Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Chapters, 132K words] [Romance/Dark Fantasy] [Mega Update]

I see nothing wrong with Marcus acting girly, think of it as being gender nonconforming. Personally, I even prefer him this way, because most male ROs generally act more stereotypically masculine or gender neutral. I understand that many people who are attracted to men won’t like Marcus for that reason, but it’s nice to have an RO like this for people who do like feminine men (people like me and others with such preferences).


Marcus got me like:

Shit, the reason I got into this game and even became a patron is because Marcus is a feminine dude. I’m pretty sure he’s the first of his kind too cause I fail to recall any hosted or choice game that has one prior to this game(and the only other game that has one to my knowledge is Path of Martial Arts and that was a recent addition). So it’s about time we finally got a femboy in.


I also got into this WIP because of Marcus. :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s important to remember that not all ROs will strike your fancy, and it’s okay, that’s why we have multiple ROs to choose from instead of just one.
So, @Kathy, didn’t worry, Marcus certainly has his dedicated fan club in all
his feminine glory! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

reply to @Nemureru_Mori

Mhm! ^-^ It’s why I made Marcus in the first place, I understand that he won’t be extremely popular of the bunch, nor would Valentine since they both aren’t stereotypical males, but that’s one of the reasons I’ve made Marcus that way. There aren’t a lot like him.

That kinda made me giggle a bit XD It kinda gives me joy seeing that my characters, especially Marcus has a dedicated fan club!

reply to @Lucky_Icarus

I wheezed so much at that lol

Heh, well good, because I’m gonna start working on the demo of my other book! (Femboy Dating Simulator) It’s kinda funny seeing my april fools joke getting so much Hype and support XD

Update day! So, first things first. I know I’ve mentioned it, however

The Patreon short story has been completed!

You may be asking “WHY YOU ANNOUNCING IT AGAIN AND AGAIN REEEEEE” and a reply to that is I’m sorry, I only did it once :sob: But also because now that it’s completed, I’m gonna start on the main project and also Femboy dating simulator! (It’s ironic how I expected backlash and ya’ll to choke me to death cause of a joke, but instead you all forced me to make it lmao)

Also, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I’ve finally implemented it.

1 The Patreon short story WILL be now in the main book!

Unfortunately for me, Midterm exams are slowly closing down on me and while I got an F in a subject before (Ironic because I literally had A’s and 1 B’s in almost all other subjects lol) I can’t afford to have that again.

What does that mean? Well, the amount of what I write is going to get lowered once again. Why won’t I stop writing and focus on IRL? Because it keeps me grounded.

I have this itch where I just CAN’T STOP WRITING. Like, Even when I told myself “Okay, I just finished the short book. I’ll just sit back, relax, play some games, watch some movies, maybe even lectures since I’ve been dedicating too much time to the book and my job.” I couldn’t lol, ended up writing 200-300 words, which, while isn’t a lot, I was just TRYING NOT TO WRITE XD But I swear I did have rest, and I had a fun time!

2 The update won’t be on the 1st! It’ll be on the 15th and every month of 15th

Well, first things first. “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US?! WHYYYYY” and my reply to that is I’M SORRY :sob: But, you see, the thing was, the short story was meant to be like a filler, y’know? A chance for you to explore the world and all. But, I had this grand idea of showcasing Marcus/Melissa being all adorable and mature, and yeah, while the MC was a liiitttle bit smitten with Marcus/Melissa,. (The chapter’s name is literally “From front lines to romance” What you think’s going to be in it? :sob:) However, You can change that now! If you’re just friends or didn’t cuddle with Marcus/Melissa the night before, then there will be a few dialogue changes. So, in a nutshell, I’m gonna buckle down and make some adjustments to the story. We’ll spice up the interactions between the MC and Marcus/Melissa, making it more authentic to your choices.

3 The story is now NSFW. Not the naughty kind, but the brutal kind.

You can choose to turn them off but you know, I’d rather just put them here since lots of blood drinking are going to be added. (They’re vampires after all, and even vegan vampires need blood.)

That’s all folks, Love you guys and see ya! Massive thanks to GKM and The Boyz for the massive Patreon support btw!
Because of them, not only have they made the MC’s life easier, but they’ve added characters who will help the story progress MUCH more smoothly. Love ya’ll <3


Good luck with those midterms.