Mabelin and the Demon Trials (conventional novelette) [NOW AVAILABLE]


EDIT (3 June 2015): Mabelin and the Demon Trials is now available in its entirety for $1.99! Not only that, but you can read the first 30% for FREE.

Mabelin is a demon huntress, a fighter of evil and a natural enemy of demons. In a twisted display of irony, a demon appears and destroys her village. Determined to avenge her shattered home, the huntress embarks on a perilous journey alongside her boggart apprentice, Beckham.

Along the way, she faces many enemies, including a vampire, a goblin, witches, bandits, a necromancer, an ogre, and a troll. During her journey, she finds herself in the city of Lorden, where she is able to regain her strength, forge new alliances, and even consider the prospect of romance. However, her Netherworldian foe is always looming.

The story is available through over a dozen retailers on smart phones, computers, and tablets. You can get your copy on Smashwords by following this link:

Alternatively, you can search it up on your preferred online platform and download it from there. These platforms include Apple, Baker & Taylor Blio, Baker-Taylor Axis360, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Flipkart, Kobo, Library Direct, OverDrive, Oyster, Page Foundry, Scribd, Sony, and txtr. Once the book has sold 2,000 copies overall, it will also be available on Amazon.

As always, shares and good reviews are greatly appreciated!


That would be great. Good luck, Samuel!


Thanks! :slight_smile: I’ll post updates as progress begins to happen.


Sounds like a great idea. Anything that extends your name and gets you new readers can’t hurt.


Exactly. :slight_smile: I saw @JimD doing something similar, so it gave me the idea to do this. Since interactive fiction is a niche market, hopefully publishing a conventional novel version of my stories will help me gain exposure.


Jim has really put the rest of us to shame with his self publicity work. Maybe I will try and take a leaf out of his book once I have obsessively updated Zombien 20 more times, and am roughly happy with it…

Random thought. I don’t know how your art skills are, but it seems to me that TotDH or similar stories would translate really well to an e-comic… I think there are lots of tools for making them easy to make these days. Also you could really string the story out in comic form. Would keep interest going for a lot longer.


That would be very cool. The most I can do, artistically, though, is draw something vaguely resembling stick figures. xD I could hire an artist (as I did for the illustrations in DAM) but that would cost thousands for a comic. Maybe if I ever get a movie deal or something. ;_;


That’s a shame. Mine are similar or I would offer to help out. Maybe you could find a comic artist and offer to split the profits 50/50 if they help out? There have got to be plenty of starving artists out there…


Oh, right. That definitely seems like a better deal. After all, the art is actually most of what a comic is, anyways. xD They’d practically be a co-author.


Congrats! It sounds like a good plan.


I’m glad you think so! And what’s cool is that there are usually free demos on e-books. (You get to read 10% without paying, I believe.)


Hmm, I have never read Trial of the Demon Hunter myself (I know, I’m a horrible person) but this does sound wuite interesting.


Haha. xD Thanks. You could always check out the demo. There have been about a million updates to TotDH, (bug fixes, substantive editing, improved character interaction, achievements, and new content) so you might enjoy it more now than when it was initially released. Plus, Volume Two is coming out soon.


Are you going to let people choose what paths your protagonist takes Like @JimD did?


Probably not. I thought about it, but I figured I could just do that myself, mainly because it would be faster and I also know what happens later in the series, so I have a better perspective on it.


After some useful advice from @DSeg, I’ve decided to go through Smashwords, an e-book publisher, and coincidentally, the ones who published the conventional novel version of Seven Bullets. Not only will going through Smashwords be more credible for me, but they end up publishing works to so many platforms, including iBooks and Barnes and Noble. I’ve edited the first post in accordance with this update.

Okay, everyone. I was browsing Smashwords, and it looks like authors are allowed to choose the price of their titles! I can choose between giving it away for free, choosing the price, and letting my readers choose the price on an individual basis. I won’t be giving it away for free, but I am considering allowing readers to choose the price. Although I might get less money from this, (because, inevitably, most readers would decide to buy it for a very small price, considering that it’s a bargain for them) I would probably gain more exposure from it. So, what do you think is the best option?

1.) Sell it for $1
2.) Sell it for $2
3.) Let readers decide how much to buy it for


How does the “let them decide” option work?

Do they decide before or after reading it? Is it like a voluntary donation after they finish it?


There’s a free demo, and you get to read the entire book if you purchase it, so I think that would occur at the end of the demo. Awesomely enough, the author also gets to choose where the demo ends. The site seems to be a little vague on that, though, so maybe I’m wrong. If it does happen at the end of the book, I’d assume you’d have to at least give a small payment.

Progress on “Huntress” is going very well; I still plan to submit it sometime this month. What’s really cool about Smashwords is that they leave a lot of the choices up to the author. I get to decide the release date, how big the demo is, and the price of the book. Unless something changes, I’ve decided that I’ll end the demo at about 30% of the way through, which should be where you first meet Lord Sarrivan the vampire, and I’m going to price the book at $1.50.

Finally, I’m going to put Huntress on pre-order for a month after I’ve submitted it. That way, it will get released on all the platforms at the same time. Plus, all the pre-release sales that have accumulated will count for the initial release’s chart rankings! Best of all, you can still read the demo (which will be about thirty pages) while it’s available for pre-order.


I was thinking about it, and I decided that it would be better if I differentiated Demons Among Men (the interactive series) and its conventional novel series counterpart by giving them separate titles. So for this series, I won’t be using the name Demons Among Men, and I’m going to change all of the individual titles. Instead of this:

Trial of the Demon Huntress
Transitions of Power
Silence of the Wicked

the titles will be:

Maybeline and the Demon Trials
Maybeline and the Enigmatic Wizard
Maybeline and the Netherworldian Curse


Just so I can ruin the name for everyone, Maybeline makes me think of that brand of makeup in the commercials.

Now everyone who reads this post will be unable to read the novel without recalling said commercial.

Sorry Sam. Couldn’t resist.


@Lord_Zant Already there, unfortunately. Every time I see the topic title, my brain is all “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybeline.”