Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Ch, 210K words] [Vampires/Romance/Dark Fantasy, supernatural]

Still miss my sweet Al🥹


Beautiful hands…? Thought that choice was gonna make my guy good at punching shit or something, not give other ppl hand fetishes. :skull:

Edit - It doesn’t seem like this story is made for a MC that is dominant, harsh, or intimidating. I haven’t completed the current content yet, but so far the MC coming off as weak and submissive. Haven’t seen any romance choices that benefit from those stats either.


Haha, don’t worry! You’ll see him soon :heart:

You choose scar for dominance, Hands for charistma (Thinking of just changing it to powerful voice instead honestly, makes more sense)

You can be dominant with M and V, not with John/Elizabeth (at least, not until the future)

You won’t be seeing dominant content in the first chapter (Cause they’re kids at that moment so, duh)

There’s plenty of harsh and intimidating content to the point people are complaining that the MC is too harsh XD (Point out where you do think the MC isn’t being harsh, intimidating or dominant etc when they should be.)

I am rewriting the second chapter because Yikes. I sucked. But yeah, do point out where you feel like there are problems since I am rewriting and it’d help a tonne!



Kinda gonna yap a little here LMFAO, My project was denied with nothing but the word “Poor” on it, which was funny as hell and I laughed my ass off even though I shouldn’t have. After the initial shock wore off, I kinda went off to work on it, since there was nothing else I could do. So uhhh… sorry for not updating allat you guys >.< But I did update! Had to sacrifice a lil’ sleep, but I worked on the book cause I’m on that grind >:3

Anyways, cringe text aside, let’s stop the yap yap and get to the good stuff!

About 4K words were proofread which puts ch2p1 at 18-19K words proof read (11K left.)

1K words were written on John/Elizabeth’s backstory, which puts it at a 1500 word

That’s pretty much it, gonna have to focus on my project again this week, so sorry you guys >.< I’ll try to update as much as I can!!!


So uhhh, I may have forgotten to upload a short story here on 28 :sweat_smile: (Blame my university :weary: but hey! Better late then never heh-) Ehem! Anywho! I present to you:

“Fumbling, Fragile, Feelings”

While waiting to be called by the leader of the church, you’re left with a lot of free time in your room. To top it off, M has been sent to the infirmary for checkups and V thinks it’s a great idea to have a friendly spar! Little does he/she know that the only sparring that’s going to happen is of conflicting feelings!


There seems to be a bug involving mc demeanor


Sorryyyy!! I’ll try to update it tomorrow or after tomorrow! (Busy with project >.<)


Another monday Update!

So, my exams are going to be on 21st, which is in two weeks so I’m just preparing for them while also working on LIYE, so again, I hope that you forgive me for all the small updates >.<

The book is now 260K word long! (Including command lines) which is a massive thing lol, I deleted a lot of things and added a few more things. E.g I made Valentine a bit too feminine during the werewolf scene, I also added significance to the pendant helping out in more ways then just giving the MC some OP powers.

Only 7K words left to go and chapter 2 part 1 would be complete!

John/Elizabeth’s Biography is now at 3.5K words!

Again, I really REALLY apologize for the short updates, but university has been squeezing the life out of me XD nothing that I can’t handle ofc, but yeah! Once the exams are done I’ll be so up into the rewriting that I am hoping I’d be able to finish the whole rewrite in 15 days! (Only chapter 2 though-)


Dude I think you should just concentrate on your exams and work on the story after you are done. We can and should wait. Your life takes priority! But of course I can’t tell you what to do. Just my honest opinion. :innocent:


I agree with Harley focus on your life for the time being the story will be here to work on after handling irl things. We can be patient especially for such a well made story like this and we should be patient regardless no need to apologize for dealing with life focus on your exams dude and don’t worry about popping out updates like crazy alright.


Haha, thanks so much you guys, I can’t tell you how much your words mean to me, I put myself responsible for the book cause my brain’s like that so I can’t just leave it (Plus guilty concious is a kicker XD) but I do promise that I’ll take care of myself!!

I hope you all know that it really means everything to me with how you all are supporting me :sweat_smile:


I think the world needs a lot more love. I counteract against all the unnecasarry hatred in this world. We all could use some love. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So, I decided that this will be my last public Update until next month cause Ugh, the project’s just squeezing the life outta me XD Again, nothing that I can’t handle. I have been working on the book, but as I said before, since this is my last semester (well, I have to repeat one since doo doo brain and take one subject that’s as easy as pie), I have to REALLY focus on this one. I know a lot of you understand and support me but uhh, My conscience is still being bad to me XD

Anyways, to what was accomplished this week!

About 3K words were read through, M is now more endearing and shy and you can be more kinder to him/her.

Added a Vigil POV and a few more things that gives the pendant a more foreboding feeling. All skippable of course.

The short novel is now at 6K words, and I am pretty satisfied with it so far.

The short novel may go to 30-40K words, and be a linear thing, with John/Elizabeth being gender choosable. The character they romance will have the MC’s name and the MC’s gender as well. Overall looks of the MC as well.

That’s pretty much it! I’ll release sneak peaks from the short story on my Patreon which I’ll all release once my exams are over. Thanks again for all the support!!