As winter hits, the streets of Soria. Our Protagonists ( you ) finds a strange letter that will somehow affects his/her life.

Based on a True story.

Experience a world that’s unlikely your own, and travel to different galaxies in search of the lost signal.

Is there a multiverse?

An emotionally touching story that I recommend everyone to play it.

~ I travelled many stars just to seek your voice again as I know, you’ll always be there for me no matter what ~

The story will be realised in a weekly basis and thank you…


I’m going to assume you’re using the term “based on a true story” very loosely here

The title would suggest some involvement in science-fiction or at least something to do with technology, unless you’re trying to do one of those overly complex metaphorical emotional nuisance

In all honesty, this is almost nothing to work with. If you want an interest check then at least give us some premise or if you’re inclined on secrecy and mystery then at least a genre


…okay…could we may get a few more informations? Like the genre? Fantasy, high fantasy, science fiction?
What can we expect from the MC? Are they for example gender locked or not?
Will romance be part of the game and how much do you think will it influence the story/would readers miss out much of the story if they go without romancing anybody? Etc.

A few more story details maybe?

It’s just not much to work with what you give us here.

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Title has my attention.

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What’s wrong with overly complex metaphorical stories? I love those kind


The premise sounds interesting enough, and the true story bit doesn’t hurt, I’ll be interested to check it out if I like the main central theme of it


The finer details don’t matter. Count me the hell in.


The title is interesting and for the plot I’ll reserve my judgement until you post more, good luck :hugs:


any potential RO’s??

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Yepp, I’m interested. Sounds intriguing enough to me! :smile:


It sure has an interesting title that is enough to catch my attention but there is barely available information to give us a basic outline of what to expect from the game. Further explanation is appreciated.


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