Loss of files


So I had been saving my game to a usb for use on my different comps…now my usb broke and i hadn’t saved it to my actually comupter. Can i somehow get my work from dashingdon? Any help would be great.


Yes, add /scenes to the end of the URL and you can copy and paste the full text of your game from there.


Thank you otherwise that was like 7000 words poof


Oh man, if my laptop had bricked a few days ago, I would have lost about 35,000 words! Plus all of my nice vacation photos.

Actually I really should be backing it up more often.


I always knew I could download my files from dashingdon in case my laptop broke, but I didn’t know how…well…until now.
I should really buy a new laptop


Praise GDrive, guys.


Google drive is a great alternative, as is Dashingdon or emailing it to yourself. I write from multiple computers at once, so I live off of updating to a private file on dashingdon. In fact, I usually use it for testing instead of randomtester, just because I don’t have the time to redownload the entire choicescript suite, most of the time :laughing:

But yeah, I’m all for GDrive. I do a lot of my mobile writing from a chromebook, so I live off that. GKeep is pretty great, too :slight_smile:


Use multiple backups, in various shapes. I’ve lost years of stuff, never again.