Lost Code - An Android Bound by Fate [WIP]

Alright might have to consider revising things a bit from the feedback.

@UmbraLamia I do apologize that it was confusing, that wasn’t the intent.

@Arcania i appreciate the review and advice. I did originally use the underscore because I was unfamiliar with the stats page, but its grown on me now. The second chapter doesn’t appear to have gone over as I wanted it to.

@distracteddad Thank you very much for pointing out the issues I’ll be sure to correct them.

@Camille622 Making you feel as though you were tricked was never my intent, and I do apologize for that. The second chapter does by no means function as I had wanted it to.

To all those expressing concern over the second chapter, I’m going to attempt a major revision tonight, but if it still is a detriment I will cut it.

I really liked it so far and even though the second part was a little confusing I thought it was kind of cool. It felt like a god was yelling at me saying how dare I do his job at least that’s how it made me feel. Maybe if you had god the one talking to us or a spirit of some kind it would make more since. I know it is still really early but will there be any ROs and if so will they be just human or machine or maybe something in between like a cyborg that would be awesome. It would also be if you could make them love just some object like a toaster or something. :joy:

Love how you wrote it. So gorgeous. I can’t wait for the next update. :heart_eyes:

Wow looks like that conversation sparked some flames. I agree that it is confusing as I mentioned before, maybe use italic or bold to differentiate when its not the robot narrating. Might reduce some problems.

To be honest though, I’d find it pretty interesting if it was the mc talking to you. And you’d take like a support role guiding it trought its journey of self discovery or something. As it stands the mc has no idea its being “controlled”. While the voice/god/thing does. This idea is probably different than the idea you envisioned so… feel free to ignore it.

Of the many demos I’ve played in the last few days, this is by far the most interesting. I love the idea. I love the game, and it has kept my attention better than a great number of other games. I am looking forward to more.

@Lir I appreciate the interest, I’m in the process of reworking the second chapter and that has given me some speed bumps, hoping to have that worked out in the near future however.

Remember the best way to go over a speed bump is to drive as fast as you can over them
but seriously those little blocks suck to have if you have any really big issues you can always grab a pillow hold it over your face and scream as loud as you can, and then play video games for a bit or read a book. helps sometimes

Oooh. I wish I could play that!
Especially if there is the same focus on relationships as in CoR.
But the link looks broken. Is there any news about that prototype game?