Lux: City of Secrets - Book 3 of The Evertree Saga by Thom Baylay

I really enjoy this series. And this WIP looks just as good as Sordwin. But really I came into this thread to make an argument for Polly as best character, she’s been with you since the start. Your truest companion.

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I tried for the first time the Orian romance and I’m SOFT. I dont know why I waited so long to try it.
I honestly cant wait for Lux, those games are just amazing


You mean our pony? (Is that one of the options? I can’t remember)

My main MC has a temperamental pony named “Pepper”
My other MC couldn’t care less about the pony she got, only naming her “Pony” at Leah’s insistence

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Update! I have now finished Chapter 2! Which doesn’t sound like much but because of the modular design of this story, it means I’ve also written huge portions of Chapter 3 as well and maybe even some Chapter 4 & 5. Because of the behemoth size of this book, there’s still no confirmed submission deadline but this is a big step and I hope means I’m still on track for a 2020 finish :smiley:

@LynxTheElf Thank you for keeping the thread going and great question! I love the details people add to their characters outside. It makes it feel that much more real when readers create their own character history.

@riverleafing Wow! That is such a Daisy expression! I love the angry face and defensive arm around the stomach but also the more tender hand on Kylea’s arm.
I wonder what’s on her mind…

@Lycantrophy Welcome! I’m so glad Lux was able to bring you out of the shadows :slight_smile: Thank you for supporting the series.

@Ariane.L I hope you enjoy the developments in the next book. I’m having a lot of fun writing all the different ways O might feel about the MC in Lux, romantic or otherwise :smirk:

@CottonWolf If you do mean the pony then yes, I agree :smile: I can confirm that Pony can feature quite a bit in Chapter 2 (or not at all. The amount of choice in this game basically means there are no spoilers :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yeah. The pony. I was extremely tickled that you can say you’re going after the end “boss” of Evertree for it, and then you can say that meeting it is your most treasured memory in Sordwin.


Congrats! I know it’s really hard to write a story (it’s 10x harder when it’s a choose your path.) Finishing a chapter is huge, especially when one chapter of this game equals that of 5 chapters in a regular book. Thank you for having this much dedication to your work so we can enjoy it all the more, and remember to take breaks, and don’t overwork yourself.


It’s great news! I am really looking forward to this work!

On a side note, considering this,

*if race = “dwarf”
Being a dwarf and therefore exceptionally good at holding your liquor, you needn’t worry about the adverse effects of alcohol consumption tonight.

and this,

*selectable_if (gold >=2) #Spirits—If memory serves they keep the strong stuff behind the counter. (Gold: 2)
*set gold -2
*if race = "dwarf"
*set energy -5

I think you intended the bolded line to be this.

if race != “dwarf”

I will eagerly wait for the official release!

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Updated photo above! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m looking forward to hearing what Daisy’s thinking too, @ThomB !

Weird that I expect pain & love moments?


When I read the demo I kinda got a vampire vibe from luca. I dont know if its just me but when you were talking to him and ask something about waiting he replies with something like “you have no idea”. (Plus he wears a cape and ALL vampires wear capes)


Only the obvious cliché vampires wear capes but not all of them. Also, I don’t know how his reply makes you think he’s a vampire ? I need more context of the situation to understand that conclusion .Besides that I can definitely understand the vampire vibes you get from him.


Hello! I found out just last week that the excellent Evertree Inn had a sequel, and that a third was in the works! I had to buy Sordwin immediately, of course!

I was very glad to see Daisy return in book 2, and again in the Lux demo. I’m hoping for plenty of substantive content with Daisy/book 1 ROs in general! She’s ever so fancy and I hope we get to learn more about her and that the game continues to develop her personality.

Anyway, I’ve a couple of questions if that’s alright:

  1. I finally noticed the Peacemaker profession, which I guess was a book 1 reward that first appeared in Sordwin. What’s the intent of that profession? The book with the jobs represents it as sort of an elitist profession associated with the nobility, but the demo portrays it as trying to help the little guy. Is it supposed to be one or the other, both, or neither? I’m asking because I like talky characters, but I also really like playing nobles (and alas, nobility is not an option for a profession.)

  2. Similarly, I noticed priest/priestess is a new profession and can be keyed to your skills and affinity for each of the gods. How varied is that going to be? Is it meaningfully different to go with the crusading god (forget his name) vs Yla, the magic goddess? I ask bc I’ve been a war mage, but I am also very intrigued by Yla.

  3. Is there a chance on startup we could revisit our weapon boon from book 2 when importing a character? I ask because it’s a very late game decision and I could see myself wanting to experiment with different weapons without wanting to revisit every other decision. (Or is the difference just a small combat bonus and largely cosmetic otherwise? I noticed the guard commenting on it, which I liked to see).


Noticed a small typo