M.O.R.E. - Master of Orion 2 successor


Yes, we dare to say that.

Right now we develop our game for almost 2 years, preparing to relase our first playable pre-alpha version. Also we are now conducting our kickstarter campaign to raise our budget. You can check our short (4 minutes) video presentation here:

or first of eight of our update longer gameplay videos:

For more information, I invite you to visit our project website on kickstarter:

We have now, over 34% of our goal and we still have 47 more days to go, but we still need your support! The more we can raise our budget, the better game we will be able to create.

Idea-L-Center Team.

p.s. We think that many people who likes hard choices can be interested in our project. If this post is in bad cattegory, please move it and delete this info.


Term did you make an account just for this? Not to be mean but after 10 min of joining you posted this. Also not to be mean again but most people here like interactive novels not sure if this is but pictures don’t look like it


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Oh, we are sorry if it’s agains forum rules. If so, please move or delete our post.
We are only trying to inform people about our project… and it’s also some kind of space opera style game.
Sorry for any trouble.


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What sort of hard choices are in the game?

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Thank you for moving this post in proper place.

We have different kind of choices during game. At first you have to create a race (or choose from pre-defined) which will be good for your gameplay style. You can be race which will be starting wars, or you can be race which strong point is science, diplomacy, espionage, production, etc. You’ve to come up with a strategy to beat you opponent.

Then you have to choose direction of your expansion, inventions on which scientists will work, and start to create your unbeatable empire.

Also diplomacy will have it hard choices. Like in no other games, you’ll have karma value and every decision during talk with alien ambassador may spoil or improve your diplomatic relationships.


One thing that every single 4x game always fails at, is diplomacy. And that’s no big wonder when you establish contact with them and get to speak to their highest leader from the start, and there’s no other faction within that race’s culture you can deal with. And at any rate, all you can do is declare war, make an alliance or trade for resources and research. That is something you ought to look at changing.

Secondly, the AI always sucks. There’s always one race that grows exponentially and ends up wiping out every other at late game, and unless you are that race or are allied with them you end up losing. Not everyone is going to get along, but war usually doesn’t wipe out entire species. You never see any refugees or anything, they’re always gone forever. Anyways, just my two cent’s worth.


Yes, we hate diplomacy in other 4x games too. So… we were thinking how to change this, so it won’t be like excel spreadsheet. We want to introduce some small talks and 1st encounter mini game… so you may start your diplomatic relations in good or bad mood. As I mentioned before we will have karma in our game… so, if you’ll be starting wars all the time… your won’t be trustworthy. Also we have small team of people which are helping us to develop our diplomacy and omnipedia text. … and they are great sometimes! I’ll post here in a minute 1 paragraph from it.

Also as for alliances we’ve some ideas. We hate this when you made an alliance, and you were only one to make battles with opponent. In our game, if 1 empire will grow too much (like for example Dominion in Star Trek), other factions will be more likely to unite against etc.

If you are interested, just keep an eye on our next video updates we’ll post on Kickstarter, and if you find our project attracitve, you’ll be welcomed to support us.


Biological description:

Hvalurs are open space dwelling creatures. Due to their pluricellular origin they have very complex and unusual anatomy. This is how a Terran commercial freighter pilot describes his first encounter with Hvalurs near a mining operation in the Kuiper belt:

Pilot §: Control, this is transporter ‘Sulaco’ hauling cargo from mining operation on W-359. I have something unusual to report. Over.
Control ©: This is Control, go ahead ‘Sulaco’. Over.
P: We took the scenic route along the belt to scan for new Thorium deposits and picked up this agglomerate of small asteroids that appear to be connected to each other by some sort of lines or something. Do you have any info about engineering activity in this sector, cause sure as hell we don’t? Over.
C: That’s a negative ‘Sulaco’. This sector is clear of any scheduled prospecting activities. Hold the channel open ‘Sulaco’ I’m going to run this by the old man. Over.
P: Holding on Central. Be advised that we are in fly-by trajectory and can have a closer look. Awaiting instructions. Over.
C: ‘Sulaco’ you’ve got the olds’ man attention. Continue on your approach with caution and report once you get the visual on this object. It could be some unmapped debris. Over.
P: Central, we are about 50 klicks from the object and the telemetry reads that it’s about 25 klicks long and 15 klicks wide with seven… no nine asteroids clumped all together. We have high-res visual coming on screen as we speak… What the f… is this thing?
C:’Sulaco’ please report on the visuals, must be some loose debris. Over.
P: You are not going to believe this! There some structure on surface, like domes or something, spherical, definitely not rock outcrops, way too regular… and these tethers are twisted in such a way that they can’t be anything that we use here. More like… a… tree branches…but interconnected between each other. There is more! The hig- res shows that the asteroids surface has a regular micro topography! It appears to be covered with something translucent… we can see the rock beneath! This is amazing!
C:’Sulaco’ what’s the objects trajectory? Over.
P: Central. Object is moving away from the belt. Sending trajectory data now… holy f… it’s decelerating! Johnny, run a bio scan! Yes, now you moron!
P: It’s organic! The scan results are all over the place! The object is now about 45 kilcks from our position and stationary, I think we better report this to the……
C: ‘Sulaco’ what’s your status? Over.
P: It started emitting light! Flashes of different frequency and across the entire spectrum! Central we are out of here! Better get the old man on the horn to the Command asap!