Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Ch, 210K words] [Vampires/Romance/Dark Fantasy, supernatural]

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Really enjoying the book, also very much enjoyed the Valentine side story on you patreon, that was great.
And I gotta say, kudos on creating Marcus. Nice to finally get a feminine dude as an RO, I dont think any other work has one but I could be wrong.

Haha, Thank you so much! I’m glad that you did! Hopefully after my exams I’ll write a side on Marcus’s POV where the game would describe what he was feeling with each and every choice you made (Spolers You’re going to find out just how much of a tsundere he really is

Also, Thank you so much for being a patronage! Your support really means a lot to me <3

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If you accept Marcus’s kiss, do you close all other romantic option with the other characters?

Not exactly, No, For now, I’m thinking that they may have a Poly route where all three of the RO’s can be together since I don’t think any other game has that, It kind of allows the player a lot of freedom, (Ofc it won’t be as easy as saying I love you to all three of them, there’s going to be a lot of intense tug of war between the MC if all three are chosen or if even only two are chosen) so to answer your origional question. Nope, You can still choose others, and even break off with Marcus should you want (Or if you were rude to him, You can still get together with him in the later scenes.

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Im not being able to achieve perfect intimidation even though i have the facial scar 6’3 height and 63 intimidation

sorry that you encountered the error, but I really appreciate you telling me it! The problem has been now fixed!

Welp, It’s Monday! which means it’s update time! I know that I said that I wouldn’t be able to post an update this week or the next, or quite possibly, the next, next week, And that was a bit true due to my exams and my university clashing with personal life. But I have good news and bad news! Good news is that my exams will be starting on the 12th and then finishing on the 15th! Bad news? I got 2 exams each day :skull: Anyways, I’m prepared as can be, so don’t you guys worry! Now, let’s get back to what was achieved this week:

Lots, and I mean LOTS of punctuation errors were fixed, A massive thank you to @stsword who sent me 3 messages worth of words that described just how many punctuations mistakes there were. (It seems Grammarly doesn’t always catch those pesky little commas and dots etc)

2.3K words were written, and the main story line was progressed which describes just how chaotic Vale/Vivian can be! And to match their personality, Their gun is just as chaotic! Let’s test how your relationship with Marcus/Melissa holds when you’re constantly being hit on by someone who’s a flirtatious gremlin.

Added a special page for all my supporters and those who have helped perfect the book! Thank you so much! <3

See you all next week! I’ll post a monthly update on Patreon so kudos!