Lords of Infinity



How do you even get 20k crowns (without bugs or cheats) after clearing the debt?

“I can fix some crappy roads, repair the manor, build walls, get a ballroom, expand the stables, clear new land, restore the shrine, get a proper market in…and I still have money left over to invest in vapour engines so that I can spend crazy amounts of money on (things that haven’t come up yet).”


I’m thinking that it may be important for certain goals, such as investing in industries that could kickstart the industrial revolution or for military projects, maybe even cultural projects. These may not necessarily make players rich, but it may provide benefits to Tierra or at least to the player’s legacy.


Secret Mission, Wulframite, save a lot of money, have no siblings.

20k is a rough estimate. It may have been 15k, I don’t quite remember at the moment.

There we go:


You could I think i have a bug one Tht could pay entire debt and I am not even a metagamer. As i have no family to pushing my debt and all rewards and medals.

In fact Mara several plays are like 1000 crowns less to pay the debt full


Let’s send Caz a letter.

“How do I live as an impoverished commoner?!”


You get 25,000 from the ransom, covering a debt of 10,000 … That character has gotten quite a bit past the ransom.


Yep, he worked hard for every cent.


Dear $lastname,

I live off a 2500-crown yearly retainer, and thus, feel unqualified to give advice on this matter. Have you asked your tenants?

  • Cazarosta


For a moment I imgined a love letter from Caius :heart_eyes_cat: Oh my sexy Caz Forget saints and runaway with me riding Thundererer through The salt coast in the twilight…
Yours Mara d’ al jade


We’ll need another tactic to get him here to help then…

"Dearest Cazarosta,

Recently I have invested in building a proper temple of the Saints in my barony, but in order to finance it I had to raise rents on my tenants. Unfortunately they don’t seem to appreciate my devotion and are rioting. I worry they will let their anger get the best of them and desecrate the temple. As a close friend and a fellow devout follower I must ask what you would advise."

He will be here in a week after that letter. Then we can ask him personally how he lived like a common born soldier.


Well, good luck with that. Since he’s stuck behind a desk inside the Old Fort of Fernandescourt.


@cascat07, in my experience in living with renos is that it always costs 50% more than you planned and they never run as scheduled. Unless you get an HGTV crew. Especially with all the shit that is probably broken. I guarantee they go to reset the house on the foundation and realize that the other part is about to sink into the ground.

There will be so many catastrophes that you better have at least a few thousand crowns lying around.


… He didn’t? He was your brother-officer for eleven years. While he got worse treatment than any other officer, he was definitely not in the same positoon as a grunt. You might be thinking of Lewes.


In every exercise he orders, Cazarosta stands, marches, and drills with his men. He sleeps not in lodgings befitting his rank but in an enlisted man’s cot. He eats with them, drinks with them, and on days of exceptional cold, he stands in the freezing air with them.

is a thing, I suppose, but “how” there is pretty obvious.


So I have a question regarding the new projects for the lands.

If you were to focus on fixing the roads up as the first project, would the roads be able to help speed up the other projects in the future since it would be in better conditions?


That’s if the roads get completed. Road construction is the biggest racket in human history.


As @Elfwine pointed out, he lives like an enlisted man.

@Bryce_Kaldwin Road construction can be done fairly easily and rapidly with a competent construction crew. The problem is the people in charge of building roads don’t look much for competence.


Actually it is a great business model. What you do is get sections of the road done, but never fast enough that they finish at the same time. So that you’ll always have to repave the roads and it becomes an eternal construction project and makes commuters lives living hell.

But you always get paid.

Which is why the Mafia tends to always be involved in large-scale road projects. It’s a constant stream of income they get to get their hands on.


True. But an enlisted man doesn’t live the same way as a tenant farmer. He was fed off the collective efforts of Grenadier Square and the Antari they “requisitioned” food from, didn’t pay taxes, and had a guaranteed place to sleep. If anything, the experiences of a common soldier are just as alien as the experiences of an officer when it comes to having common ground with tenant farmers, outside of “lives in poor conditions.”


What we need is Lightning McQueen being in charge of repaving the roads ASAP.

Step 1: fund industrial revolution
Step 2: create a sentient Corvette
Step 3: strap said Corvette to a paving machine
Step 4: profit

image http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ypw0qX59HUE/So-pCQLimjI/AAAAAAAAA98/0wqQrS_Xf3s/s400/IMG_00042.JPG

(I literally have 0 clue how road repairs are done)