Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Ch, 210K words] [Vampires/Romance/Dark Fantasy, supernatural]

Hmm then I wonder why American teen dramas, teen movies, Comics, Japanese manga anime, Korean Manhwas are multi billion dollar industries?

Also how do you know that most potential readers will be legal adults? When I first started browsing COG games I was 15/16.

Also teen stories are aimed at young adults but are usually rated E for everyone. This is why anime is popular.

Again this isn’t an erotic story but a fantasy story also yes in real life teenagers date and fall in love omg shock. Also the legal adulthood age differs from country to country anyways.

Finally this is fiction my friend, if you don’t like it then you don’t have to play it but if your argument was correct then why is Twilight the most popular romance book for women? Hmm 16 year old high school girl gets romanced by 300 year old vampire xD


Most adults wouldn’t want to romance underage kids

Most? :eyes: But anyways lol, (This was a joke, I’m not calling out anyone, I swear) Anywho, as I’ve made it clear in the post above, Marcus/Melissa are in their early 20’s and even though they’re vampires they’re not 5000 year old. This means that the MC and the other romanceable character will be treated as children because

    1. They don’t have the experience and haven’t lived long enough to be considered even toddlers by vampires like Vigil, Nathan and the other vampires.
    1. They don’t know how to portray themselves in a normal society.

Marcus and the MC may not tend to act (sometimes) according to the social norms especially Marcus because that’s his only way to cope (Hence the My little pony joke) but being with the MC, even as friends, will help him get better (Unless you’re rude to him in every encounter. Then things may spiral downwards. Imagine you finally find someone who you have little feelings for, and they start to treat you like you’re trash.)

The characters are divided into three categories.

Marcus/Melissa Blaine are the needy ones, who’ll beg for affection with their blubbery cow eyes and are cuddly to the point they just want to rub their heads against the MC’s chest every chance they get. Oh, and they are extremely jealous. (Which is I guess a child like behavior.)

Vale/Vivian Valentine are the gremlins who’ll flirt every chance they get.

Both V and B are immature and will tend to act childish, not because they’re children, but because that’s how they’ve always acted.

Alex/Alice and John are the only mature ones and they’ll come at the end of the third chapter when they’re needed the most. They’re the anchor that’ll hold everyone together.


I’m just too cautious to try anything with V lol since there’s no way to tell what they will do if they discover what we are.


They’re already suspicious of the MC and the others, but who knows if they’re actually suspicious or if they’re just being chaotic lol. (Oh wait, I know :smiling_imp: )


Why not both lol? But they seem like a fun character either way


Update time! So, there have been a few setbacks in the short book, mainly because it got too long, and I went a taaadddd bit wild there. The feed back that I’ve gotten is great and it gave me quite a few things to think of especially things that I’ll implement in the main book. Starting next month, I’ll put the book in the NSFW section and put the NSFW things over there. There will be two different books, one filled with NSFW stuff, such as gore, blood and other things and one that’s family-friendly. Anywho, let’s see what we’ve achieved this week!


Apparently, they banned me because I was spamming lol (didn’t know just putting a post every day counts as spam.)

The short book now sits at a 31,000-long short story that is not even remotely short! With 14,000 words per play-through.

I’m planning to add from front lines to Romance in the main book since I haven’t exactly written much there but that’s still a maybe. If I don’t add anything to the main book this month then weeellll, you’ll be able to go on a date with Marcus! :3

I’ll be releasing the short book this Wednesday, which means a COOUPLE more all-nighters (I swear I’ve pulled like 4 all-nighters this week and then slept the whole day on Saturday :skull: But hey, it’s for a good cause lmao Plus I’ve promised a few friends as well as fans of the book (wouldn’t say fans but ya know) to take a tiny break from writing so I can recuperate. Nothing too long, I guess two days is good enough ^-^) so stay tuned!

Congrats to @Christopher_Bull and @9GAG (No surprise on 9gag part lol) on winning the random thingy! You both will get a link to the book once I release it on Wednesday, hope ou guys enjoy <3

That’s pretty much it, see you guys next Monday!


It shouldn’t. Plenty of people use their blogs to post daily like a personal journal for progress about various things. Because it is your blog tumblr does not get a say in how frequently you may, or may not post counting as spam, especially if it is usually once daily. I could see a spam argument made for posting anywhere from 5 to 20 times, but once? Too few by the standards set by what is typical for social media as a general communication platform. Which cycles back to the “dev diary” I implied; once a day is normal for the majority of blog sites.

Anyone who doesn’t want to see every single post you make crossing their dash need only adjust a setting in their preferences. As I understand, it’s not difficult, and the ban should never have happened. :unamused:

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Aw, that’s cute. Very sad, but still cute. Finally there is LI whom i can hug and cuddle non-stop! :heart_eyes: I mean, my MC Patrik can (and will) hug and cuddle Marcus everytime he wil get a chance.


Careful not to burn yourself. All-nighters are rough.


it’s not even once daily lol, I tried to get into a habit of trying to post once daily after I used to post twice or three times a week and maybe that’s why it thought I was spamming? I don’t know, but what I do know is that I really appreciate the kind words! Thanks :heart: I agree that it shouldn’t have happened but hey, it is what it is XD

Ll? I may be a tad bit forgetful but I don’t think I introduced a character with that name :sweat_smile:

Haha, You’ll love the upcoming chapters then! Lots of cuddling is going to be involved XD
(Nice MC name btw ^-^)

I’ll try my best! Though no promises :sweat_smile:


Love interest, or the person the MC is dating/has a relationship with. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (If you meant it as a joke, ignore this reply.)


Oh! I don’t know a lot of abbreviations so sorry about that :sweat_smile: Thanks! :heart:

Wait so Tumblr is used as a public diary or journal? huh just knew. I like most people used Tumblr to see fanart but since they banned NSFW images their popularity went down the toilet.

I have noticed that Tumblr and Discord is popular in the COG community among authors for some reason, question though why not use IG?

I will say that the tricky part about writing characters in the IF stories is choosing to write the ROs as fixed with one gender or chooseable genders.

I like Blaine and Valentine but they do act girlish, like super anime girls and that may put off those who play the story with male ROs. Me personally I always play with female ROs so I don’t have that issue but its just something to keep in mind.

Also yeah I can’t wait to read up on the next update, keep up the good work, I can’t find a good IF story to read thats not a WIP with 2 chapters or a dead WIP meanwhile COG keeps releasing mediocre titles ugh.

I need something to scratch that TWC/FH itch lol

Off-topic, but clarifying.

Not in such literal terminology, no. It is a blog site. Blog, by it’s original meaning, does mean a personal journal of a sort, but what your “journal” contains is up to you. If select posts contain something problematic, then it is up to users, and whatever moderation method in place to ‘do right’ by their community at large. The issue I have is that because of these methods, shy some really convoluted anti-bot defenses, that ban shouldn’t have happened. If it wasn’t an anti-bot, then it was a very mean spirited person being a jerk. I have my doubts someone would genuinely want to, but this is the internet, so that doubt goes both directions.


Played the short story. Good shit, I very much enjoyed it.


I play with male RO and i don’t have a problem with Marcus. Sure, he is clingy and childish (playing with MLP, his pink bedroom looks like my dream bedroom when i was 8yo), but i didn’t notice him being girlish.
(Maybe that scene when he feeds MC and call us “my baby”, that made me pause for a sec) And i guess that this behavior could be the result of his dark past or he acts that way because he wants MC to like him.

Valentine is definitley giving off some yandere vibes.


Your whole post is it lol. Well not every character was written for both genders after all. Girlish characters are great for female characters but not so much for male characters. I mean if every character had a unisex personality it would be pretty limiting lol.

Well idc since I always play with female ROs so I’m good haha


Released the short story on Patreon! It’s close to 32K words with close to 11-15K words per play through!

(I don’t exactly know the words per play through because, my PC keeps crashing. Any who, if you enjoy my work, please consider supporting >.< if you can’t, then dw! I still love ya! :heart:)

Marcus/Melissa is supposed to be girly because… well, their dark past lol, I can’t exactly reveal much without spoiling things too much XD But the secret does lie in the portrait that was found in the church. More will be explained in the upcoming chapters.

Valentine however isn’t supposed to act their gender. If you choose the male version, you’ll see that they wear a skirt and if you choose the female, they wear a shirt and dress pants (Which, according to a church is a “No, you can’t wear that”) The reason for this is because they only care about themselves first and foremost. They don’t care about the norms, as long as they’re happy, nothing else matters. (That is unless the MC is unhappy) (This is the message I want to give people, that you should be happy with yourself first and foremost; with in boundaries ofc lol, you can’t go around being rude to people cause “Haha, It makes me happy”)

Their dialogues will be a tad bit changed as well, and the way they do things, it isn’t implemented yet, but it will in the future (Sorry >.<)

Haha, thanks a lot! You don’t know how much those words mean a lot to me :heart::heart::heart:

Thanks again!! And thank you so much for being a Patreon supporter! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Well, there are three reasons for this. Two you described already (M’s dark past and the fact that they want the MC to like them.) But another part is that they’re ACTUALLY comfortable with the MC. With Vigil, M has to make sure their stepfather is proud of them, and since Vigil is so “Militaristic” Marcus/Melissa always makes sure that everything the’re doing is perfect (which is why they’re so serious during the missions and have different personalities. Something that you notice during the mission and something Micheal also notices if you don’t eat with Marcus/Melissa). They don’t have any friends either so they’ve never been told that what they do is weird.

However, Now that the MC is with them, they’re just living their childhood that they never got. Because, as I’ve said, they feel comfortable with the MC and are clingy to them.

That is true. One thing I’ve noticed in most, and almost ALL COG and HG games (at least the demos that I’ve played) is that, no matter what gender you choose, they’ll always act the same and speak the same dialogues. I’m trying to change that with Valentine and Hayes. (Not doing that with Blaine
Casually uses a dead meme)


Not gonna lie if playing with male ROs they give off trap femboy yaoi vibes like Astolfo from FGO xD

FACTS. They all write safe characters and most of the characters feel very similar, the women are kind of masculine but not too much while the men are only slightly masculine which is fine since COG is dominated by women and the audience are women I guess hence why Supernatural stories are popular.

It is refreshing to see a story where the man acts like a man and the woman acts like a woman for once.

For eg look at Wayhaven a story made by women for women, the MC acts like a woman aka damsel in distress so much that I can’t ever imagine playing a Male MC despite being a guy myself like hot damn.

What I like about this story is that the ROs actually feel like likeable young girls who are feminine, most COG games have their ROs acting unisex to cater to all audiences.

I genuinely like Blaine, Valentine and Alice as they feel like supportive women and not strong indepedent boss babes. This story should have an anime adaptation which ends in a Harem ending for sure xD


This is actually funny because I’ve seen a few guys come in my server saying that Marcus was making them question their sexuality :skull:

Lol, it’s be a bit opposite with Valentine because the man’s acting like a woman and the woman’s acting like a man (Both being boss babes) XD Alex/Alice will be the only people out of the three who are normal with Alex acting like a Mature, caring man and Alice acts as a mature, supportive yet needs a bit of a support, woman lol