Lyanna in Harrenhal (ASOIAF fangame, demo)

Hello! It’s Seri, who is bringing you my 3rd Choicescript A Song of Ice and Fire fangame!

So, let me say the obvious first: the setting, characters, etc. all belong to George R. R. Martin. This game is spoilery so don’t play it unless you have read the books / watch the show / or simply don’t mind being spoiled.

Lyanna in Harrenhal is set in the year of false spring, starting at the tourney of Harrenhal. The game follows the journey of Lyanna Stark, the she-wolf of Winterfell, showing her adventures both canon and non-canon.

The current game is a demo that contains more than half of the first arc (out of 4 arcs), covering the ten days Lyanna spent in Harrenhal, with 5 ‘Wrong Ends’ you can get.

The full game will contain 4 arcs of entirely different content, which you can only find through entering passwords and replaying the game.

On romance, there’s no romance in the demo but there will be one and only one RO in the full game.

Some features of the demo include:

-Meet royalties, the prettiest lady of the realm, stag lords, and a crannogman.
-Spend time with your family and help them to solve the problem they face.
-Watch jousts, melees, and participate in a duel yourself.
-Dying. Or not.

Current word count: 30k+

Try it out at: The WiP located in the Adult category.


Love it. Looking forward to it.

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Hmm. So far, the demo is pretty enjoyable to follow, even though some of the Bad Ends come across as a little arbitrary. Definitely liked it.

I do wonder though, does it all lead to the requried canon ending, or will there be ways to throw a spanner in the works at some point (by other means than dying early)?


Well, the wrong ends are there for a reason, and some of them are more important than others.

There will be three normal endings and one true ending.

It’s awesome to see a book-inspired ASOIAF project out here. I have read part of it but haven’t finished yet. This story brings me the melancholic feelings I get from the books and lore so I commend you for that. I also like how everything does not seem empty, like the show was wont to do. Looking forward to seeing more.

Thanks. I always write fanfic based on the original and we all know how the show was. I did aim to be better than the worst fanfics.


As a huge fan of GOT, I’m loving every bit of this. I hope to see more of this because you got my attention.

What are the other two

Thanks! I’ll try to finish the game within… the next few years I guess.

Detective Joffrey in Winterfell:


I clicked on it and it said the page either doesn’t exist or is private.

You might have to enable adult content to see it.

Can you explain that to me?

If you read the forum’s FAQ, you should see a mention of adult content and a link to join the adult readers group.

I love your 3 fanfics, Detective Joffrey is my favorite < 3

Did you consider theories like “Southron Ambitions”, “The Harrenhal Conspiracy”, etc. Or not?
Is the answer some form of spoiler?

Only one RO? Obviously is the first of his name, the rightful King, the King who cared: Stannis “the Mannis” Baratheon. :grin: Ok, no…

Ps. Sorry for any grammar mistake.

Aww thanks! I have a sequel for Detective Joff planned, but I will have to finish this one first.

I’m aware of those theories, yes.

If you like some Stannis/Lyanna, I’ll recommend Wounds to you. It’s a good fic. As for this game… well the main RO is actually quite obvious I’ll say, but we’re not there yet.

Nah it’s fine. I’m no Stannis myself.

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Okay, I’ll like to announce that the game has been updated with all of arc 1 (you can finally get to a non-bad ending). However, with the newest update it is no longer all-age (though what was described in the game is very tame).

The adult section thread is here:

See ya!