Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Chapters, 132K words] [Romance/Dark Fantasy] [Mega Update]

Haha, what’s a vampire story without a touch of gothic mystique, extra tight leather clothes with laces on the side of the leg so you can see a little bit of the skin or even a sprinkle of sparkling magic? Also big thanks for joining my Patreon community! I’m truly grateful for your support and there are no words that can express my gratitude!


Guess what day it is? Monday! Although the start of the week can bring some stress with work and school, I hope this update gives you all a shine of happiness! Now, while this week was relatively slow because my health was severely impacted to the point I had to be in bed for 3 days straight, I still managed to pull a few all-nighters not to mention I shifted from my full-time job to part-time so I can focus on both the book and my studies! So without further ado, let’s get into what we all accomplished these past 7 days!

  • The book is now almost 93K words long! I know it isn’t a lot since it’s only an addition of 2K words more, But I had to try and complete the short story, Only to realize…

  • Only eight more days until Valentine’s Day! And you know what that means? Time to spread some love and share some joy! The initial plan was to wrap up the short story at 10,000 words, but how could I let this heartwarming holiday pass by without giving you all a little something extra special? So, On valentines day, Two lucky followers from this comment section will be handpicked randomly and receive exclusive access to the full short story via a secret link! It might end up going 20K+ so fingers crossed!

  • The objectives we set previously have been achieved! With one exception, the goal of introducing Valentine. After all, what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by introducing Valentine on the very day itself? This is way too good of an opportunity to pass up lol.

  • This also means that Neo Pro-nouns are now up and several scenarios where your parents are unaware of your true gender are available. Will you have the courage to remain true to yourself, or will you yield to societal expectations and conform to conventional norms? (BTW, I really apologize if I don’t get things right, so if you have any issues regarding this route, Please send me a message and I’d love to correct it!!)

The next weeks update won’t be until Tuesday since it’s Valentine’s day. So for now, Good bye! Wish you all amazing people a fantastic day filled with joy and positivity. Keep in mind, each and every one of you is extraordinary and deserves nothing but greatness. And if no one gives you greatness, then come to me! :D(I’m just kidding, my book may not be the epitome of quality, I will still continually strive to give you the best, cause as I’ve said, That’s what you guys deserve :heart:)

See you all! Big kiss!


Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovebirds out there! Whether you’re snuggled up with your significant other or flying solo, today is a day to celebrate the love in your life. Cherish the special moments, spread kindness, and don’t forget to treat yourself with some self-love. Remember, love comes in all forms and is everywhere, If you don’t find any, Just come to me, I’ll shower you with love and affection! (No, this isn’t an offer to hook up with me lol) Anyways, Update time! Here’s what we accomplished:

  1. Introducing Vale/Vivian, the chaotic love gremlin that shakes things up for Marcus/Melissa! Will you bring them together or let them sort it out on their own? The choice is yours! 2K words were written in the main story!
  2. Also you guys might be wondering how I jumped from 93 to 99K, Well, that’s mostly cause I forgot that I had to add the whole book, so the 3 chapters that are currently up are about 92K words, while the whole book is now 102,545!
  3. Alex/Alice now also has a few emotional moments since I felt that being a 12-year-old, It’d be unnatural for them to move on with life with a snap of their fingers.
  4. Our short story is finally complete with almost 25K words long and multiple paths to choose from! You can go on a picnic, hit the nightclub, or just head home right after exploring the world. The average per play-through is almost 12K words long with multiple achievements that you can collect and memories that you can build!
  5. I’m launching a limited-time special tier on Patreon where you can add your own character to the story! Whether it’s a minor side character, a new love interest, or a major player, they’ll be tailored to your specifications with personality, name, clothing, etc. This offer is valid until the 4th chapter before the book enters the demo phase.

With exams and daily responsibilities looming, I’m afraid the progress of my book may slow down. I’ve been writing around 1.2K words a day, but that may decrease to as little as 400-500 words or possibly 2K words per week. I apologize in advance to my readers and I truly appreciate your understanding. If you’re enjoying my writing, consider supporting me on Patreon or leaving a comment. Your feedback means the world to me and it’s the greatest form of support for a writer.

Anyways, signing off, Love you all! Big kiss! Katherine <3


Alex my bb!!! ༼⁠;⁠´⁠༎ຶ⁠ ⁠۝ ⁠༎ຶ⁠༽</3


Alex my bb!!! ༼⁠;⁠´⁠༎ຶ⁠ ⁠۝ ⁠༎ຶ⁠༽</3

Lol don’t worry, Alex will return and your bond will be stronger than before!

Btw, did that random dice thingy and congrats @Max_Jones and @its_blank for winning full access to the short story!


Happy Monday, folks! It’s Morbin, I mean, update time! Though there isn’t a whole lot to report, here are the highlights of what I was able to accomplish:

  1. Finally added the save system, which took a few days and some errors to work out, but now you can save your progress across a total of 6 slots!
  1. Managed to add around 2.3K words to the book, although most of these were rewrites. The good news is that the overall quality has vastly improved!
  1. Created some cool new artwork featuring Vale, Vivian, and another one that shows their weapon is on it’s way! You can check it out on Patreon!

I know it’s not the most impressive update, and I might not be able to make much progress this week or the next, and maybe even the week after that. I’m trying to cram all my studies into just a few short weeks, so I apologize for any delays. But once these exams are over, I promise to be back to churning out 1K-1.5K words a day! Thanks for your patience and support.


Im not being able to achieve perfect intimidation even though i have the facial scar 6’3 height and 63 intimidation

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If you accept Marcus’s kiss, do you close all other romantic option with the other characters?

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Really enjoying the book, also very much enjoyed the Valentine side story on you patreon, that was great.
And I gotta say, kudos on creating Marcus. Nice to finally get a feminine dude as an RO, I dont think any other work has one but I could be wrong.

Reply to @Lucky_Icarus

Really enjoying the book, also very much enjoyed the Valentine side story on you patreon, that was great.
And I gotta say, kudos on creating Marcus. Nice to finally get a feminine dude as an RO, I dont think any other work has one but I could be wrong.

Haha, Thank you so much! I’m glad that you did! Hopefully after my exams I’ll write a side on Marcus’s POV where the game would describe what he was feeling with each and every choice you made (Spolers You’re going to find out just how much of a tsundere he really is

Also, Thank you so much for being a patronage! Your support really means a lot to me <3

Reply to @Guinevere0059

If you accept Marcus’s kiss, do you close all other romantic option with the other characters?

Not exactly, No, For now, I’m thinking that they may have a Poly route where all three of the RO’s can be together since I don’t think any other game has that, It kind of allows the player a lot of freedom, (Ofc it won’t be as easy as saying I love you to all three of them, there’s going to be a lot of intense tug of war between the MC if all three are chosen or if even only two are chosen) so to answer your origional question. Nope, You can still choose others, and even break off with Marcus should you want (Or if you were rude to him, You can still get together with him in the later scenes.

Reply to @Gabriel_Arcanjo_Aman

Im not being able to achieve perfect intimidation even though i have the facial scar 6’3 height and 63 intimidation

sorry that you encountered the error, but I really appreciate you telling me it! The problem has been now fixed!

Welp, It’s Monday! which means it’s update time! I know that I said that I wouldn’t be able to post an update this week or the next, or quite possibly, the next, next week, And that was a bit true due to my exams and my university clashing with personal life. But I have good news and bad news! Good news is that my exams will be starting on the 12th and then finishing on the 15th! Bad news? I got 2 exams each day :skull: Anyways, I’m prepared as can be, so don’t you guys worry! Now, let’s get back to what was achieved this week:

Lots, and I mean LOTS of punctuation errors were fixed, A massive thank you to @stsword who sent me 3 messages worth of words that described just how many punctuations mistakes there were. (It seems Grammarly doesn’t always catch those pesky little commas and dots etc)

2.3K words were written, and the main story line was progressed which describes just how chaotic Vale/Vivian can be! And to match their personality, Their gun is just as chaotic! Let’s test how your relationship with Marcus/Melissa holds when you’re constantly being hit on by someone who’s a flirtatious gremlin.

Added a special page for all my supporters and those who have helped perfect the book! Thank you so much! <3

See you all next week! I’ll post a monthly update on Patreon so kudos!


The save system in dashingdon isn’t working and moody isn’t opening at all.


The save system won’t be working in Moody unfortunately due to programming errors, However I just fixed the saving system in the Dashingdon, You should be able to check it out now! Thanks for the telling <3

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Noticed how I got this: “Well… My parents never knew this but I Identify as a Male. So, My pronouns are he/his.” despite having set my MC to have the same gender and pronouns and they had biologically, so this feels out of place, this is at the job board in the first chapter I believe

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Moodys save system requires login and it works i was meaning when i click the demo there it just showed error. It’s working now.

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I’m mid way through reading it and it has such an interesting sci-fi fantasy and Supernatural romance concept that I’ll just get hooked on this and make it my life mission to bag alex (one of the characters) up by the end of it.

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Reply to @Basket_of_Snake

Sorry about that! Should be fixed! There should be fewer choices now. I should reword the choices in the future

Reply to @Fenrir1

Huh, that’s weird, I kind of couldn’t find the thing that allowed the saved system to go through and the error I was getting was the “SM_int error” which is what I got in ChoiceScriptIDE, but that’s good that it’s working now!

Reply to @Hoely

Haha, Thanks! It seems that Alex is becoming a favorite of almost every one! I’m glad that you gave the book a read and I really appreciate the comment <3

Monday! Which means Update time! So this week has been the most productive out of the last two. Almost 3K words were written and an arts that sheds a little light on M’s past but it’ll leave you with more questions then answers. Will M trust you enough to reveal their true identity, or will they keep their secrets under lock and key? There will a poll here right after my exam finishes about another short story, So stay tuned! (Ofc that poll will be early on Patreon and will have more weightage)


Before I try this out, are there any male LIs that aren’t feminine? Or is Marcus it?


Well, V isn’t very feminine, unless you choose them as a female RO, and Alex will be introduced in 4th chapter who wouldn’t be feminine. There may be chances of a 4th potential RO but it depends.


Thanks for the info, I appreciate it! I was looking for male ROs, specifically, for my MC. I’ll wait and maybe check out Alex, once there’s some info out about him.


This WIP does thing to a man.