Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Ch, 210K words] [Vampires/Romance/Dark Fantasy, supernatural]

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Blaine is trying to make you forget about Hayes, and your last traumatic moments with him are slowly fading from your memory. This is why Hayes’ name is disappearing from the list. Blaine wants to erase any traces of Hayes from your mind, and it seems to be working since you’re remembering him less and less. In the upcoming update, you’ll learn more about how this trauma affected you. By erasing Hayes from your memory, Blaine hopes to gain more control over you.

Also sorry that you had to encounter the error! It’s fixed now ^-^ As for the recap, There’s only questions on what you want your character to look like and what your personality will be. The 2nd part of the 2nd chapter starts with you and Blaine going out for a lunch to discuss a few things. Or if you don’t choose that, then you’ll get interrupted by Michael who’ll tell you about Blaine’s history. That’s the only way you’ll find about Blaine’s past.

Well, There won’t be a weekly update this week since I’m updating it now! after this, there will be a weekly update on monday unless the next month is ending on any other day other then monday lol. So let’s check what we accomplished today!

The demo has been updated! The book is now 118,100 words! I have no idea how many words I wrote this week, but if I had to guess it’s close to 7-8K words since there was a lot of progress.

An art is now made for the main antagonist of the short story! I’ll write up synopsis of both the short stories on Patreon in the upcoming days!

I don’t exactly know if it’ll be a 20K limit for the short story since I just got done with the prologue and that alone is 6K. Though I for once, after starting to write the book, am actually proud of something I wrote lmfao. It’ll be a lot better then my previous writing since I’m slowly improving. (Also a massive shout out to @Fat_cat cause they’re helping with the feed back and giving me links and stuff so I can write out better content for you guys!

(P.S Their book is AMAZING! Give it a read!!)

I am finally starting to show my other project, Femboy dating simulator where you play as a hunk or a fabulous female! You can look at it in. Femboy Dating Simulator (70K words) It’s REALLY amazing and has the same character this game has! But in an alternate universe. Don’t look at the comments though, I dunno why but they’re misleading heh

For now, see you all next week! I’ll be updating the book monthly, however I promise to keep providing weekly updates on what happened and stuff! Love you all!! <3