Love♡Verse (chapter 2 added! ^_^)

Ok, thank you for answering! I will wait for the next update. :grin::+1:

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I’ve pretty much rejected everyone so far although I did go to the restaurant to meet Tris which was interesting. Can’t wait to see where the story goes from here though. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! You won’t have to wait long; chapter 2 is coming soon! :slight_smile:


Most curious about Beau (my version of the customizable ro), Julian and our resident athlete, Leon myself.

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I’m absolutely feral for soulmate AUs with a subversive element. How did I not find this WIP sooner? sinks teeth in

First impressions:

  • The game title and the fact that this phenomenon is called “The Urge” do contrast a little with the otherwise very French-leaning presentation of the game.

  • Why does Julia(n) not know our name but is aware that the café is ours (“You have the cafe to maintain so I understand why you couldn’t travel”)? If that wasn’t included to make us suspicious, then I’m sorry to say: I’m suspicious. Do they want me only for my barista money?

  • Although I’m a huge fan of romance, I’d actually love it if you could be (and remain) aro in this game. Especially after Julia(n)'s “How can this be? Everyone has the Urge, right? And I know that it’s you for me, don’t you feel it too?” :joy:

  • “A questionable meeting with a complete stranger.” Not to mention:

Dans Le Noir? Isn’t it that spooky restaurant where the visitors dine in complete darkness? As if it wasn’t an unsettling enough experience on its own, this stranger seriously suggests you meet them there? And what’s with that signature?!

I can already see who will be the mess of a RO I’m gladly chaining myself to this time. :eyes:

  • I love that you can recommend hot chocolate and tea to your customer. And that you offer us a long list of tea options. :raised_hands:

  • The note about the black background switch is funny as hell.

  • I wish the goth / bad-life-decisions-making MCs among us could be more excited about the dark restaurant.

  • T calling the MC by their surname. I’m officially enamored. :cupid:

  • Where did T get the MC’s number to call them? I’m still enamored but also suspicious.

  • Black suit and leather gloves? You’re really baiting me with your ROs here.

  • So, Beau has been at the café all day to watch the MC? Cree-py. But considering that I gladly went to that dark restaurant, I can’t really say that “creepy” is a turn-off. :sunglasses:

  • I wish the MC could be a little more weirded out when talking with Noel(le). Being propositioned by multiple people on one day because of something they do not even experience and are thus unable to relate to? I’d like it if we were able to express more reluctance without automatically having to switch to an extreme like “I don’t want any of them”. Personally, I’d probably be like, “Well, if none of them kills me during my sleep tonight, I will try to remain open to whatever shit life decides to fling at me tomorrow.”

  • It seems weird that Noel(le) is our good friend but we have never seemed to ask them before about the object of their Urge or what it feels like.

Last but not least: Interesting premise. I’m excited to see what you’ll do with Tris(tan), Beau, and Noel(le).


Good point, although I think that line could be interpreted as them saying that the MC is busy working at a cafe, not necessarily being the owner of it.

But you’re right, Julia/n wouldn’t know that the MC is the owner.

There will probably be a way to not end up with anyone, but making an aro character in a story like this would be a bit too pointless, I think. :sweat_smile:

That’s a great suggestion; I’ll make sure to include that! :slightly_smiling_face:

That will be explained in chapter 2 :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re right, that’s something I’ll make sure to include as well! :+1:

Good point. Might need to add a line of narration about that :sweat_smile:

Thank you! :blush:


Didn’t interpret it that way because Julia(n) specifically said that the MC “couldn’t travel”. As an ordinary barista, the MC should be able to take time off for traveling if they wanted to. It would only be different if they owned the place. That’s why it sounded to me as if Julia(n) knew more than they were letting on.

Thank you for your reply! I’m excited to let my goth flag fly. :black_heart:


Chapter 2 is live! I’ve also added a few minor changes to the first chapter (and I recommend replaying it so that everything in the second chapter works properly) :blush:

Chapter 2 thingies

“planes”, not “plains”. Also, this woman is an AMATEUR if she can’t sleep in trains and planes.

Snerk, “spacedeer”.

“sorts of situations”

“Paris” is a singular, s-ending word, so the possessive is “Paris’s”, not “Paris’”

HAH! Called it!

Pronoun error; I’m playing with Tris, so this should be “how she can be”



Quick question why isn’t noelle in the relationship bar?


@JBento Thanks for spotting these! :blush:

Not necessarily, some people just physically can’t do that on planes. I know a few people like that :pensive:

That said, Julia/n is indeed not a very well-traveled person. Them going to Paris is their first time ever visiting Europe :grinning:

That one is intentional :wink:

Good point! :smiley:

Congratulations! :clap: :partying_face:

Good catch! :+1:

Had to do it to y’all :sweat_smile:

@Fenrir1 They will be added to it in chapter 3 :blush:


Some gender weirdness with Julian here:

“Well, I needed to make sure I can communicate with my true love!” he smiles. “Well, I needed to make sure I can communicate with my true love!” she smiles.

“Not exactly,” Julia Julian corrects you politely, “I took an overnight bus there from Fresno, which is where I’m from, then it was a ten hour flight to London, then a train to Calais… then another train to Paris…” he recounts his travels on his fingers, “Then, finally, I walked from Gare du Nord to your beautiful cafe!” he concludes with delight.

Aww…poor Beau. :hugs: He really is pretty, dangerous and clever. :heart_eyes_cat:

Still like Julian and Leon too. Why do I get the feeling my mc would have eventually ended up with Leon, without the whole urge thing. :sweat_smile:

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Chapter 1:

  • If you are excited about the darkness, it feels weird to get the option “Admit you find the darkness unbearable…” shortly afterwards.

Chapter 2:

  • Seems like I’m on a good way to becoming a sugar baby. Not that I particularly mind. :joy:

  • Could the MC feel that something’s off about their landlord because they recognize the voice from somewhere despite never having spoken to T before?


@idonotlikeusernames Thank you, I fixed them now! :blush:

Yes, there should be another option; I’ve fixed the issue now.

Sorry, I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Are saying the MC should be able to recognize Tris/tan’s voice? :thinking:


Not necessarily. If you don’t think it fits, don’t add it. However, some people with a good echoic memory might remember the voice from somewhere and try to place it. And in that dark restaurant, the focus was on auditory information alone without anything else to distract you from T’s voice. That said: I honestly don’t think that it’s an option the game needs to work. :sweat_smile:


I just finished reading chapter two, and WHAT!? Honestly fun to read and cant wait for chapter three

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Ah, fair enough. I think the MC has probably never heard Tris/tan speak before as the previous owner would always talk to them either outside or in their little “office” room. :sweat_smile:

Thank you! :blush:


cliffhanger ending…


(however I am loving this update and loving Julia and Noelle)


Thank you, and I’m glad you like them! :blush:


Oh neat, an update!

I wonder what’s inside! :face_with_monocle:

Oh dear God, I’m now kinda sad for these ladies. And a cliffhanger? Man, not pulling any punches huh?

Keep up the good work!