Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Ch, 210K words] [Vampires/Romance/Dark Fantasy, supernatural]

It’s time for the weekly update! This week was incredibly productive, from work and school to writing. But let’s dive into what was actually achieved during the past seven days!

  • The novel has reached 93,000 words!
  • I may have slipped up and written down the goals for chapter three, instead. This week’s objectives were:
  1. Make M a viable romantic option
  2. Revise dominant choices so that even if you opt for shyness, you maintain your dominant personality while only being shy around “M” (Marcus/Melissa). (imagine being dominant while being shy around someone haha, wouldn’t be me.>.>)
  3. Write several emotional scenes that strengthen your relationship with “M”.

All goals have been successfully achieved!

Furthermore, The interactive fiction featuring a date with the oh-so-adorable Marcus/Melissa is now live on Patreon! but if the date is not your cup of tea, no worries, there’s plenty of world-building to sink your teeth into too (Provided that Marcus/Melissa will do their absolute best to steal your attention. It’ll also be featuring a few fashion arts as well!) Currently, it’s 8.5K words long and 60% completed! The next week will (Hopefully) mark it’s completion. You’ll also meet a drunk Marcus/Melissa if you want to or if you like
to hunt for achievements, The short story will have a total of 8+ achievements!

Goals for this week:

  1. Rewrite the book and put in some neo Pronouns.
  2. Finish up the emotional scene at the end of chapter 2. Will you be able to keep your love going strong, or will you fall prey to the madness that lies within the church? (Which will finally put a close on chapter 2)
  3. Introduce Valentine! (I swear you guys will either love them or hate them)

All in all, 8.5K words were written this week, 5K words in the main story and 3.5K in the short story!

Oh, before I forget, What do you guys think of Marcus/Melissa going through your first Playthrough?