Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Ch, 210K words] [Vampires/Romance/Dark Fantasy, supernatural]

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Sorry about that! Should be fixed! There should be fewer choices now. I should reword the choices in the future

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Huh, that’s weird, I kind of couldn’t find the thing that allowed the saved system to go through and the error I was getting was the “SM_int error” which is what I got in ChoiceScriptIDE, but that’s good that it’s working now!

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Haha, Thanks! It seems that Alex is becoming a favorite of almost every one! I’m glad that you gave the book a read and I really appreciate the comment <3

Monday! Which means Update time! So this week has been the most productive out of the last two. Almost 3K words were written and an arts that sheds a little light on M’s past but it’ll leave you with more questions then answers. Will M trust you enough to reveal their true identity, or will they keep their secrets under lock and key? There will a poll here right after my exam finishes about another short story, So stay tuned! (Ofc that poll will be early on Patreon and will have more weightage)