Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Ch, 210K words] [Vampires/Romance/Dark Fantasy, supernatural]


  1. This week was very fruitful, all my set goals for FDS were met, the book is at 96K words (Well, 95,899 something, but we’ll round it off to 96K)

  2. The Patreon story is almost complete and sits at 6K words, I just need to complete the whole thing and polish it a little. Might get to 7 or 8K words, pretty proud at the speed of this one.

Goals for next week because WOOO! Setting goals have REALLY been helping me push myself, and thank you everyone who have helped me along the way <3

  1. Now that second chapter of FDS is done, I’ll be moving to “Burning Harag’s house” which is 20K word, so I’ll try to read through 15K this week, and maybe complete the whole scene, so about 4K words.

  2. Release the Patreon short story by the end of next week.

See you guys next week!


Can we romance alice?

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Mhm! You can romance them!

Okay! So, the Side story is now complete and stands at almost 8K words! Small sneak peak:

For this month, I’ll be focusing on FDS and finilizing all the touches and the next I’ll get back to rewriting and creating new friendly choices for Marcus/Melissa!! See you guys next month (I might make a Patreon side story of Blaine, since I’ve already made a spicy one for both John/Elizabeth and Vale/Vivian but no promises) <3


So there’s a couple bugs in the Patreon extra for V.

The first is the Marcus, and Melissa are backwards when setting who is in the game on the stat screen question.

The second, is that you used the wrong player name variable. You used pc_name instead of IDname, which means no one can get their input name because it uses the wrong variable. Like this, the MC can only be “Kathy” you see.

Make sure you rest well between your school work, and writing sessions. Staying healthy is the most important thing. :smile:


Woops! I may have put them there twice, the first one was wrong, the second was right XD (Kinda funny since I tested the game myself a few times :weary:)

Nu-uh! Bringing a smile to all of your faces is more important! : D (But yis! I’m staying healthy)


this is awesome

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the statistics are very buggy, I always chose to be dominant but my statistics are always at 50% which makes me passive in the scenes

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Alright so,

  1. Thank you! Because I thought my writing was worse then this LMFAO, it’s not as bad as I thought ngl.

  2. Could you show me a stat screen because the code is okay (At least I think so)

The cat picture above your comment? Cause if so, it is :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




How did you get that

On another note, I’ll have to give it an extensive look and how that happened and make an achievement for something like that XD


Forgot to post this on 27th, sorry you guys >.< Whispers under the moon is now public! It involves Blaine having a massive crush on the MC and all the cute things that he does XD Hope you guys enjoy! :heart:


Well, whaddaya know, It’s 27th! (Not really, but I’m a bit excited to share this XD Plus I was late last month, I’ll be early this month to make it up for it >:3)

Vampire’s desire: A short story about the MC coming back to the church bandaged and injured, and who better to treat them then John/Elizabeth? (Mild NSFW warning)

Also, I posted this 28 days later. IN THE HOUSE - IN A HEARTBEAT - YouTube


recently started to play this and loving it so far, however i found this error despite having a high stoic stat


Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words and I’ll be fixing the whole 2nd chapter hopefully after this month ^^ (sorry for the bad writing :sweat_smile:)

So, this is a mini update that I’ve started to work on chapter 2, although the progress is really slow since I’m working on FDS as well. Since my Patreon had a draw, I’m going to have a public opinion on what Patreon story I should write (Since I do release patreon stories a month later XD). You can vote here! <3


Great Story line, Excellent work! although last parts of chapter 3 had some bugs. Plus Elizabeth holding me down like I was a toy was unnerving. All in all it was a fascinating storyline, hope to see some improvements on chapter 3 + add some relation with the scary Vampire in the protagonists body.


Thank you for your kind words!! <3

Haha, Yeah, that was what I was hoping for, they’re extremely strong. (I put a hint as to who they really are)

Mini Update

So, I may have jumped the gun into thinking every one wants me to work on Lost in your eyes, and since I do admit it does need a lot of work, It would be unfair not to let the people decide as to which book should be worked on until it’s finished. So, without furtherado!

Le poll:


Just wanna add it’s nice to get feminine male ROs in an IF. It’s always a 6 foot muscular guy with short hair so this is hella refreshing.


Ha, funny you say this. My experience is the exact opposite. The RO you describe is the exact one I’m looking for. 9/10 times what I get is a manbun, wavy hair down to the shoulders, or a ponytail. Yuck. No offense to long-hairs, just not a fan.


Haha, thank you, I appreciate the kind words! (There’s also not enough content about vampires subbing, cause you can make em do a lot with blood lust, it’s untapped potential :weary: If only I were a better writer lmao)

But yes! Thank you!!! <3

But, but… There’s literally no long hair’d RO- (well, other then Vale but he’s a silly lil sh*t who does it to piss off people lol) John has short hair, 6ft+ tall and he’s right up your alley!

But yeah, I dislike Manbuns myself, I like them hairs fluttering in the air like a flag B)

Monday! And I’m excited to say that I’ll be working on A Vampire’s Desire Part 2 which got an overwhelming amount of votes (Damn, ya’ll are thirsty LMFAO No comment on how I feel writing John/Elizabeth)

Not just that but I also got an overwhelming amount of votes on Lost in your eyes. I’ll still keep the poll up until I’m finished with this Patreon story, another piece that I want to write for someone as well as my mid terms exams which will be starting on the 30th. Once I’m done with all those, I’ll start working on Lost in Your Eyes (I’m already working on it, but it’s not my primary focus.

Aight, I’ve yapped enough lol progress report:

A vampire’s desire is now being worked on. (2.1K words in.)

A friend/fan posted this! Laurel in a dress (I know it’s for FDS, but bruh, did I get a nose bleed from looking at it LMFAO) Hope you guys enjoy!

That’s pretty much it, see you guys on Monday! <3


Don’t I know it it! That’s why I love John (even though Alex is my one true love), I was just responding to the comment, not your story! You have provided me two mouthwatering dudes to romance, and plenty of others for those who like other types of dudes and/or ladies. (Well, except the manbun lovers :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).

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