Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Ch, 210K words] [Vampires/Romance/Dark Fantasy, supernatural]

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Heya there Ghost (and anyone else who might happen to have the same or similar issues), while you are obviously under no obligation to do so, would you be willing to, if you happen to be reading the book and have a convenient moment, point out more specific errors, such as the sentences you found them in?
Despite the truly indescribably amount of hard work and effort Kathy puts into the book, their awfully hectic and busy schedule makes it extremely difficult to comb out things such as that. So, if at all possible, it would be immensely appreciated if you could be so greatly generous as to pinpoint whatever you find that needs to be fixed.
In any case, thank you very much for listening to my request! Have a great day folks (^○^)/


so we have our very own sukuna huh… i like it!

pretty interesting wip, looking forward to what you have planned for this in the future!


Sorry! I’ll try to get them fixed!

Thank you!! I’ll do my best to keep it interesting <3

Okay, so late very late actually update! My exams were finished and since it was holiday season, I couldn’t quite get the internet back on until today, so sorry again you all >.<

As for update, uhhh, there’s really nothing much to give.

I’ve been working on a short story which will be out on new year! It’s featuring a choice between the MC spending time with Vigil and Blaine or John and Vale (Choose between The Church and the Orphanage!)

No words were written cause I was a bit busy with exams. I’ve been taking care of myself for all those concerned! Thank you for all the heart felt messages you guys

That’s pretty much it. The next update will be worked on February/March and I will be focused on fixing all the mistakes, typos and proof reading of second chapter. I may be taking a month and a half because I’ve said this before, I shouldn’t be pumping out 30-40K words a month because it’s unhealthy for me XD

Thanks for coming to my ted talk. Hope you guys have amazing holidays!!!


Is there a specific place you’d like the location of errors sent to? And in what format? Screenshots, or just the quote with the error in it?

I get that writing, coding and all that, on top of daily life can be really time consuming and draining. So, if it helps the WIP and Author, ill playthrough a few times and proof read for the errors a bit.


This one has a double post error.

“She gave him her hand” both are females here.

Not sure if a gender swap, since the way “man” is used here, could be in a phrase and not refering to Alice.

“Growl at him”, person is female here.

Double post here.

Again, not sure if “guy” is used as part of a phrase here, but everyone is female in this part.

“The boy”, character is female here.

“So” has an error here. Also, confused, isnt MC a Vampire? And isnt Alice a werewolf?

“He snapped a kids arm” character is female here.

Nightmares is one word

Alice is female here, but shows up as male in options.

Not sure if an error in the relationship bar for Alice.

Also, i noticed a lot of times Alice is used interchangeably with “Hayes” or haynes? Sorry cant rememeber the spelling. I’d personally try to limit that, unless its a certain character who refers to them as it.


Thank you so, SO very much for pointing out all the mistakes. I really do apologize that you had to go through them, and I’ll spend tomorrow working on them and then pumping out the last public update before working on my other book.

As for Alice/Alex being used by Hayes, Only Vigil does that because he’s professional like that, and uses last names. John/Elizabeth will be the same but not with the MC because of …reasons

But yes! Thank you for giving it a read and I hope that I’ll be able to make it more entertaining! <3

UPDATE! Technically it’s Monday for me (in a few minutes) and I’d like to say thank you so very much for everything you all. I type this while I’m out with my friends but I also wanted to start out my new year with a celebration with you guys! <3 Sooo yeah! Let’s jump into it!

  1. There was a poll on Patreon where every one chose that I write what I want to write and I chose the MC spending some time with Vigil and Marcus/Melissa. It’s not too long and it was supposed to go with Valentine and John/Elizabeth but I kinda ran out of time.
    I could have continued but it would just go from 2k to 8K because John and Elizabeth have different dialogues and slightly different way of dealing with things sooo sorry ;-;

  2. I’ll post the link to the story both here and in the story section. The story itself isn’t very lengthy or large, only a couple of minutes of read (2k at most). I tried to make it as linier as I could.

  3. I’ve also started working on FDS, so 3K words were written there starting from Noah’s path. I might also change it a bit and from the first three initial starting points, I’ll probably add something goofy.

Sooo yeah! Thank you everyone, and happy new year!!! <3


Posted a small short story about a chat with Vigil. I’ll post an update about something similar with Blaine! Hopefully before this month ends ^-^


Alright! Created a Patreon story of Podcast with James featuring Blaine! Next up is James/Elizabeth which I’ll try to complete for Valentines day! Emphasis on the word “TRY” since I usually get a little overboard and also have to study since It’s final terms for me XD

Hope you guys have an amazing month!! <3


Small update!

  1. The Valentine’s (Day, not the character lol) story is almost coming to an end, though I fear that it may not be completed on Valentine’s day due to my exams.

  2. If that is the case, then I’ll make the Patreon version of Lost In Your Eyes public since the last part is you going on a date with John/Elizabeth (which will also reveal things about the pendant and all that)

  3. If that happens, then the short story will be a Patreon only thing. (Right now it’s at 5K, and it might go until 7-8K with 2-3K word per play through.)

I’ve posted sneak peaks on my Patreon and tumbler! Hope you guys enjoy <3


Thanks I been wanting find more about the pendant. Also I wanted to spend more time John/Elizabeth.


The book has been updated! Unfortunately, due to exams I wasn’t able to finish the Valentine’s story in time and it’ll probably take me another week to complete (I wasn’t able to write much at all yesterday, don’t think I’ll be able to today either, hopefully I will tomorrow!!) Hope you all enjoy the update!! <3

I had to do a double check for all of these and they’re all solved, thanks for your help!!!

Alice isn’t a werewolf there, she’s just a weaver (Has elemental and then some)

Your welcome! While not much will be revealed about the pendant, it will raise more questions about it. As for John/Elizabeth, they’ve been a fan favorite XD


Not sure if a error, but MC is at max height here. “Despite your short height” seems a little off.


Thanks for another find!! <3 <3

sorry about the late update! got a bit too sleepy yesterday XD

The short story is almost complete, and is no longer short XD It’s almost 10K words long with almost 2K words per play-through (Elizabeth and John react differently to different genders plus the dom/sub has a lot of content in it!)

Once my exams are finished, I’ll spend another week on FDS and after that, I’ll work on a short story with Vale/Vivian! see you guys in afew days!! <3


There is an error in the game.
chapter_3_part_4 line 1724: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

Also there are some gender swaps between Elizabeth and John.
Sorry due to trust level I cant paste images in the post of the error

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Wait I just realized I’ve replayed this so many times and never really paid much attention to this specific detail but…do we drink blood?? If so, is it brought up in the story on how? Where are we getting sustenance? Either I simply forgot or Did I miss it being brought up somewhere along the demo? :sweat_smile

It seems like some text may have been cut off here

a normal vampire Marcus and you shouldn’t treat him like one. I chose you for one reason. Keep an eye on him and protect him at all cost." Vigil started. “He may be strong but not nearly as strong as his father. And you know how he was taken out along with Alfie and his son in a single night.”

Also here, My bestie is Alex, Not Alice

You smiled at the fond memory of when you were studying him one day and saw the blond run through the field, biceps flexing and hair bouncing. Everyone just looked at him with sparkling eyes, But all he did was come over to you and ruffled up your hair and chuckled in a way that made your heart almost melt. You couldn’t shake the feeling that you were being foolish, or that you were setting yourself up for heartbreak. It didn’t matter anyways now, did it? You were glad to have kept your feelings to yourself.

Almost every boy was trying to hit on her, and you weren’t really surprised. The Herculean-gold hair danced around the wind hypnotically as her body dribbled past people. There was something unnatural about her looks that made you wonder if she was using her magic to make herself more glamorous. Not that she needed it anyway.

Alice had grown to have a devil may care attitude, Always starting fights and didn’t fear anyone. She was the only person who gave Vigil more trouble than anyone, yet the man never punished her too severely and the punishment he gave her somehow always managed to turn into a fun experience for the girl.

You wondered if it was because, despite being a woman, She had the strength to try and go toe to toe with the principal. Well, Not toe to toe but she had trained herself not to go down after a few seconds along with your help, which was a lot compared to what you and Marcus combined could do.

Lastly I’ve noticed for a while now even when you get the pistol, it doesn’t show up at the one scene with Vale. It’s still not an option.

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I’m not getting the error, Is this it?

It’s okay! I’ll try to look into it <3

Yep! In the orphanage, you get to drink small vials of blood. When you meet John/Elizabeth, they offer themselves as a way to sate your hunger as well. (Spoiler of chapter 3)

(Small sneak peak into the Patreon story I’ll release tomorrow)

Just fixed all of the errors! I’m so very sorry >.<


Yeah lol, I had totally forgotten about that part!! I ended up replaying and realized oohhhh it is brought up. Thanks for responding though!! I loved the updated part. Getting to hang out with John made me love him even more.

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They started glow a dark red

Yeah just after that part I get an error

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Hmm, I just did a playthrough and it was without any errors and also went to the code and couldn’t see anything that would cause any error. I’ll upload the files again, it could be an issue with the past files (Though it seems unlikely) Thanks for the point out though! <3

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A VAMPIRE’S DESIRE is now released on patreon!

Word count: 12K
Word per playthrough: 2-3K

Summary: After a hiccup in a mission, you’ve been injured. Who better to treat you then John/Elizabeth. With how much Gregory is ordering you, John/Elizabeth knows just the trick to make you stop obeying him all the time!