Love Interests in Choice of Games or Hosted Games

I can’t resist throwing in my own list of all time fave love interests in HG/COG games. xD

Aurion from Grand Academy For Future Villains 1 & 2
He is my sweet future Dark Lord and I will stand behind his throne as his obsessive yandere-ish Lieutenant and lover and secret fan, carefully ensuring his rise to power and destroying those who threaten him or try to take him from me. cackles maniacally I can’t not love this game. I get to be my own evil student

Manerkol from The Soul Stone War
I could not resist. His romance route calls to my inner villain, and its sexy and powerfully magnetic in the way they write it. Probably the best written of the romances in that game. I actually feel he’s more the cannon love interest to.

Rory from Tally Ho
He’s to darn adorable to not love. Even if he drives you nuts at times. Like a puppy.

Fritzie from Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale
Honestly, I didn’t know what to think of him at the start. But seeing as how I’d created a MC who was unconcerned about putting on social appearances and somewhat annoyed with society’s overbearing rules of propriety, they ended up clicking in personality perfectly. My MC actually enjoyed having someone honest and blunt with him, not putting on fake airs and tedious tired old rules. So it was a perfect match.

Gilberto from Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale
This romance surprised me actually. I thought Gilberto was secretly the infamous Guy Fox, but instead he ended up being a VERY passionate Insurance man. But you know what…it was totally ok and amazing and almost Indiana Jones-ish and that made the romance all the more entertaining and lovable. Totally exceeding my expectations there.

Felix, Nate, Mason, Adam (in that order) from Wayhaven Chronicles
Mind you, the love is almost equal for all four great characters. Felix really stole the show at the end of book 2, honestly. And Mason moved up from least liked in Book 2. (could not get a read on his character/personality in book 1) Since my MC is a dedicated detective who is friendly, nice, but also supper stubborn and prone to snark…he gets along great with Felix and Mason’s snarky side. Melts in Nates arms. And tends to have a love/hate/butt heads thing with Adam. xD I can’t wait for Book 3.

And finally a nod to the following…

Haze from Tally Ho
Toshie from Samurai of Hyuga
Ryu from Totem Force
Blaise from Creme De La Creme
Reylo, Michael, and Quaiel from The Shadow Society
Morkai/Straasa poly romance in The Soul Stone War


I apparently have a type after thinking about it for a bit.

Ava from Wayhaven, Eledwen from Soul Stone War, Jess from the Lost Heir…

1.Ortega from Fallen Hero Rebirth.
2.Jenneth from The War for the West
I really love ROs who have deep ties with MC.


I’m not a fan of Brigid, but Fatehaven has a special place in my heart, It was my first text-game.
I felt in love with this type of game after that.

However my favorite romance was Eiji on Choice of Robots - CoG.

well here goes my list

by COG

  • choice of magic: Tal (she’s just adorable I couldn’t help but blush when she proposed to my MC)

  • Tally ho: Rory (a really sweet and funny romance when I tried to re-play I caught myself flirting with Rory inadvertently)

  • Psy high: Allison (what can I say I love the cliché of best friends who become lovers, plus she is just gorgeous I have a soft spot for shy characters they are so sweet I just can’t help falling in love with them)

  • a midsummer night’s choice: Piccolita (no reason …)

  • Werewolves: Dena (her confession scene made me as red as a tomato and has a way of leaving me with a racing heart)

  • Choice of robots: Elly and my robot (man, I really liked Elly I don’t know why but she stole part of my heart, but the other part broke when the 3 of us couldn’t be happy together, so I just did the that anyone would have done … re-play and be happy knowing that none were emotionally hurt)


  • after the storm: Moira (reliable, strong, kind and soft-hearted, how could my MC not fall in love with her?)

  • last wizard: Gertie and Melanie (I know this one in particular is not very focused on romance but I have already lost count of how many times I played it just to follow Gertie and the priestess route)

  • Wayhaven chronicles: Nat and Ava love triangle (I am a lover of heartache! And what better way to twist my heart than this!)

  • Evertree in: Leah (I am a complete SIMP for this girl, how could I not be? She is one of the sweetest ROs I have read if my MC is given the option to propose to her I will be the happiest person on earth )

  • Breach: the archangel job: Mouse-Avelyne (she is adorable, the first time I did her route I made my MC swear to protect her at all costs)

  • the soul stone war: Daelynn (she is sweet and has no qualms about showing how in love she is with the MC, her audacious attitude is charming I love it)


  • Triana academy: each and every RO (can you blame me? They are all lovely)

  • Blood / line: Fergie and Larry (Fergie is too sweet I just couldn’t help it and Larry is a HIMBO, how could I not love him instantly? I think Himbo don’t get enough love)

  • Crossroads deals with the devil: Aimee (this one is not in the forum I found it by chance in dashingdon and I really liked it, the rest of the ROs are not yet presented but I’m sure I will stay with Aimee)

  • blind mind: Sally (I felt a little anguish with Sally since we already know who is in love with her, so as the anguish-loving idiot that I am, I chose her without hesitation.)


EDIT: Grammar and added Samurai of Hyuga. I refer to the MC as male and the ROs as female since that’s how I play the games.

Fallen Hero - Lady Argent

  • I LOVE how your relationship with Lady Argent continuously evolves throughout the story. She’s one of the strongest and most dangerous superheroes in the story and, over the course of the first game and the WIP for the second, you go from not even worth her time, to her rival/worthy opponent, to Batman/Catwoman.

The Wayhaven Chronicles - Nat, Morgan

  • I’m glad the love triangle route doesn’t involve these two because I don’t think I could possible choose between them. The Wayhaven romances each represent a different type of romantic relationship and Nat and Morgan’s are the ones that appeal to me the most.

  • Nat’s route represents the more traditional romance story where two people meet by chance, click with each other, and start falling in love. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a feel-good romance. Plus, Nat is the one who pursues you, and I’ve always preferred ROs who do that.

  • Morgan’s route is the raw, animal magnetism romance where there’s no strings attached until feelings inevitably get involved. She is thirsty af for the Detective and isn’t afraid to make her intentions known. But then she starts realizing that she actually cares this time and panics because she doesn’t know how to handle it which leads to D R A M A.

Samurai of Hyuga - Toshie, Junko

  • Toshie is awesome despite her consistent emotional unavailability. It’s really nice to see how her relationship with the Ronin evolves over the span of 4 (currently) books since each installment reveals a new layer to her. She’s a hard character to get a bead on, so the scene that reveals her true feelings and how she fell in love with the Ronin at first sight in Book 3 caught me off guard. And that scene in Book 4 where she’s so emotionally compromised that she fails to see what’s actually going on between the Ronin and Junko? Utterly heartbreaking. Ultimately, she’s a person caught between her desires and her duty.

  • Junko spent the first 3 books as an insane, murderous stalker, so I still don’t quite understand how Book 4 managed to turn her into a sympathetic character worthy of redemption and love in a way that not only made sense, but didn’t break the story. Junko is now one of my favorite characters and I’m seriously impressed at how the author pulled that off.

Werewolves 1 & 2 - Bly, Tiva

  • Bly is the cool, mysterious loner type that people always warn you to stay away from 'cause no good will ever come from it. But Bly isn’t bad, she’s just… prickly and hard to get close to. Once you do, however, you couldn’t ask for a more stalwart and caring companion. Bly gets a bunch of screen time in the sequel to the point she’s one of the most important characters in the story. As consequence, she’s also the RO that gets the most scenes.

  • The sequel adds Tiva as an RO, which not only means that the two of you have an established relationship, but her route can automatically be classified as “Friends to Lovers.” Her experiences from the first book have hardened her and she’s not longer the person she once was. She and the MC bond over shared experiences, and end up finding something more in each other. She vows to move on with her life which works right up until the ending reveal, which threatens to throw a serious wrench into your new relationship.

The Soul Stone War - Daelynn

  • Daelynn knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to take it. And she wants the MC. She starts flirting with you practically from the moment she’s introduced, which begins a whirlwind romance with one of the most well-written confession scenes I’ve ever had the privilege of reading. The story also throws out big hints that there’s more to her than meets the eye, while also suggesting that she knows something about the MC that she hasn’t revealed yet.

Choice of Rebels - Brendon

  • The MC’s childhood friend and, if romanced, eventual wife. She’s one of the most important characters in the setting since events revolving around her was the core reason the MC started the rebellion. The story also HEAVILY hints that she’s the traitor who is feeding The Hegemony information about the rebels, but you never find out one way or the other. However, even if she is the traitor, her feelings for the MC are unquestionably genuine.

Evertree Inn & Sordwin - Daisy Thorne

  • Daisy is the type of person who can best be described as “Chaotic Neutral” with a splash of “Chaotic Good.” She is a very fun and enjoyable character who is absolutely brimming with confidence. She’s attractive, knows she’s attractive, and knows that you know she’s attractive. As the series goes on, the story hints that she’s fallen hard for the MC but has yet to realize it.

I agree with ALL OF THESE! Fun fact: I don’t often romance women (except in beta) but I do on occasion when a certain female ro is irresistible even to my straight ass… however, Daelynn is my favorite ro in THE SOUL STONE WARS, and probably in my top 15 of all time. She is the perfect balance of enamoured/flirty/strong to me…I just love her. <3 And yes, Dandy, Nate and Mason are like too 5 Ro’s of all time for me. You have excellent taste, friend, :heart_eyes:

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