Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Ch, 210K words] [Vampires/Romance/Dark Fantasy, supernatural]

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Thanks for checking out the book! Loved your responses in other topics btw! I learnt a lot from what I should do in the book and how I should do it. I know it isn’t perfect at the moment but I’ll do my best to make it perfect!

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Welp, Just gave my exam today and it was pretty A-Okay, Told you guys I would nail it hehe, Anyways, I got 4 more which is tomorrow and after tomorrow and then I’ll finally be free! Speaking of being Free, There will be a new Patreon story to reward you guys for your patience! Just like the previous version, there will be two lucky winners who will be chosen. In order to enter the lucky draw, just send a message or a review or anything really right after this update lol. Since every one in Patreon chose that I should choose what kind of story it should be, I have decided that it will be a prison/mission short story! While it won’t be as lengthy as the previous one, It will have it’s moments and be a little light hearted. Lots of world building and it’ll also show how the church has been keeping people in the dark! Not a lot of fluff this time unfortunately.

As for the update, no words were written this time, however a lot of grammatical errors were fixed all the way to the 2nd chapter. Massive thank you to @stsword and @leekyo1999 for helping me out with the book and making it better! You guys rock! See you guys next week!! <3