Love Interests in Choice of Games or Hosted Games

I have a few preferred types, but I enjoy when the game surprises me and I end up getting interested in a character because of how we meet or bond over the course of the story. I remember when I first played Tally Ho, I had my sights set on Rory initially and then Haze ruined my plans. It’s always fun to find an organic story like that!


I appear to be eclectic, seeing as my ROs of choice include people like Aki from ATOH, Dominique from Relics, and Alessa from Golden Rose, who couldn’t be more different if they tried.


I’ve actually experienced this in your game Royal Affairs! I don’t normally go for the tsundere archetype, but Javi won me over (and not just because they’re the sibling to one of my favorite ROs of all time).

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I generally only go for female LIs, or fairly femme nb ones. I’ll usually do a playthrough for all the available ones in a game, including ones that are strictly lesbians; I’m a straight cis guy, but I don’t really do self-insert characters and I’m fine with playing female characters. I used to try and complete all the ROs regardless of gender for the sake of completionism, but I just don’t really get into the stories of male ROs, so now I only do that when their personal stories include details important to the overall story.

That said, my particular favorites are Maria from Relics, Alessa from Golden Rose, and Argent from Fallen Hero.


even though i’m a lesbian, i for some reason only play straight girl MC’s lol. and i can go for any RO i like, but i always seem to fall for the jerks harder :sob: marcus from defiled hearts is my current favorite. that asshole.


Tamur from Pon Para :heart: Sneaky little thief stole my heart time and time again!


@HannahPS For me, the exact opposite happened when I played Tally Ho! I felt charmed by Haze initially, and thought my tough and sneaky character would be compatible with them. Then I realized that no, it was Rory who had his heart all along.

@Kelly_Seastar I agree with you to the fullest, Tamur is wonderful!

I would say I’m rather eclectic when it comes to love interests; rascals, people that love the good things in life, religious people, people that are slightly older, and… dour, bearded men, apparently, get a little bonus, but mostly I just do what feels right for my main character. What person they feel compatible with (often similar personalities and values, but sometimes “opposite attracts” as well.)

Aside from aforementioned Rory and Tamur, my favourites are:

Ioco from Mask of the Plage Doctor. I love him to bits, and I appreciate that he sounds so ordinary looking with his weathered face, thinning hair and unkempt stubble.

Dimi from Siege of Treboulain. I can’t even put my finger on why they charmed me to that extent, but they very, very much do.

Vyv from Jolly Good. Artistic and eccentric, I love that. (I also love Fitzie, but I think I’d rather have them as a friend than as a lover.)

Deorwine and Hereweard from Chronicon Apocalyptica.

Jaime and Tommy from Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven.

Amaryllis from Belle-de-Nuit. Both seductive and adorable.

Cos and Sam from Choice of Magics.

I also have to mention Nichol from The Play’s the Thing, Geneviève from If It Please the Court, Zhu from Relics, Fram from Stronghold, and Apepi from Temple of Endless Night. I’m also very curious about the upcoming love interests in The Golden Rose; waiting patiently for the next book.


Most often it’ll be some variation of either gentleman or “bad boy” for me. Those are the two types I seem to gravitate towards in fiction most often, but sometimes others will appeal to me as well.

Facial hair that goes beyond a five o clock shadow tends to be a turn off for me more often than not. Still it depends on the setting too.

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@idonotlikeusernames Understandable. I pretty much woke up one day thinking “oh, I guess that can be rather attractive.”