Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Ch, 210K words] [Vampires/Romance/Dark Fantasy, supernatural]

Guess what day it is? Monday! Although the start of the week can bring some stress with work and school, I hope this update gives you all a shine of happiness! Now, while this week was relatively slow because my health was severely impacted to the point I had to be in bed for 3 days straight, I still managed to pull a few all-nighters not to mention I shifted from my full-time job to part-time so I can focus on both the book and my studies! So without further ado, let’s get into what we all accomplished these past 7 days!

  • The book is now almost 93K words long! I know it isn’t a lot since it’s only an addition of 2K words more, But I had to try and complete the short story, Only to realize…

  • Only eight more days until Valentine’s Day! And you know what that means? Time to spread some love and share some joy! The initial plan was to wrap up the short story at 10,000 words, but how could I let this heartwarming holiday pass by without giving you all a little something extra special? So, On valentines day, Two lucky followers from this comment section will be handpicked randomly and receive exclusive access to the full short story via a secret link! It might end up going 20K+ so fingers crossed!

  • The objectives we set previously have been achieved! With one exception, the goal of introducing Valentine. After all, what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by introducing Valentine on the very day itself? This is way too good of an opportunity to pass up lol.

  • This also means that Neo Pro-nouns are now up and several scenarios where your parents are unaware of your true gender are available. Will you have the courage to remain true to yourself, or will you yield to societal expectations and conform to conventional norms? (BTW, I really apologize if I don’t get things right, so if you have any issues regarding this route, Please send me a message and I’d love to correct it!!)

The next weeks update won’t be until Tuesday since it’s Valentine’s day. So for now, Good bye! Wish you all amazing people a fantastic day filled with joy and positivity. Keep in mind, each and every one of you is extraordinary and deserves nothing but greatness. And if no one gives you greatness, then come to me! :D(I’m just kidding, my book may not be the epitome of quality, I will still continually strive to give you the best, cause as I’ve said, That’s what you guys deserve :heart:)

See you all! Big kiss!