Love Interests in Choice of Games or Hosted Games

Miss Caraway from Tin Star (it was actually one my first cog I played and she won my heart almost immediately)
Rory and Frankincense from Tally Ho
Silvian from Blood Money
Evelyn from Slammed!
Mark from Choice of Robots
Farah from Wayhaven
Breden from Choice of Games
Lady Argent from Fallen Hero


Ooh, Fun! The best romances on this site for me definitely go right to Ortega, Lady Argent and Dr Mortum from Fallen Hero, which is really some of the best writing on this site Bar None.

Runner ups and close seconds would have to be Morgana from Guenevere, the RO from Heroes Rise, Miss Caraway from Tin Star, Breden from Rebels (I really wish I could save her :frowning: ), Villeneuve from Broadsides (Another sad one) and Evelyn from Slammed!

Special mention to those works in progress, with Vi from Broken Lenses and Mouse from BREACH being absolutely the best parts of those respective games. and Calypso from Children of the Gods


Ortega from fallen and Gabriella from affairs of the court


Some of JimD’s guys in ZE:SH. Lopez, Jamie, and Woody in particular.

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Little update of my favourite ROs;

Tin Star : Maria Agustina and Carrie Caraway
Slammed ! : Evelyn Ecstasy
Zombie Exodus : Heather
Zombie Exodus Safe Haven : Madison, Bailey and Jillian
Fallen Hero : Lady Argent
Heart of the House : Oriana
Vampire House : Elizabeth
Love at Elevation : Luisa


How do you romance lady argent in fallen hero


that’s happening in the sequel more or less


Yupe as @NotaBumblebee mentions , it could happens in Book 2… however, in Book 1 you could start to interact with her to get some favourable background with her and increase the relationship stat
If you play the Demo in Book 2 , you should realise Argent is sort of interested in the MC :slight_smile:

My favourite ROs:
Gawain (Pendragon rising)
Semryu (Waywalkers University)
Luis (Love at Elevation)
Jaime, Woody (Zombie Exodus)
Dev, Reaves (Heart of the House)
Finch (A Study In Steam punk)
Adam, Nate (Wayhaven Chronicles)
Tamru (The Sea Enternal)
Evan (Slammed)
Rey/mob/Synergy (Community College Hero)


I <3 romance SO MUCH and am prone to investing my heart in these stories… Some of my favorites:

  • Eiji - Choice of Robots (my very first CoG and first love! <3 I cried very real–but happy–tears.)

  • Vega - Choice of the Deathless (When he told me not to die or he’d break the world to get me back… Jasus.)

  • Dev - Heart of the House (MY WHOLE HEART. So sweet and good. Failed to save him the first time and was inconsolable.)

  • Rory - Tally Ho (I’ve romanced Rory about…oh…30 times now… Not even exaggerating. If at any point you think, wonder what Cosmo is up to? I’m probably romancing Rory.)

  • Yiska - Tin Star (Yiska’s dialog is just insanely delightful and the fact his max’d relationship stat says “his love for you could paint the sky…”)

Currently Romancing: Tom - Zombie Exodus (Poor, broken Tom… <3)




Nate in Wayhaven Chronicles
Lancelot in Guenevere
Dev & Reaves in Heart of the House
Haze in Tally Ho!
Rigel & Keano in Magician’s Burden

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X’D Yeeeeeeeeah… Mistakes were made.

Update: And yet… I mean… yeah, mistakes on my part but also… I still like him for no good reasonC’mon. What’s a little attempted murder between lovers, right? :joy:

Not going to lie, I’m slightly concerned about myself X’D


We have the same preferences sooo…


Nice meeting you too friend :-):grin:

You share all the romance interest ?

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I’ll take kelly over jillian on ze:sh. But yeah I frickin love all of them! :wink::heart_eyes:

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@kgold Playing Choice of Magics and I just wanted to post my absolute SWOON over Mayor Cos who I’m currently pursuing. A sweet, shy man with dice on his belt?! I will marry him or die trying. (Then play again and marry him.)

And don’t even get me started on the dragon-loving Sam. :sparkling_heart: Another playthrough with a new MC, and I’m so there!

You write the most WONDERFUL characters!


Thanks very much! :smiley:


Since the question is in a singular term. And uses the suffix “or”. Witch implies that I must chose one love intrest. Then Natalie from Wayhaven Chronicles.

Reading this thread, there are so many games I need to replay…

My favorites: Wakefield from Choice of the Deathless, such an interesting relationship and I love seeing how the relationship evolved from rivalry to friendship then something more. Amazing!

My other favorite is Sidney (maybe spelled it wrong) from So You’re Possessed. The friendship with them is so wholesome and funny and the romance is equally sweet and very natural. I really look forward to reading more of them in the sequel.

And OF COURSE Rory from Tally Ho. I think I replayed that game 10+ times just to see all the different ways to approach the romance. Really lighthearted and sweet but also a healthy dose of angst early on. Great stuff.