Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Ch, 210K words] [Vampires/Romance/Dark Fantasy, supernatural]

The scenes where the vamp protag is all submissive with John are incredible! I was a blushing mess. The way he makes the MC do what he wants and drink the blood to the last drop is great. Definitely a nice reverse of the dominating vamp and submsisive mortal dynamics we usually get in these scenarios!


It’s been 7 days since this comment and I still can’t think of a proper reply because of how cotton my brain feels XD Like, wow, I wrote memorable, lovable characters :sob: I honestly want to keep writing because UGH, all my ideas just keep coming back to Alex’s return and how they’ll meet the MC as well as John and the new RO that’ll be introduced in the future (He’d be long hair’d, I’m sorry :pensive:) but I need to first deal with Marcus/Melissa and the dump that is the second chapter XD

Thank you so, SO much for the comment btw! It made a lot of my days amazing hahaha

I know right?! It’s always a vampire dominating a mortal but UGH, the things a someone could do from just the craving that vampires can have :weary:
(I swear I’m not like this but OMG JOHN/ELIZABETH ARE LIKE THAT :sob:)

Okay! So Update!

It’s a bit hard to write down the short story, especially with John because It’s too early for scenes like these, so I’m struggling with him. I’m all good with Elizabeth though XD Writing her is a breeze.

1, About 6K words were written, putting the short book at 8K.
2. Since these are two different characters that might act the same but have different dialogues and different ways of doing the same thing, it’ll be a tad bit long story, but will be a short read.
3. Reading through chapter 2 and honestly, it’s not a dumpster fire as I thought it would. Could improve allat in it, but It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but still, it is bad bad XD

That’s pretty much it! See you guys on monday! Hope you have a super-fabulous dayyy! :heart:



The patreon story is now compleato, just need to work through the kinks and re-read it a couple of times and have a beta-reader run through it really quick. I’ll be releasing it on Wednesday if all things go well.

(Sorry for taking so long you guys, exam season spanking my ass as if it were John/Elizabeth. Speaking of, they gonna be diciplining the MC allat. (I mean, Elizabeth’s uses words a lot, but AUGH John’s really something. Though I am sorry if it feels a bit rushed cause exams))

Aight enough yappin, Imma get back to studying, Love you all!!! Take care and drink A LOOOTTTT of water!! Summer’s spanking just as bad as John/Elizabeth fr fr


Yay! Thanks for your awesome work! I really love your story! :heart_eyes:


Hehe, thank you! Thank you for motivating me to always do better :heart:

Sorry for being late!

I was too busy fussing over exams that I forgot that I had to post so SORRY!! Hope you guys enjoy :heart: I’ll be taking a 3-day break because exams have been wearing me down a bit too much- Sorry you guys >.<

A vampire’s desire part 2:

It’s been a few weeks since you joined the church, and the constant hatred toward your race is starting to wear you down, especially with how much Valentine despises Vampires. Now, you’ve been told that your beloved doctor also harbors a dislike for Vampires, and you can’t believe it. You just hope it isn’t true.


I don’t understand, I just choose some romantic options with Blaise but decided to stay friends yet the text forces me to be his BF and stuff all along…

Also it’s kind of a bum that if I don’t choose romance options I’m always forced to be mean or agressive…

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Yeah, I’m working on that, will start rewriting/proofreading the second chapter in a week or two, Just need to get done with these exams :sweat_smile:


Thank you for your hard work ^^ the if is good just need to polish the rough edges

(also sorry hoping the one in the necklace is a RO…)

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Thank you for motivating me!!! ^-^

heh, they are an RO. One of the biggest red flag RO’s, I’m honestly excited to write them because I keep thinking about them so much XD

Sorry about not being able to post yesterday! Was a bit too tired and didn’t realize I hadn’t posted >.<

About 3K words were proof read. I keep getting stuck at sentences because, while they don’t sound right, I can’t exactly tell what makes them not sound right XD So I usually end up deleting the whole thing and rewriting it again lol.

Would’ve been higher if my progress didn’t accidentally get deleted due to system issues-

But yeah, that’s pretty much it for today, my goals is to proof read and edit 24K words at most and 18K words at least, as well as add at least 1-2 choices to every option to really drive home that you’re friendly towards Blaine! (I see what you guys were talking about, sorry >.<

That’s pretty much it! see you guys next week!! :heart:


That’s awesome!! And yeah just by the fact he says he feels our chest rubbing against each other or seeing us shower can be pretty mortifying if we see learn it lol red Flag desu

Also some may be against this but you can use chatgpt to help you proofread phrases or ask it to rephrase it in different ways, there’s no shame in getting some orthographic help And it’s free


That won’t be the only thing red flag about them, especially since they lend the MC their powers and also manage to manipulate the MC into thinking that the pendant’s connected to their father somehow and even used their father’s voice in the starting of chapter one :`)

I honestly felt tempted but I just use Powertheasaurus instead XD I’ll look into it though <3

Monday’s update!

It was a busy week, both for Uni and for the book.

About 11K words were proofread and edited, a lot of sentences were removed, a few were added, though, it’s still WAAYYY lower then I wanted honestly, but that’s cause Uni got in the way Blegh.

This week is gonna be hellish since I have to work on my projekt so pray for me XD

That’s pretty much it! Goals for the next week

Don’t die

proof read at least 20K words.

See you guys next week! <3


I’m salivating for that red flag sorry who caaant


Haha you’re not the only one! I’ve been thinking about them a little too much these past few weeks that it’s illegal lol (Just need to get this rewrite done cause ugh)

Oh! And since in doing the rewrite, please do tell any text or lack of choices that forces you to be Blaine’s BF/GF or forces you to act too rude with him :heart: (this isn’t to just you of but to everyone who had this issue XD)


I haven’t played since but by memory as soon as we go. To. Ene of chapter and choose anything that isn’t blaise’s confession we still get called his BF later on or heavily hinter we slept together or are dating
As for the agresivity, well if you choose anything else than romantic answers you’re just mean, not many that are amical


Huh, thanks!! I’ll get to it :heart:


I’d be honest, playing as a monogamous person in this game felt so uncomfortable. Like everytime the POV changes I get scared that my partner would cheat on me cause of how receptive they are of the flirting of others. Like everyone just keeps flirting with everything and anything that it reminds of some very unsavory tags.


Eh? I don’t think any one flirts with others, well, unless it’s V.

M actually gets fed up with that so he shows a lot of hostility towards them. John/Elizabeth don’t flirt either, they don’t even talk much, just command people around XD But yeah, I don’t know which scene you’re talking about, so it may be a coding error, though you’d have to show me since I can’t remember writing two characters flirting with each other and not having one being hostile because of that. (Sorry you felt uncomfortable!)


I think it was the poly convo. Seems that some characters have feeling with each other but just need a little nudge by the mc to poly. I think it just the type poly you are going with that made me uncomfortable. I’m so used to poly usually the mc being the anchor in the poly relationship. I think it’s just me really since it’s the first time I didn’t go to poly route because of how precious M is.

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Oh, yeah, spoiler for why M is blushing with John/Elizabeth (Since I think that’s the scene?)

In order to heal people, John/Elizabeth have to touch them, Since M got touched (Even though he was being healed), they feel embarrassed and shy because according to them, only the MC is supposed to touch them. Should add their POV where they keep telling them that they want the MC to hold them and touch them like John/Elizbaeth did, but I felt it would be too confusing since it’s jumping too many povs, but yeah, That’s why they’re blushing XD

Tl;dr: M is shy because they want MC to touch em the way John/Liz did and they keep thinking about that.

Oh yeah, later in the game, any character you don’t romance will romance each other (Probably) since I wanted to show that, while the MC is the main character of the book, life doesn’t revolve around them (But that’s later in the book)


Well, week’s passed! And I’ve survived B) No yappin today for me unfortunately, so let’s get to what I accomplished!
The project was a handful but I still managed to get like… 4-5K words?
Chapter 2’s 15K read, so that’s half of part one!
I’m starting a new novel that’s based on John/Elizabeth’s life before they were John/Elizabeth. It will have

  1. Lore of the world
  2. Backstory on Adrian
  3. Backstory on Solathis.
  4. Backstory on Vigil.
    It’ll be a short novel that’ll be released periodically, I’d say every month and it’ll be pretty straight forward. Here’s a sneak peak! Massive spoilers who still haven’t read the date with John/Elizabeth.

That’s pretty much all! Now that project’s over I need to work on my assignments and quizes XD See you guys next week <3