Mafia (Role play)


Rules: godmodleding unless given permission by me.
2. You die you must rest if your a don you must pass on faimly.
3.must get permission from me to start a mafia and must come up with name.
4. Guns must fit with year as well as your bussiness.
5. Swears must be censord.
6. Once a mafias leader has been killed 3 times (unless given right by me) has to break up.

Starting year is 1930.
Place is new York
1st mafia is The Gambinios (Run by me)


Can I Start A Mob?


Very strictly controlled by you. Also, I don’t understand 1, 2, and the second part of 4. Also, can I start a mob?


Can I be a hired gun?


I’ll be the Elliot Ness styled cop who ends up getting fired and becomes a bodyguard! "mobsters, " Person McPersonson said as he took out his pistol, shooting dead the armed driver of a supped model T, “f*****g mobsters.”


Henry, you sure you thought this through? We need the law enforcement somewhere, trying futilely to stop crime.


@Person & Frozenvoid im persons ex partner. distraught at his betrayal with a vendetta (no reference) against crime


“what the hell do you mean I’m fired, that man killed TWO officers!” Person screamed at the chief.
“That didn’t give you the right to shoot him!”
“those cops had wives, one had a four year old son! That scumbag didnt deserve the law!”
“Get off my a** or I’ll kick you out of here!”
Person took out his pistol and shoots the chief in the arm
“Careful, next time I might miss.” Person said as he is calmly being pulled away by a large cop.


I am a hired gun(by the law and not by it)


Finds out judge is corrupt, threatens judge’s life, gets freed
Walks into Henry’s base of operations and proceeds to shoot one of the guards,
“looks like you’ll need a new bodyguard”


Anyone need a hired gun?(Kill defend anything but keep alive-capture)


is person doing his background story? Or are we prematurely starting the rp without any idea of the time we start and end?


Backstory, though I am letting Henry chose on wether to keep me or not.


Why Don’t u just PM Your Backstory to him


I am a not wanted by the law and is defend by them some times becouse of some people I toke down some gangs do the same.


Okay gusse I’ll make this clear you can chose mafia or cops, I ment like its the 1930s beer smuggling and tommy guns, year will be updated every other week @Zed can you help run this role play no one needs to ask for rights to a mafia just follow all other rules as more peeps want or join I’ll appoint other peeps to help mange it but for now @Zed and me are going to keep an eye on things, PM me your back story if you have one. -walks up to @Person puts gun to his head and fires gun and makes sure bullet lands in the wall above person.- @Person I’ll let you do what you want get in my way and you’ll end up in a river.


The games on @Person pm
Your back story.


So can I be a hired gun?(I will do anything to help others if the price is right)


I then press the trigger to the bomb in the base of a series of local rival gangs, killing them all, “there’s your Christmas present.”


Matthew relizes the City has gone to crap and moves to Europe