Mafia game?


Okay I’m been getting used to choice srcipt and still am, but I’ve set my mind on a mafia game @zed I’d be glad to hear your feed back on this. Let the suggustens begin! Noted options of places

  1. Frlodia
  2. New York

Years option

  1. 1930-1950
  2. 1940-1960
  3. 1990-2015

Thanks guys! ~O)


I believe there is already a gangster style game in the works for the 1920s -1930s. I would really like to see a modern day mafia game or even a spy story during present time or the cold war.


@mattnoles I think I’ll do a modern but an ideas and cold war I can probly do but this first.



Well glad to see you going with an interesting setting. Looking forward to seeing some of it coded and written.

Also give my game ‘Legions of Rome’ a look if you don’t mind.


Why my Feedback?
Also as @mattnoles said, there’s also a Mafia game being created: Vendetta:Rise of a Gangster by @Vendetta.


@Zed cuz your an smart person and seem to want to take over the world that makes us rivals for the controll of the earth! >:/
And @mattnoles thanks I’m busy in school so may take time. ~O)


I would prefer 1990-2015


Yeah, a more modern one would be cool, maybe have it be the rebuilding of the mafia


Okay time set any thing you want to see in the game weapons and such?


Go crazy


Of instead going like modern day mafia, go all sci-fi about it? Mafia of future, laser guns and stuff.


Yeah, unliscened cyborg parts, robot prostitutes, illegal alien moving (litterally!)


Dear God Please don’t let people screw up The Mafia In Games. [-O<
I’m Sorry if i sound mean, it’s just unless there’s a VERY, VERY good story behind the game or at least be very historically accurate it won’t make me believe it’s a mafia game or that i’m playing as a Mafia-Type Character.


@Zed i’ll keep it smart but when it’s deamend i do it i’ll chat you betas so you can see if it’d be good.


@mattnolse what you use to support choice script @Zed you to my old labtop had one but it went dead. ~O)



What do I us to support it? As in run it or write it?


@mattnoles Run it.


I run it with Internet Explorer. I find the Firefox gives garbled error responses.

And will you get a chance to do the review tonight?


@mattnoles thanks, i ment wirte it sorry and not yet got shool tommrow but after i’ll type it up. ~O)



It’s all right and why were you curious about what i ran my game with?