Los Santos( may change)


Currently trying to make a game that is inspired by Vendetta: Rise of A Gangster. It will be set in somewhat modern times, be based around a poor Mexican town and the rise of your character in a gang. I’m not the most well informed on this subject but will research the topic. I will have the demo out as soon as I’m am able to. I will take into consideration any suggestions anyone might have.


Sounds like it going to be fun


Solo or group control?


If by solo you mean if I’m working alone on it, then yes, solo.


Sounds like a text based GTA


@HeroMaster More like Mexican Saints Row. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Shoelip Saints Row 1 & 2 did inspire some of the ideas for the game. SR 3 style might be implemented in a possible sequel. (the being a crime organization part and gang wars, not the over the top ridiculousness.)


Well I was actually referring to the name…


@Shoelip I really liked the gangs name, the third street saints, but I felt that i would just bmarooning someone else’s work at that point. For now the name is a placeholder until I can think of a better name for the gang or, if I don’t, become the name of the gang.


(Insert Blatant Mexican/Mexican Gangster Stereotype Here)




Progress report: i have written the introduction and some background, but keep running into problems as this is my very first time working with choicescript.


You could, like, post your errors here, and most likely people will help you (I will do my best, if you do however decide to post your errors here).


@AlexCosarca I will post a demo as soon as i am done with the first chapter to get feedback. So far everything besides stats and some of the story cohesiveness is going great. Im trying to implementt earning money in vendettas: rise of a gangster style, which means i need to figure out how to make bussiness appear in the stats screen and also how to give the player the money earned from them. As for stats…well ill hopefully learn how to make them work,


About making the businesses, you could add this in your stats screen:
*if business1
----BusinessOneName Income: $sum
*if business2
----BusinessTwoName Income: $sum
And so on, with all of them. Then, you add the specific variables in mygame.js and set them all false, and whenever you take a business, make that variable set to true, so that the business shows up in the stats screen. And about earning money, you should probably make it so that there’s a way you can see if days pass, and that you have to check every business daily whenever you want to take the money if you want to (I didn’t play Vendetta, but this seems like a way to do it). Also, you need to add some variables in the mygame.js (business1income, business2income) and so whenever you collect money in a day from that business, the variable sets to false, so you couldn’t collect the money again in the same day. Whenever a day passes, it sets to true, so you can go and collect them (and again, this seems like a way to do it, but I have no idea how the system is in Vendetta as I didn’t play it).


@AlexCosarca Thanks for the suggestion i will definitively try it out and see if works. (Although, instead of days it will be weekly.)
I will post some of my work up for revision after a little editing on my part and some of my plans for the game.


You are left crumpled in the ground, breathing heavily after have been robbed of your allowance, they did not get away with much, as you were only carrying fifteen pesos with to buy some candy from the nearby store, at the back of someones house. This is not the first time you have been robbed. These kinds of attacks have been increasing steadily across your little hometown of Totolapilla.
This is due to increasing amnount of gangs forming around your town. Being used for mostly farming ever since it was established, nobody thought it could be used for the planting and harvesting of illegal drugs. At least not until a small time drug dealer came to your hometown, which at that time was not under the rule of any other drug dealer, and made a fortune making the farmers do his work.
Nobody dares speak up, as they all know what will happen if they do. The police have been bribed to look the other way and those that aren’t willing quickly met with an early retirement from the force or much worse. Not only that, but also new gangs are rising and falling everyday it seems, vying for control of the illegal drug trafficking rings.(Among other things.)


As for my plans: I plan to have a rival gang develop with your gang all across the game, at least until one of you take each other out.
I plan to have business that earn you money every “week” as stated before.
During the course of the game you will have interactions in the form of jobs, taking over territory, shootouts, drive-by’s, etc. with small time gangs at first, all the way up to the top cartels in The Golden Triangle.
I will try to implement variables into the story, like if you bought an sub-machine gun to upgrade from your pistol it will be mentioned in the text as opposed to just saying you have a gun. This will also apply to clothing, vehicles, bodyguards, among other things.
I will try my best to implement relationships.
If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see in the game please let me know.


Sounds like a boss project amigo


If what I’ve wrote above works, tell me (also, if you are stuck on anything, just message me and I’ll do my best to help you, and no, I won’t steal your work; I as of now work on mine, you may know it already, and they are completely different).