Lumen Homestead (WIP)

Hi Guys.
I’ve been an avid reader of Choice of Games for a long while now and I think i would finally want to share my story and game with you all. English is not my first language so feel free to point out any mistakes or if a scene doesn’t make sense at all.
This will just be a side hobby of mine so expect the progress to be super slow as I’m still a student in university.
Right now the story is in it very bare bones state as i’m still trying to figure out the pacing and how the story will go.

This will be a gender-locked game with exclusive gay only romance options.

Romance is optional and you can pursue friendship with the RO’s instead


“You’ve always dreamed of having your very own farm. Looking through sites in the internet for a piece of land for sale, you came across an ad that advertises a mysterious small town called “Loneharv” You immediately quit your daytime job and packed your stuff to move to the town and pursue your lifetime dream. But when you arrived at the town you were greeted by a talking animal?

Romance Options
  • Wulfric - is from an anthropomorphic race called the “Wolfkind.” They originate from the place called “Wealdharv." Impulsive, and savage but with a stout loyalty. They come in packs and will do anything to protect their home and the ones they love. Wulfric is both loyal and cold. He will stand by you through anything…if you gain his undying trust.
  • Magnus - Hailing from the lands of “Metere” his kind are the hardiest anthro-race called “Bovinekind.” Their quiet, lawful demeanor and immense strength makes them good farmhand. Magnus’ quiet and reserved attitude is like the calm before the storm.
  • Dirk - Dirk is your cheerful assistant in farm that is from the race “Caniskind”. They are the most dependable, honest race with a positive outlook in life. Behind this easygoing attitude lies a longing heart.
  • Hawke - aloof and uncaring are few of the personalities of the “Aviankind” which is Hawke’s race. His cruel disposition pushes everyone away from him. Can you melt his icy heart?
About the Romance
  • I will integrate a top or bottom factor when you are trying to romance the four RO’s. It means you can take the dominant role or the submissive. There will only be four RO’s in this game as I really wanna go in depth with their personalities, the way they treat you, the way you treat them and the way you treat the other three.
  • All of the four RO’s lives in your farm and works for you so it is up to you how you will manage your time with each of them and how you will help them succeed their role in your homestead.
  • Updated the full Prologue

Updated Demo

I would love it for you guys to send some feed backs. Thanks guys :blush:


Seems like this could be pretty interesting. The moving to a farm part gives me a bit of a Harvest Moon vibe. Didn’t notice any major grammatical errors or anything so nice job on that. I think I’ll be watching this one for updates, best of luck on the writing!

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I get an infinite loop at this part. Is this the end of the demo?


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Thank you! That’s the vibe i’m trying to aim for.

@Vashnik Yeah it is a very small demo as i just wanted to present something and to get feed backs for my writing.


hehe, i love this already :heart_eyes:


You had my curiosity and now you have my undivided attention.

Reading the summary of the two characters… I’m in love with them already, I can’t wait to see what you do with Dirk (the homestuck nerd in me flipped out about that name) and Hawke (and the dragon age nerd did the same thing lmao)


Thank you! I actually got the name Hawke from our very handsome Dragon Age 2 protagonist haha. And i usually love thinking about names because they carry the whole personality of a person.


Glad to hear that I have rather fond memories of those games so if you’re going to try and emulate that feeling at least in part then you’ve got me all on board. Also pretty interested to see what you’ll be doing with the RO’s and the supernatural elements. Basically, in spite of being rather short I’m pretty intrigued to see where you’ll go with this.

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Is it bad that I am most interested in the Dom/Sub options? Wink wonk :wink:


Oh im sure a lot more people will be as well, also I would like to say that this seems pretty interesting and would love to see more of it and what you might do with it

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I like it

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Hi it seems interesting looking at the sumarry. I love farming. I haven’t read your book yet.

I wanted to ask a question first.
Can we avoid romancing the ROs?

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Hmm. I haven’t really thought about that since the book revolves around romance but I’ll be putting friendship paths for them then. Thanks for the suggestion :blush:

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Oh! That would be great i will read when the friendship path is donne so i will keep an eye on it. good luck :slight_smile: