Lords of Infinity




One of the major problems facing Tierra is spelled out as a surplus in labor and a lack of work, so would it be out of the question to get started on more than one project at greater expense by shipping in work crews from elsewhere? I’d think more than a few would jump at the chance, especially if you’re offering a free trip and a premium on wages.


I recall Cataphrak saying in the past that the major projects are so expensive that you’re going to need to take out more loans, even if you captured Lady Aleksandra.

(Edit: I think he said that, but I’m having trouble finding the quote.)

(Alright, here it is.)

Also so far we have only been introduced to estate expenses. We don’t know what it’s going to cost to go politicking around the capital, getting Hunter sainted, developing Garing’s invention, etc. I think it’s a bit too soon to start saying you have too much money.

From Cataphrak’s website:

Those are all pretty dramatic changes compared to what we started with, so it’s only natural that they will be ridiculously expensive.


Short of building a Colossus of Rhodes-like statue of ourselves, what could possibly cost that much money?


So that probably means the major estate upgrades will basically only be affordable if you either ransom the little princess or marry Kat or Welles? :worried:


I’ll have to take another loan for making major improvements to the estate? Oh chevy, that’ll mean adding more pans on the fire at the same time with the other pans on the process…


You’re charitably assuming they’d just let the MC spend their family’s hardearned money on their ramshackle estate.


Excavating a salt mine, building a canal, founding a banking house, commissioning a ship, maintaining a house guard consisting of twenty men for a decade, getting started on repairs for your mansion, or buying enough opium to drive off the splitting headaches all your money troubles are likely giving you.


Or maybe we could just borrow 30,000 crowns in total and pray to the Saints that the yearly income from the project is higher than the yearly interest expense?

Exactly! Just leave all your problems for Future d’al MC to deal with!


We’ll just keep borrowing more money to pay off the increasing interest.


I hope the consequence of ransoming Aleksandra will be dreadful in comparison of allowing her to escape, in order to balance the decision of capturing her in future :slight_smile:


I’m assuming that Kat at least would give the mc some sort of allowance that the mc can then spend on their own ramshackle estate if they wish. I admit I know and care even less about Welles. In any case it’s moot, for my mc at least, unless events somehow “evolve” to a point where my mc could marry another man he’ll never marry.


The problem is if you’re selling grain, then you’re conducting trade, which, as a baneblood, would be illegal.

Tenants tend to be pretty cynical when it comes to mere promises. If you actually improve their living conditions, and the roads, their contentment and prosperity will rise.

Which means in future, if you try to raise their rents again, they’ll be more amenable to your policy.

Oversight. I’ll fix that.

There is at least one option where you can straight-up order your mother’s lady’s maid (still Fenton’s mom btw) to send your mother to her room without supper.

Suffering is relative. My grandparents who survived the Japanese occupation and the Great Leap Forward would have nothing but scorn for Americans who are worried about not having clean drinking water, but that’s because they never had it in the first place. Tierran tenants are used to certain guarantees, ones which the war’s been stripping from them, and unlike a situation like the Spanish Civil War where everywhere is suffering, your tenants always have an option to leave.

Saundersley works for you. He’s more or less stuck there.

Ah, but that’s why he specifically doesn’t give us a name, because otherwise, he would be harming her reputation.

It is absolutely possible to live on 20k a year per person in relative comfort in most of the US (or do the equivalent in Canada). The problem is, to do so, you need to live on an intersection of privilege which the majority of people lack. If you can live in a city with functioning public transit, or a rural area with low rent (where the locals don’t hate you for an accident of birth) and get publicly-funded healthcare, and a whole bunch of other stuff, it’s possible.

The problem is that most people don’t, and that’s a systemic issue, not a personal one.

Just fyi, that was a typo. Your brother’s not eating $130 000 CAD a year in food.

That’s where the major projects and the second-tier upgrades come in.

If you’ve taken a peek at the code, you can see that there are some really nice upgrades gated behind a whole lot of money (like MacAdamising the roads for 2500 crown). The Major projects are even bigger. Expect to blow a good 10-15k on something like a canal or a factory.

There’s also other spoilers in the code, if you people are going to go looking for them, just fyi.

Just take out another loan. What could possibly go wrong?

Don’t think of it as “the Mafia being involved in large-scale road building projects”, just think of it as “heavily armed Italians starting to build roads in the 5th century BC, and never really stopping”.


In other words such things as the Flint water crisis, a mere blip to them.

But his whole lifestyle as a nobleman could certainly be at least that expensive per anum, right?


Yep, this is our Italian on the Discord and I talking about roads.


His isn’t.

Yours may very well exceed that figure by a factor of ten.



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How high’s your ruthlessness?


So, Emile knows how his real father died, right?

Is the possibility of catching an STD even remotely on his mind?

If that family is Shrek, then what are you?


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Aww…poor little bro, living all frugal. My few more extravagant “noble” mc’s would certainly wonder how the poor guy can stand living like that.

Yes, right I don’t and in this country, public transport is far more expensive than in Canada and everything is privatized. So here a part of that intersection would be living within walking distance of your work and everything you need for your daily needs, which would probably mean inheriting a mortgage-free property in the center of one of the four major cities. Very few people qualify if we expand the range to more fit persons who really like biking and have a job where arriving like a drowned cat on occasions isn’t frowned upon that number rises slightly, but still isn’t great.
With more generous family support more is possible, but then that is exactly the kind of privilege we’re talking about that a lot, if not most, people these days distinctly lack.