imagine when I’m writing this - a Dutch-Indonesian woman in her early 20’s. But culturally she is from the capital city of the Kingdom of Jubai and the subculture of mage hunters. I just want to create something where players have choices outside of European white male, so if you or anyone spot somewhere I’m doing that, feedback is more than welcome.

It’s pretty difficult to create a fantasy culture, especially when most fantasy has the main white race and then very distinct other cultures like orcs or Dothraki. A more realistic and less problematic culture in my opinion reflects the multicultural metropolises of the real world where histories meet and mix. I’ve been trying to think about what kind of architecture, clothing, etc. people have while avoiding cliches and stereotypes. I’m not saying I’ve done a good job, but that is my goal.